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My name is Ajay, I am a resident of Ahmedabad, I am 32 years old. I have been married for 4 years. I am very happy with my marriage and my wife takes great care of me. My wife and I had met with a coincidence, my wife's name is Kajal. There is a very good relationship between my wife and me, and we both understand each other very well. Once my house was stolen and a lot of our house went into it, I did not have any money at that time because I had lost my business, that was my wife Kajal, who knew very well that's why she I told that I take some money from my dad but I refused and said that you do not mention your father at all about this. His father knew very well that our house was stolen and our lot of things are missing from our house.

Jhalal took money from my father without informing me, he gave me the money and said that I had deposited this money in my account. When I asked him if he had actually deposited it, he started saying, 'Yes I have deposited it.' I asked him many times that you have not given this money to anyone else, he has refused me and said, no, I have given this money to you from my shaving, whenever you give me some money, Used to deposit in your account. I was very happy that day and I embraced mascara, I told him how much you understand me. Kajal has always cooperated with me and every time she cooperates with me very well. My parents are very happy with Kajal and they do not have any kind of complaint from him, he always tells me that you have chosen a very nice girl in your life, they are very happy.

After some time, I worked very hard and now my business has started going well because after that loss I worked very hard and completely turned myself towards my work, so that I succeeded in my work and I Behind the success, my wife Kajal too has a great hand somewhere, if she did not help her father at that time then I would probably not be able to compensate her loss. After a long time, he informed me that I had taken that money from my father but I did not even tell him because he had taken money only for good work. I returned the money to him and said that you give this money to your father, Mascara began to tell me what is the need to give money to Dad, which one he is asking for money from people. I told Kajal that you will not understand this thing, you just give them money back. Kajal had returned that money and since then, my respect in the eyes of his father grew very much, he respects me very much and honors me very much because he knows very well about me that I The hard work I have achieved in life, this success has given me a lot of hard work. Kajal's father called me at home one day and said that why did you return that money, I told him that the money was to be returned to me because you had helped me in my bad times, so I returned the money to you. I did not take any help but Kajal lied to me at that time because I had kept that money but when he told me that he took the money from you I did not like it and I returned it to you. Kajal's dad started praising me very much, he started saying that we have chosen a right boy, the way you have picked up your business again, very few people are able to do it, because despite all the damage, you do not have the courage You and your business again and again have brought you on track.

I told them that I still did not lose courage and after that everything went right. Kajal's father continued to be very happy with me and since that day, he became more influenced by me. Once I went to Bhopal in connection with my work, I stopped at the hotel in Bhopal, I used to supply my wares in Bhopal, so I went to meet a party there, they are very big businessmen of Bhopal. When I met him he impressed me and he gave me a very good order, he started asking me how long you are going to stay in Bhopal, I told him that I will stay in Bhopal for a few days because of me too Have work. They invited me to come to my house and said that you should come tomorrow at our house, I told them. Okay, I will come to your house tomorrow, give me the address of my house. They gave me the address of my house and said that you should come to our house tomorrow if you have any problems in the way, then you should call us and you call us.

I went to meet my second party that day and sat with him for a long time. After that, when I came to the hotel, I talked to my wife Kajal on the phone, she started asking me when you are coming home, I told her that I will come home in two to three days. He started to tell me that I am missing you a lot, I told him that I will return home only after two or three days. The next day when I went to Sanjeev Ji's house, I found his house easily. When I arrived at his house, he was not at home, he had gone somewhere out of his work. When I rang the house bell, my wife came out and she started saying that Sanjeev ji has gone out, when she introduced herself, she started saying that you should sit for some time, she has told me that when Ajay ji If you come home, you tell them to stay at home. They recognized me and asked me to sit at home, I sat at their house and waited for Sanjeev ji. I kept waiting for Sanjeev Ji for a long time and in the meantime his wife came and sat down with me. When he sat down to me, he was wearing sari and he looked good in that. Their ass was raised and their breasts were covering that side outside their blouse. I told them that how much time has passed to your marriage, she started saying that our marriage has just happened for 1 year. I thought Sanjeev ji would have been married to a lot because the age of Sanjeevji is also fine. In my wife's eyes, I started to see the luv. When she was going to the kitchen, her face was in front of my eyes. When he came to me, he sat in front of me. I also stood up from my place and sat next to him and sat down. As soon as I placed my hands on her thigh, the heat started coming out of her body. She had understood my gesture I started pressing her breasts. When I was pressing her big boobs, she also got excited.

I lay them down on the couch and I did what I did for a long time. When I opened the button of his blouse, I started sucking his breasts in my mouth and sucked it big After that, when I pulled out my cock, he started taking my cock inside my mouth and pulled it up inside my throat. I was feeling great like the way he was sucking my cock so long he did that. After that, as soon as I picked up his sari, seeing his vagina, my mood got spoiled, his water was getting out of his vagina. When I touched my cock on my pussy, slowly I rolled my cock into my cocks inside her. My cock went inside his vagina, he started shouting. He was picking up the sound and giving me the support. They widened their legs and I began to give them shocks at a very fast pace. I was giving them a lot of shocks and I could not tolerate their heat for long periods of time. He started saying, I am not able to tolerate your cocks at all. When he fell down, he clung me tightly with his two legs and started telling me that I have lost my face. Keep giving me such a shock. I used to be like Sister in law and was shaking very fast. I lost half of my goods for half an hour after half an hour. I pulled my cock out of his vagina and I used to wear my clothes quickly. Sister-in-law also cleared his clothes, after that Sanjeevji came home and said that your sister-in-law did not let you suffer any problems. I did not tell them, sister-in-law has made me happy. I sat with him for a long time and after that he went to his hotel.

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My name is Sarita. I am from Indore, I am 25 years old, my college has just completed some time ago. Now I stay at home. I sometimes go to his house to meet his friends but I have to do something in my life, so I have talked to my father many times but he does not want to send me anywhere. My mother started saying one day that for Sarita, we see a boy. I tried to convince my mother many times that I just do not want to get married because I have to do something in my life, only after that I will get married but my family was not at all interested in this thing and she started saying that you What will you do to work, you will get married soon, so you will be able to handle your house well.

I did not understand his thinking at all, so I had objection to him but I could not speak anything to him so that's why he started looking after me for the boy. They showed me pictures of many boys but I did not understand any boy. I told them that I do not want to marry now but they began to force me to say that you will have to marry soon. We had a good relationship with a distant relative, because he had a good relationship in his introduction, so he mentioned about that relationship with my parents. When the people came to see me, they fixed their relationship. I did not talk much to the boy but those people decided the relationship and started saying and after some time we will get engaged. I did not want to get my marriage so fast but I was helpless and I could not understand what I should do. I took the boy's number from my father. His name is Aman. I called him and said that I am Sarita, he started telling me that yes, did you have some work. First she was also shy about talking to me but I spoke calmly and told him that I want to meet you, she started saying that it is okay to meet me.

He was in his office because he was unable to talk much when he was free from the office, after that he called me and said that at that time I was in my office because of this I could not talk to you. I told him that I have to meet you and have to talk something together, he started saying, okay, I will get you, the day my holiday will be, I will call you on that day and you will come to meet me. I told him okay when you have a vacation then you tell me. On the day of Aman's leave, Aman called me and said, Today is my leave, if you can come to meet me, then I will come to take you home. I told him okay you come to take me. Now he came to take me to my house and after that we went to a park and sat down and there we talked for a long time. I said to the peace that I do not want to get married now but my family members are behind my marriage, I have to do something in my life, that's why I wanted to talk to you about this. Amar started to say to me that he can do it even after marriage, I have no objection in it. I enjoyed talking to peace but I did not want to marry Aman. I told him that I needed a little more time but my family members were not giving me any time, so I thought I would talk to you about this. I told him that you are a very good boy, I have no problem in marrying you, but I have to do something in my life only after that I can marry you, but for that I need some time. Since my college I have been since then I am at home and I have not gone anywhere after that.

Aman assured me that you do not worry at all if you engage with me, then for some time after that I will say that at home we should take some time for marriage. When Aman said this to me, I liked it and I told him that it is okay if you can help me in this way, I would be very happy. On that day both of us were sitting together for a long time and with Aman, whatever I talked about, I felt that Aman is a very good boy and that he can understand everything about me, that is why I want to marry him There was no objection but first I wanted to do something in my life, only after that I wanted to marry Aman. The people of our house decided the day of our engagement and now the two of us were engaged. After the engagement Aman and I often used to talk on the phone. I told him that I have to go to Bengaluru for a while and at the same time I want to do some work. Aman asked me who lives in Bangalore, I told him that I have a friend in Bangalore and he works there right there. Aman told me that you go to Bangalore but you need money so you can take some money from me.

I told him that it is okay if I need it, then I will definitely help you, after that I kept the phone. Now I told this thing in my house too, my family members had a lot of objection about this. They started saying that what your in-laws would think about you, I told them that I have talked about this with peace and Aman has no objection from this point. After that he also did not say anything to me and I took some money from him, now I went to Bangalore. Aman also came to leave me to the station. When I reached Bengaluru then I went to my friend's house and Aman always kept calling me. A few days later I got a job in a good company. Now I started working and my salary was also very good. Aman was very happy and said that it is a matter of great happiness that your job has been taken. I was happy to come to Bangalore because Bengaluru was a very good city and I was able to live my life here. We used to always party in the evening and all the friends of my friend had become acquainted with me and I too started recognizing them. I met a boy, his name is Rahul and he is also living in Indore, so that was a lot of talk between us. I had told Rahul about my engagement. Once, I did the things of Rahul with Aman too. I was very happy with my life and used to pay some money from the money I got. Aman also had no objection to doing my work. Now I was able to run my life well and we always used to party. One day my friend had gone out of work, Rahul's phone came on that day. Rahul said that today I am going to your house. On that day she came home to meet me when she came to see me, she was very happy and we both were sitting together. When I looked at him, his cock had kept standing and I got a feeling of sex inside of me.

When I took Rahul's cocks in my hand, he started feeling great. He took his cock and shook his cock in his mouth and he was very happy. I took her cocks up inside my mouth for a long time I sucked her licks like this. After that I lowered his pants a bit and sat down on his cocks while taking my clothes. As soon as my cocks went inside my vagina, my seal broke and my blood started bleeding. He grabbed me tightly and started pushing it fast. I was having big pain, but I started feeling good now. I got out of water from my vagina, and I too came in the entire mood. I began to move my bits fast on my cocks. He grabbed me tightly and I felt great when he was shaking me. I started giving him full support and he too was putting me on fast pace. Long after we did this, after that he made me a mare. As soon as he put his cocks on my vagina, I started feeling great. I started mixing my baby with him and he was feeling very good and he was being shocked at me speedily. When her thick cocks went inside my vagina, I used to feel a different kind of fringe and she also started enjoying it too. My vagina started to bleed too much. I was not being caught in thick cocks at all. I told her that you quickly dropped her semen in my vagina. I tightened my vagina and she too swiftly hit me. My pussy was swallowed completely and as soon as her semen went into my vagina, I found great peace after I lay down my legs and widened.