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hindi sex story, kamukta hello friends | I am a doctor who treats every kind of thing. One day a girl came in my neighborhood home. The uncles who lived in my neighborhood were uncles of my acquaintance. There was a girl who came to stay at that uncle's house. The girl used to stay at the house at Uncle's house. One day I went to the girl's house because that girl was coming very well. The neighboring uncle called me and said that he has hired a girl. Whose condition is deteriorating. When the girl's condition worsened, I went to her rental house to see the girl. When I got introduced to that girl, after a few months, I got that girl stolen. Let's know how I fucked that girl. On the first day when I went to the rental house of that girl, then I checked up that girl and I found that the girl had a lot of fever and fever. Then I gave that girl medicine to eat. After a few days, the fever of the girl improved.

Now the routine of that girl was normal. I have a clinic where people used to check up. When people used to benefit from my treatment, people used to come on my clinic and thanked me. After a few months, that girl had a fever, then that girl had come to my house because my house was in the neighborhood of that girl. The girl told me that she has a fever, so can you give me some medicine. At the time when the girl had come to my house, there was no one in my house. My younger brother and my sister used to stay at my house. Apart from them no one lived at my house. When that girl came to my house, there was no one at my house at that time. On that day when that girl had come to my house then that girl was not wearing bra from inside. So when I was checking her, she dropped ten rupees of the coin and I saw that the girl did not wear anything from the inside, so that milk of that girl was clearly watching me. When I saw that girl's milk I decided to fuck that girl on her house that day. I started to chuck up that girl again. During the treatment, I kissed the girl's hooto. Then that girl gave me a chance to kiss her hot.

When that girl gave me the opportunity to do anything from her body, then I started pressing the milk of that girl. For some time I kept pressing the milk of that girl. After some time, I told the girl that you should take off clothes. The girl was ready to wear clothes and when she lowered her clothes, her milk was big. Then I started drinking that girl's milk. After some time, I started opening the pajamas of that girl. Because I had to see the girl's pussy. When I saw that girl's pussy then I found that the hair of the girl had grown up. Then I caught the hair of his bush with my hand and I found that the girl's hair was long. The girl had not cleared the hair of her bush for many years.

That girl again told me that you will only hold the hair of my bush. Then I spit on my dicks and then I started my cock in the pussy of that girl. I spit over my dicks because my cocks could easily enter the girl's pussy inside. After some time when my cock was penetrating into her pussy easily, semen started flowing from my cock. When semen started flowing from my cocks, then my pussy was swollen with my semen. When I pulled my cock out of my pussy, my semen was falling out of her pussy. Because my younger brother and I had a sister at my house so the time of their arrival was also happening, so I told the girl that my younger brother can come, so when there is no one in my house then you can come to my house Yes. That girl also told me that when there is no one in your house then I can come to your house. My brother was at my house one day then he called a friend of his. My brother told me that you are going to meet a friend of mine. My friend's condition worsened, so he is going to meet you. The pain of his friend was going on, so he had come to meet me.

When my brother's friend came to my house then I started checking that boy. After chuckling that boy, I gave that boy the medicine to eat. After a few days, the boy had come to give my thanks to my house and with that boy his sister had also come to my house. After that the day I got acquainted with that girl's sister. On that day that girl took my phone number because the doctor's number remains with the people so that girl took my phone number. One day I had the opportunity to meet that girl. The girl had come to my clinic to get treatment. When I was treating that girl then that girl told me that she had come to me because I treated her brother and her brother got comfort. I gave the girl medicine and she ate the medicine and after a few days the girl got rest.

When the girl got rest then she had come to my clinic. The girl had come to her for removing me because my brother had told her friend that whenever a brother-in-law is getting relief from my brother's medicines, then he comes to my brother for remission. That is why the girl had come and took me away. When the girl pulled me out, then I started eating it from the girl. After a few days of being spoiled by that girl, I began to laugh at that girl. Then I told the girl that you may get a check up, you can give some medicine. Then I started checking the girl. While checking, I kissed the girl's hooto. When I was kissing the girl's hooto, then that girl helped me. For that girl, then I pulled out my cock and then I pushed my cock inside the girl's mouth and the girl started sucking my cock on her face. For some time the girl was sticking to my cock. Then after that I wore the clothes of that girl and after wearing her clothes, that girl wore bra and tights. Then without breaking the girl's bra, I started pressing the milk of that girl. After suppressing milk, I started drinking the milk of that girl.

Someone came out of my clinic while drinking milk. So I went out for some time and I told my watchman that someone came outside and told him after some time. Then I returned and went inside my clinic and embraced that girl. Then that girl started kissing me. For some time the hooto kissing continued. Then after some time I removed the bra and tights of that girl. When the girl was naked, then I put my cock inside her girl's pussy and started moving her cocks. After some time, semen was leaked from my cocks and the body of that girl got wet from my semen. For some time, the series continued and then I asked the girl to go to her house. I am a doctor, so I get a chance to treat anything. I had gone out of the city with some weight, then I had to go to a boy's house. I went out of the city then one day a gentleman's phone came and his boy's condition worsened. To treat that boy, I had to go to that boy's house. When I was treating that boy I found that he has a sister too. After checking, I gave the boy medicine to eat. The boy got benefit from my medication. One day the father of that boy had called me for breakfast. Because of the deteriorating illness of that boy, my health changed with my medicine. When I did breakfast, then the father of that boy told me to treat my wife as well. Then I gave him his wife for medicines and after some days she got rest too. Wherever I go, people start getting treatment from me.

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hindi sex story, kamukta hello friends | Today, I am going to tell you something about my mother's sister. Today, if you know about the story of my day, then you will know how I am my mother. When I was sucking my mum, on that day my uncle had gone to my father's house for a few months. My father told me that you will have to go to your maternal house for a few days. My grandmother had to go to her hospital for the sake of health. My maternal uncle had come to my father's house from somebody. My maternal uncle used to live with me at the door of my father's house. I had to take care of my grandmother and had to take her to the hospital, so I went to my uncle's house. I had to take care of my grandmother daily. While caring for my grandmother, I had to wash their clothes and bedding. One day my mummy was lying on their room and called me and I went inside her room. Then my mummy started advising me.

When he was advising me, I was watching him. She was lying on the bed and I was just looking at her face. After some time my maternal uncle told me that his leg is hurting. Then I started pressing their feet. When my maternal uncle said to me, the feet are in pain, then I was pressing their feet. Then I did what I had the chance to do that day. I started pressing my mummy's milk when she was lying. For some time I kept pressing my mummy's milk and then I opened her sari and at that time there was my grandmother at home who was in some other room, so I started licking my mom's pussy. But at that time a friend of mine came out of the house, so I told my mum that I can suppress your milk on some other day and I can lick your pussy with my tongue. My maternal uncle told me that day.

When you have a leisure time then you come to my room and suppress me. Then I went out of the house to meet my friend. My mother had given me the responsibility to go to my house and take care of your mother and grandmother. My maternal grandmother used to send the expense of Nani medicine to my maternal uncle. When I had to go to the hospital, I used to spend the money with my mom. One day I was in their room with my mum. My mama used to tell me to see a girl. Because I had grown up and now I had to look for a girl for marriage. My maternal uncle advised me to take care of the girl after you got married. My maternal uncle was telling me during the advice that you should start working on anything to raise your wife's expenses. I used to live my life according to the advice of my maternal uncle. My mama used to say to me that you have grown now, so now you marry a girl. For about a year I had stayed at my uncle's house. My mama was at my father's house at that time, so I had an opportunity to make my mother's fuck. When my maternal uncle did not stay at home then I used to make meals for my maternal grandmother and grandmother. After the meal I used to serve food to my grandmother. My mum told me one day that you go with me to a friend's house with me.

I was driving on that day. I was driving and my mum was sitting behind me. While driving, I was putting a brake so that my mum embraced me. When I was driving, it happened that I had the possibility. When I used to brake, they were smeared with my pit. When I reached his friend's house then I stopped my car. My friend's friend welcomed me. After entering the house, my mum's friend sat on me on the couch and then her friend gave tea and poha for dinner. I gave them the poha again. My mom's friend had a daughter. The day I went to meet his friend, I found that my maternal uncle told that girl you are ready to marry me. Then that girl got shy. Then my maternal uncle told me that his friend's daughter has grown too. So I told my maternal uncle that I am ready to marry the girl. After that day I used to go to that girl's house easily. One day when I went to that girl's house That girl was alone at home. That girl told me that there is no mother at home. Then for a while I was sitting at the girl's house. That girl said to me that she has to go to something so that you leave me. That girl had a scooty, but on that day her mother took a scooty and went on to somebody. So I had to go to that girl on my motorcycle and I left that girl there.

Her mother had no objection to leaving that girl with her motorcycle, so I could leave the girl easily on anything because my girl was about to get married. I had to go to the girl's house for some reason when I was at that girl's house then that girl was wearing a new clothes. I was praising the clothes of that girl. During the praise of that girl's clothes, I started pressing the milk of that girl. That girl also gave me the chance to pressurize her. When I was suppressing the milk of the girl, her mother was not at home. Then I stripped her clothes and naked her. After nude, I put my lip inside my pussy. For some time I was shaking my cock in my pussy. After this, semen started flowing from my cocks. Then I dropped my semen on her body. When semen fell on his body, I gave that girl the chance to suck my cock. For some time the girl was sticking to my cocks. After some time, I told the girl that I have to go to some place, so when I have a leisure time I will fuck her. Then I left the girl's house. For me a few years ago was absolutely fantastic.

I used to bring that girl to her house now but she used to come to my house with her scooty and used to drive my motorcycle. That girl was a working girl, so when that girl came to my house. That girl used to take care of my grandmother. After a few months my mama returned home. When he returned home, I could not suppress his mother's milk, so I used to go to that girl's house. My girl was going to be married so my maternal uncle advised me to do a job on any of you. On his advice, started working at one place. When I started working, my food used to come from that girl's house. The girl used to prepare food for me and I used to take the food from her house and when lunch was done I used to eat the food made of that girl. One day when I was going to the job then that girl had gone to the house. When I reached that girl's house then I saw that girl is changing clothes. At that time the girl's mother was also at home. That girl first brought her salwar and then I started seeing the milk of that girl. Then after some time the girl lowered her pajamas and when the girl lowered her pajamas then I went to the girl's room. Then I started pressurizing the girl's milk. That girl was wearing bra and tights at that time, so I did not take time to get that girl's clothes down. Before clotting that girl, I opened the girl's bra and then dropped the girl's trunks. After some time, I roamed the girl on the whip of that girl. Cocks were penetrating inside her whip when semen was also going out of my cocks. When the semen was getting out of my cocks then my cock and my pussy chip had been stuck so I was able to easily chod the girl. Even the mother of that girl was at that house that day but she did not know, so I told the girl that I can never fuck her at the time of the festoon.