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Hindi sex story, kamukta I used to join a job in Ghaziabad just about a month ago I always used to go to Delhi from Ghaziabad. I used to have a job in the office where I had joined my friend in the same office, Nikhil is his name, Nikhil is very good Friendship is very good and Nikhil is very good at heart and he used to bring Tiffin from me to his house. I always ask him, who makes me your tiffin, then he would say that this My sister makes me say that she cooks food very well, she seems to have magic in her hand. Now she will have to meet your sister once. Nikhil said why not, when you get the time, you should come home, I told him, you know that you do not have time to leave the office, so maybe it is not possible to come to your house but still try to come to your house in Nikhil Zhe said to you when you will have to remove it if you will come to my house and then the food is good and tasty food you will come to my house to her I said ok I will come to your house.

After that I came to my house, a few days later I went to her house and she gave me the address of her house so I did not have any problem reaching her house. When I reached his house, I saw no one in the house. I asked Nikhil, if I do not see anyone in your house, then he started telling me Sanjeev I have not told anyone till now that my parents I have not even told this thing to anyone in the office, I am telling you only, I do not know how you became such a good friend in such a short time and since you have been my friend She has happened so I never thought of anything wrong about you. That's why I called you at home and you have now come to know everything about me.

When I asked Nikhil how did your parents die, then they did not say what did they become like that both of them died in a short span of time and my parents lost my head. It was more sad but that was my sister, Meenakshi, who gave me a big support if she was not with me, perhaps I would have broken up completely but thanks to her I managed to handle myself. And now I am living a good life. When Nikhil told me this thing, then I told him, you have really suffered a lot, but I never saw tension or trouble on your face; I started to say Nikhil. Now I have the responsibility of Meenakshi and now how I am I can run away from his responsibilities, so I thought of doing a job and I have been working for the company in which I am working, for about three to four years. Sector I said Nikhil but you do everyone a lot of compliments. When I was talking to each other, Meenakshi also came and when Meenakshi came, Meenakshi told me that you are Sanjeev? I told him Yes, my name is Sanjeev, how did you know that I am Sanjeev, Nikhil told me that this is my sister Meenakshi but I did not know that Meenakshi and Nikhil always talked about me, Meenakshi also with us When I sat down, I told Meenakshi, "You make me a big tester, and whenever Nikhil comes with a tiffin, I always eat food with his tiffin, I want to eat Shi said yes you are very fond of talking about the right to make me eat and I which always live set something new brother brother remain happy. Meenakshi told me how Nikhil took care of him and never let me do any shortcomings. Meenakshi said this to me. Then I told Meenakshi at that time that you are very lucky that you got Nikhil's brother in today's time. It is not possible to find such a person.

Nikhil began to say that I had to do it. How could I run away from the responsibilities of Meenakshi? If I do not care about him and I do not think about him, then who else thinks I said to Nikhil, but in today's era then everybody is a Let's leave the other with you but you have taken care of Meenakshi with great care and never let him feel the lack of his parents, Nikhil started telling me that now Leave you tell it to you, how is everyone at home so I said Nikhil In my house everyone is OK and maybe after a few days is going to be transferred to the father Nikhil me to say but where your dad's job? I told Nikhil that my father is in the police and he is going to be transferred some time later, Nikhil began to tell me that I did not know that your father is in the police. Actually, there was never a talk about each other's family between us before, but when we both came to know about each other's family, then we both began to understand each other well, what do I know? Nikhil would be so good of heart but he loved me when he told me about myself and I was very happy to spend my good time with them.

The next day when I went to the office, Nikhil was in the office. I told Nikhil. One day, when you came to my house with Meenakshi, I told my mother about you yesterday. Mummy said that you bring Nikhil to the house. One day, I took Nikhil and Meenakshi to my house when the people came to me with me, they were also very happy and their happiness was with the fact that they met my mum, and they were very happy to meet Mum. My mom is very frank and her nature is very good; she talks with great decency and civilization, her way of talking is very good. Because of this, Nikhil and Meenakshi are very impressed with my mother and they told her mother, Ati, you will come to our house, but the mother said, "Son, I do not have time, so I do not go out of the house, but still I will try to come to your house and after that Meenakshi and Nikhil went to the house, when the people reached home, Nikhil had called me and where did we get home Area, but maybe I Meenakshi heart heart love was felt also very good with me. One day Meenakshi told Meenakshi that Meenakshi could not even refuse, and probably Nikhil had no objection because this too wanted Meenakshi to be happy. Now there was no problem with anyone in our relationship. Meenakshi was also my daughter. Nikhil was also very happy about this. Meenakshi and I used to talk to the phone for hours and talking to each other on the phone. First, I used to talk to Meenakshi in a very good way, but gradually when we both talked a lot One day I asked her figure from Meenakshi, she was not telling me.

I told him nothing, I will see myself. One day I took a leave of office and walked quickly. I went to meet Meenakshi at home, Nikhil was in the office, Meenakshi was at home. I said to Meenakshi, today I will be watching your figure. Meenakshi said before I got married I can not do all this, she shy away from the side of the bedroom, when she went towards the bedroom, then I caught her and she lay on bed Gave. His gentle body was under my body. I had completely controlled him in the first place. Then I kissed his lips, he tried to rescue me from me, but I did not give up till he could move and both of his hands tightly tightened. got you. His lips were a lot of fun to kiss me. As soon as I started kissing his breasts, I started screaming out of his mouth. Sanjeev started to say, Sanjeev, you do not do all this, he was not being controlled at all.

I took off his clothes and started sucking his breasts, I slowly started to mash his vagina, water started coming out of his vagina, water started coming out of his vagina, then I put my cocks on his pussy as soon as I When he put his cocks on his vagina he started shouting. I slowly got my cocks in his vagina. My cock did not even enter the whole of his vagina, so much blood started coming out that he started telling me that I was scared, but I was pushing my cock and getting inside his vagina. Gave. A loud scream got out of his mouth. My cock went inside his vagina as soon as my cocks went to his vagina, he started feeling very painful. He was lying quietly. I started hurting him so that the heat from inside Meenakshi He started coming out but he was enjoying that pain too, so that's why he kept his feet on my waist. I took her vagina for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes, my semen fell into the vagina of Meenakshi, then she started saying, 'You have seen my figure today, I told her, your figure is a lot better.'

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Hindi sex story, kamukta I was returning from my business meeting once my flight was from Bangalore to Mumbai. I reached the airport on time. My meeting was very good and I was very happy because I got a big project Was supposed to be When I sat on my seat in the flight, a girl sat next to me and she gave me a lovely smile while seeing me. There were more people with her and she also sat in the surrounding seats. The day was very happy because I had found a very big business from my business meeting and I was probably not fluttering at this point but when the girl and her companions were talking among themselves Things I had to know that those people are coming from a tour I spoke to her and asked her name, her name was gentle. I asked soft what do you do then he started saying I study in college then I told him that you are good enough to study in college.

I was talking to him very well, he also asked about me. I asked him where do you live in Mumbai, he told me about himself but I did not know that the hobby of both of us is probably the same as when he told me that I am very fond of photography then I asked him if you asked him If he is a fond of photography, he started to say yes. I am fond of photography and for quite a long time I have been doing photography. I told him that you should show me some of my photographs. Hey, he started saying, 'Sir, I show you right now, he turned on his laptop and he had taken photographs of his laptop in his laptop so far, he showed me that it was a long time, but I was surprised to see his photograph I felt good when I used to read in college, I have a lot of photography since then, but at that time my father did not have so much money that I had a good Can dead so I had to take when a camera from his job, he said to me sir would have made their profiles until now.

I told him. Yes, I also have a collection of my photos. I show you that, when I showed him his collection of photos, he started saying, 'Sir, have you visited a lot of places?' I told him, yes, I have a lot of city and he has all these photos, he was happy and started telling me, I will definitely meet you in Mumbai. He started to say, give me your office address, I gave him his Visiting Card and said softly whenever you feel free or you feel like you should meet me, then you will feel free to call me and whenever I If you need you call me Gentle too was very happy with my things and with that I did not know my journey that day. We reached Mumbai and after that I also went from there to my house. When I reached my house my wife started telling me today. I feel very happy I told my wife today I am so happy that I can not tell you I have got a very big business since I was thinking for this job but I I did not get this project but now I have got the project so I am very happy, she started saying that she is clearly visible from your face, my wife started telling me you should be freshened I have something for you Let me tell you that I am half-an-hour and I am fresh in half an hour and after that you make something good for me. I went to the bathroom and I was taking a bath that day, I was feeling very happy because I had got such a big project and I wanted to do it with all the hard work. When I came out, my wife did a lot for me A good dish was made. I told him that you made it very soon, then he started to say which vegetables these days have taken. When I ate it, I liked it very much. Ni said the wife in your hand magic and me then you happy today I was having me sleep on that day was fairly tired because the morning was my flight I was out early in the morning as well as Bangalore.

When I went to my bedroom I had a very sweet sleep and I did not even know when I was in the afternoon. When I woke up, I had to go to my office. I quickly got ready and went to my office. I went to my office that day Called all the people together and said that today we have received a big order and you have to work hard with the people who work in my office, people are very happy with me because They give me money on time and whenever they work more then I give them money in the form of some incentives so that the people who work with me are very happy and my elder I respect them also. I was also very happy and after that we started taking our project. We were doing his work with great effort. It had been around a month and I did not know the time. One day I received a soft call and he Sir, I was supposed to meet you, can I come to your office? I told soft why do not you come in my office.

He came in soft office and on that day he was sitting with me for a long time, he may also like to spend time with me and if I used to share my old experience with him, he is also happy and he too Sharing the experiences, soft started to tell me Sir, I will meet again or you will have time to call me, then you will call me, I said soft and gentle and it He went away from the office. I also went home early that day because I had some work in the house so I had to go home early and when I reached home my wife started saying, today you went home early I told her Yes, There is no necessary work and I have to meet someone so that I came home early and after that I went from there to meet a person in connection with my work. When I met him, I met him very well It felt like he wanted to meet me for a long time but I did not have the time so I did not find him, but when I met him he started telling me that I want to work with you next. If you work with us then you too will love. My meeting with them that day was very good and I came home from there after that. The project I got was that I started doing it all the way. The gentle would have talked about me in the middle but perhaps there was something else for the gentleman in my heart.

I even thought one day to meet gentle when I got soft then I found it very good to meet him. On that day I had softly conveyed my thoughts in every way, we both went together that day. I went to a hotel with soft, when I went to a hotel with her, I thought that gentle would not like it all but I did not know that she would love it too. When I went to the hotel with soft, gentle then fully understood my whole intention. When both of us were sitting in the hotel room then for a while, we both used to talk but when I started taking soft in my arms then she came fully in my arms and her body started getting so hot that even me Started feeling great When I started to suck the gentle lips of soft, I was very happy that I kept her lips long for a long time and with whom I had fun for so long.

When I started stripping her clothes, I started feeling excited by seeing her body. I got her cock out and grabbed her in soft hands. He started moving my cock and when he shook the cocks, I also liked it and he too. He made me lick me in my mouth when I pushed his cock on his tight pussy and pushed him inwards, his blood started coming and he started shouting. There was so much bleeding from her vagina that she felt her pain with Sescidia but she waned her legs so that I was finding it easy to put the cocks in her tight pussy. I had sex with him for a long time, I made him a mare, and I had sex with him three times that day, but I felt like I was not filling my mind. I was feeling very good in feeling his body. I feel as if I should be clotting him.