Hindi sex stories, antarvasna My name is Akash. I am a resident of Delhi. My birth has been done in Delhi and we have been living in Delhi for many years. My father and me are very much in the middle, Did not refuse for anything. When I told my dad for the first time that I had to learn dance, he asked me only what time do you want to dance. At that time, I did not have any answer but I told my father I want to dance because I am very fond of dance and after that I started learning dance and I liked to dance. During a marriage, I was dancing in the marriage of my friend, so everyone was looking at me. At the same time, I saw a simple and naive girl, a girl, I was also looking at her.

When I asked my friend who he was, he started to say that he is Meenakshi and he has come from the village, seeing his innocence, I started talking to him. When I talked to him, I knew that he was very good at heart, before he was shy about talking to me, but after all he talked to me. I used to keep talking to him for a long time but both of us did not talk much about each other. On that day, I could not take Meenakshi's number, but later I realized that Meenakshi loved me very much. I removed the number of Meenakshi from my friend. When I called Meenakshi, she recognized me and started saying that you called me. I loved it very much. I did not expect that you would call me. I started to tell him that I did not even expect that you would pick up my phone. Meenakshi started to laugh very much and said that you are very kidding. Meenakshi is very happy with my sayings and we both used to talk to each other for about three to four months. It was good to talk to Meenakshi. I did not know what I had with her.

At the same time, I met a girl who had a love for my heart and I became a relationship between the two of us. We both give more time to each other. The name is Mahima. Glory and I were very happy with each other, but perhaps I started forgetting Meenakshi and I used to talk less than Meenakshi. Meenakshi had told me about the relation of myself and glory. She was very unhappy about this, but after that she did not say anything to me. She too had probably fallen in love with me but she never said anything to me about this. The relationship was running very well between me and Mahima. There was never a quarrel between any of us, I thought that I am the most lucky person in the world who got glory. My relation with glory continued for a long time. She took great care of me and I also took care of her every thing but when there was a difference between the two, we started having a fight between the two. I would have been very sad about why the glory quarrels with me. I tried to explain it to him many times but the relationship between the two of us was not the same as the first. There was a lot of conflict between the two of us. Mahima was very sad about this and he used to tell me so often why you are so angry. Changes were coming in me too and I became very angry but I did not understand what I should do to save my relationship, so that we could avoid the relation of both of us. I tried a lot but glory and my relation were not saved. Mahima said to me one day. Now I can not stay with you anymore. I told glory but if we both live with each other then there is no harm in it.

He started to say you do not know, neither do we love each other at all, and the days that are between us are always quarrels, so I do not want to extend this relation, otherwise it is between the two of us Problems will arise. Mahima tried to explain me a lot but I felt very bad at that time but when he introduced me to a boy and said that it is my boyfriend, then I felt very bad at that time. I told glory, you told me once, the glory began to tell me I wanted to tell you but you were not ready to understand anything, so I had to take this step. My heart was broken now. I was very sad. I was sad that the glory was very wrong with me. She should not have done it, but glory had no regrets about her mistake. He started telling me I have no regrets about my mistake because I have not done anything wrong. It has happened only because of your reason. Glory struck all the blame on my head. I kept thinking about it for a long time, where did I mistake myself but I did not get the answer for my point. It was almost 10 days that I got a phone call from Meenakshi. When Meenakshi asked my recent trick, I told everything to Meenakshi. She started telling me that you do not have to be sad. Everything will be fine.

Meenakshi helped me very much at that time and at that time I realized that Meenakshi can only accompany me and one day I told Meenakshi that I am coming to meet you. Meenakshi began to tell me what you would do to meet me, but as I was determined that I would be meeting Meenaakshi and I went to her village to meet Meenakshi. His village is in Rajasthan, his village is only a short distance from Jaipur, when I reached his village, there was no system to stay there, so Meenakshi stopped me at my house. Meenakshi stopped me by saying that this is my friend and has come here in connection with some work but I had no work but I went there only to meet Meenakshi. When I met Meenakshi I was very happy I told Meenakshi that I wanted to meet you and I liked to meet you, Meenakshi told me I will come to Delhi after a few days then I will meet you. I now returned to Delhi and I waited for Meenakshi but Meenakshi did not come to Delhi. I told her that when you will come to Delhi she started saying that I will be coming to Delhi soon. After a few days, Meenakshi came to Delhi, I was very happy I was so happy that I embraced Meenakshi. I did not understand why Mahima did this with me, but now I wanted to run my relationship with Meenakshi. I even told my heart to Meenakshi that she wanted me already, so how could she refuse me? Meenakshi had told me yes and with whom I had met I was about to stay in Delhi for a few days.

One day there was no one at home so I called Meenakshi home when she came to meet me and we both talked to each other. We both saw the movie together but when we were watching both movies, at the same time my hand lay on the thigh of Meenakshi and I began to relax with her thigh. I used to cure her thighs, she also enjoyed it, I put my finger on her vagina, she began to bump. I did not stay at all. I started licking her vagina from her tongue while opening her salwar, she could not control herself completely. For some time I licked his vagina when I put my cocks in his mouth, then he started sucking my cock in my mouth and started sucking well. It was great fun and I was growing in my passion as soon as I put my cocks inside the vagina of Meenakshi, she began to scream, she began to feel a lot of pain and she was suffering a lot.

I had a different pleasure in pushing him, I kept pushing him for a long time, with his shock, his enthusiasm was growing. When I looked at Meenakshi's vagina, blood was coming out of her vagina. My excitement had increased even more. I started sucking her breasts. When I sucked Meenakshi's breasts, she came out of the heat more than her body, she could not control herself completely, and she fell. He tightened me in the middle of my legs and I still continued to keep his cock out inside his vagina and I kept pushing him fast. My shocks were quite fast. Meenakshi's vagina was completely blown out and my cock too had been chipped completely, but both of us enjoyed a lot of love for each other. We both enjoyed enjoying intercourse with each other long when my semen fell into the vagina of Meenakshi, we both embraced each other and we sat together for a long time with each other. Meenakshi has gone to the village now but she keeps talking to me.

The great fun of Sister-in-law

Bhabhi sex stories, Hindi sex kahani I am a poor family living in a small village near Kolkata. There is no much written in our family, so I had to go to Kolkata to work, I am the youngest in the house. . When I went to Kolkata, I did not know anyone much, but I just wanted to earn money, so I started working in a company in Kolkata. At the beginning, I used to get a lot of weight but I kept working and slowly everything was fine. I started getting promotions too. I had been working in the same company for about five years now and during these five years I got married, my wife's name is Meena.

My wife is very straightforward, she is not too much-read, because of which I sometimes feel that I should not have married her but now I have been married to her, then these things do not make sense anymore. . I used to stay in Kolkata only. I used to go to my village very little. I used to trust my brother and sister-in-law very much and I used to believe them everything but what I knew was that people are just taking advantage of me. I work so hard after that I used to send money to my brother's bank account and tell them that if you give me some money from it, he will say that yes, we will give money to Mina. There was little talk from my lady on the phone and I thought that my brother and sister-in-law would have given her money but they used to give her a lot of money. I used to send half of my salary to my house, but in spite of that, he never paid any money to my wife Meena or even gave me money so much money. He also needed money but he never talked to me about it nor did I ever ask him about it, both of us were less talked about.

I had mobile, but in our village there was no good network of mobile, due to this my mina used to talk less on the phone. I told Mina that if you are happy she started saying yes. I am happy she did not tell me anything. I took my leave and went to my village. I had some work in the village then thought I took a vacation for some time. I had taken leave of my office for about 15 days and then I went to my village. When I reached my village then everything was very normal. When I met my brother Sister in law, he was also happy. I had brought a gift to those people and also to their children I gave chocolate. Everybody was very happy. When I met Mina, I was also happy about Mina's face, because after so much time that Meena was going to meet me, Meena started telling me that you are coming home after a long time. I told Mina, You know that I get less holidays than my office, but despite this I thought that let's come home for a few days. I changed my clothes and after that I started talking to brother-in-law, my brother's name is Avinash and my sister-in-law's name is composition. He started to tell me everything is going on well. I told them, yes brother, everything is going well. You heard how your job is going. The brother has opened a small shop and he works only in the village so that he goes to his destination. I send some money but I did not know that my brother and sister-in-law kept the money sent to me and kept my needs fulfilled. He never let me know this thing, how much money did I give him till now and my wife Meena did not even tell me about this Those people used to harass him many times, but despite this he did not tell me anything. I came home after a long time, so I saw Mina's face very sad.

I asked Mina why you are so sad, she started saying, you only tell me I will not be sad, I do all the work of the house. But despite this, Siddhi always tricks me and says that you do not do anything Ho. I said to Mina, "I sometimes become such a mindset but there is no such thing to take on heart." Meena started saying to me, if I am taking this thing in my heart, then there will definitely be some big thing in this. You are not understanding. I told Mina what I do not understand. I know everything that between you and your sister-in-law is a problem, you forget that thing but when I told Mina everything I could not believe at all . I felt very bad and I felt bad about this that my sister-in-law had made Meena so nervous, but I was also very upset over my brother because they did not do anything right with Meena. I had kept Mina in the village only on the responsibility of my brother, but the people used to do all the work from Meena only, and the money I used to send to Meena was not to give it to me.

When I said to my brother about this, my brother started telling me. Mina is lying. I told my brother, why brother Meena will lie, what does she have to take all these things, but my brother was not ready to obey things. He was not ready to accept his mistake at all. I said to my brother that I treat you and sister-in-law as my parents but you guys did this to me like this. I have kept Meena here on your own responsibility, but you people do all the work of her house and the money I used to send to you is not only to give you money to Mina. I was so sad that my brother-in-law had done this to me. My whole confidence was up and my mood was too bad. I said to Mina. I do not think that we will stay here now. I told Mina that you go with me, Mina said. Where do we leave our house? Meena was not ready to come with me, but the brother and sister-in-law who had done with me, had caused me great pain. I tried to explain to Mina but she did not say I am happy that this is me. I stayed at home for 15 days with Mina but my mind did not take it at home, I felt very bad because brother and sister-in-law had done a lot of wrong. I had returned but now I had only thought of Meena in my mind. I used to call her everyday but due to the network problem, I could not talk much longer than that. When I went to meet Meena a few days later, Mina was very unhappy, she started telling me, sister-in-law bothers me a lot and she hurts me a lot.

I got very angry about this thing, I went to their room when I went to their room and I saw that she was changing her clothes. I was angry, I went inside the room. I caught them, she was wearing a blouse, she covered her breasts with her own hands. He started to tell me where you are coming so angry, I pressed their breasts and asked them, you give meena a lot of trouble. I am very sad about this matter. She said nothing like that She should have told you a lie I suppressed her breasts and put them on the bed. She was lying on the bed. I started taking her breasts in her mouth and she started sucking her breasts. I was having a lot of fun, she was giving me a complete hand, but she felt good even when I started licking her vagina. . I put my cocks inside their vagina. My thick cocks went to their vagina, then they started screaming from their mouths and I started shaking them fast.

My cock was getting bigger inside out of her pussy, she was shouting very loudly, I kept both of her feet on her shoulders and started shaking her fast. My shocks were so fast that their whole body shook, but she started telling me I was enjoying a lot. I was very happy that my cocks had peeped all the way. As soon as my semen collapsed in their vagina, she started saying, 'What did you do with me?' I told them I did the same thing with you that I should have done. Because of this you have caused such a big crack in between my brother and now you are disturbing my wife too. He started telling me what is my fault. I told them whatever money I used to send to brother, then you told him that you keep your money with me. This brother had told me this, so I told my brother after this I did not talk but I'm very angry with you.