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Hindi sex story, antarvasna I went to the mall for shopping one day with my brother. We went to the mall to shop after a long time. My brother said that today we have to get some clothes, so I told him that today we go shopping, so both of us came together, my brother's name is Roshan and he is a software engineer. Both of us had gone for shopping. When we went to an outlet in the mall, we took some clothes there and when we went to the bill cutting counter, there brother said to me, that girl, I feel very good. is. I told them, "Hey brother, let us stay, we go now but the brother's heart was like that and he wanted to talk to him, brother". I told them that it is not right, but they talked to him, then he came to know that he is the manager in the mall.

Both of them were also meeting and whenever Bhaiya met him, he would always tell me that I met peacefully today. Whenever I go to the mall, I used to meet him but Bhaiya did not want to get married at the moment because he Wanted to get some more time for marriage. One day he talked to the father about this, then the father said, if you like the girl, then we go to meet her at her house or she can talk at her house. Papa went to Shanti Bhabhi's house and talked to her father, our family is also a good family, so those people are just like us and they too had no objection in getting Shanti Bhabhi's relationship with Bhaiya. Bhaiya was also very happy that everything was going well. After some time, we also got Bhaiya engaged in a hotel and then after that Bhaiya's wedding day was coming to a close. After some time, both of them got married, Shanti Bhabhi had come to our house and everything was going very well. She was also working. In the morning she would go to her office and in the evening, she would return home too. I used to stay busy.

One day Bhaiya said that we want to go to Kerala to visit Papa said, so okay, you guys go away, what is there to ask us, but Bhaiya Papa does not do any work without asking Mummy nor does he ask her Used to go to Kerala. Papa had agreed to his mother, then brother and sister went to Kerala to roam and I would call him and ask if everything is fine there, then brother said, I send you the photo. Bhaiya sent me a photo of himself and sister-in-law, he was enjoying himself very much. I told Bhaiya, I also want to go there, then Bhaiya said, next time we will come again. Brother and sister-in-law returned home after a few days, everything was going very well in my life too. Megha had already met me. She used to work in the mall with her sister-in-law. When I met Megha, I liked her very much, I liked her nature and her behavior, so we both started to like each other. He too saw some merits in me, so both of us decided to stay together and we were in relationship together. One day Megha asked me to go to watch the movie today. I told Megha, but today I will not have time, we keep the program for tomorrow but she wanted to watch the movie on the same day but I really had that day There was no time, so I refused him. She got angry at me and started saying that you do not believe anything about me. I told her, look, Megha is not like this, I was busy in the office, so I could not walk to see the movie with you today because there is no urgent meeting in our office. It was time for me to come. She started saying that you do not love me at all and on this matter she quarreled with both of us.

For a few days, both of us did not even talk to each other, this was known to Shanti Bhabhi and she told me, look, fights happen in the midst of everyone but you should talk to Megha, she is also upset for a few days. Has been and does not talk well with anyone in the office. I told the sister-in-law, tell me one thing, where was my mistake in this, I told the sister-in-law, she started saying, Look, it happens and sometimes we have to bow down for our relationship. Sister-in-law used to explain to me a lot and she always supported me. When she told me all this, I called Megha shortly after and talked to her. When I spoke to Megha on the phone, she was happy at first she was a little annoyed with me, but when we started talking well between us, she started telling me that you will always listen to me. I said to Megha, well I will accept everything from you after today, but you also have to accept some of my things so that there is never any dispute between us.

Megha started saying okay but we meet this evening, Me and Megha met in the mall itself and we were sitting in the canteen of their staff. We both were talking among ourselves. I explained to Megha and where to see Megha, I love you very much and I do not want to ever have a quarrel between us but you also have to understand some things. That day I was really busy with my office work, so I could not come but it does not mean that you make small things big, because of which there are quarrels between us. Have to understand somewhere. Megha started telling me okay I will try but you too can understand my words and can talk to me with love. That day you talked to me very angry, I also felt very bad, so I was also very angry and That is why I did not talk to you. I explained to Megha and said that right after today neither will you ever insist on me with anything nor will I postpone your talk. Now both of us had agreed that we would understand each other and after that we started to understand each other better and the love between us became stronger. One day, sister-in-law asked me and Megha, will you both think about marriage or will you just keep talking with each other, I said to sister-in-law, see, sister-in-law has not thought about it right now.

Everything was fine between Megha and me, there were no quarrels between us, love was also on both of us, sister-in-law had told everything about me and Megha to Bhaiya. One day and Megha went to watch the movie, that day when both of us were watching the movie, we both kissed each other. What had happened between us before also, but that day both of us probably could not stop ourselves Megha started telling me, we go somewhere. As soon as the movie is over, I take Megha to a guest house and there I had sex with Megha. When I naked Megha, her breasts were on the outside, I started sucking her tight and shapely breasts in my mouth and kissed her breasts for a long time. I enjoyed sucking her breasts, I laid her on the bed and put oil in my cock and put it in Megha's vagina. Her vagina was very tight so I had to put a lot of strength.

As soon as my cock went into her vagina, the blood started coming out from her vagina, then I felt very good if I came out of her vagina. Was going inside her vagina. I was pushing her very fast, I fuck her so fast that her vagina was in bad condition and her vagina started bleeding. When his sobs went into my ears, the excitement inside me increased even more. I was constantly pushing him fast. I had him fuck me for so long that he was in bad condition and as soon as my semen fell in Megha's vagina. She started clinging to me, Mukul I love you. I told him I love you too much. We both decided to stay together that day and we both stayed together. Megha gave me all the fun that night. I was very happy to have sex with her, we had sex again after a few days. You my family have come to know about Megha. Those people want me soon I should marry Megha soon.

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Hindi sex story, kamukta I call Vijay one day Vijay used to study with me in Pune but now both of us have completed our studies. I have joined my job in Pune itself but Vijay has now gone to Chandigarh. When I called Vijay, no one picked up the phone first, but when I called for the second time, a girl's voice came from the front, where did you tell her? Who is speaking She started saying that Vijay's sister Payal, I said to Payal, I had to talk to Vijay, then Payal started saying this number, brother has given me this number and now I have this number. I give you the second number of Bhaiya, but now he may not be able to talk to you because today there was some urgent meeting in his office, so he refused to call me today.

I told Payal, so you give me Vijay's number and then I kept the phone. I had not talked to Vijay for a long time because now he was busy in his office work and I used to get less time. Due to this, both of us probably could not get time now that both of us were able to talk to each other but Payal did not message me Vijay's number. I called him after two hours Payal picked up the phone again. I told him that you did not message me Vijay's number, then Payal started saying okay, I message you now. As I was about to keep the phone, Payal asked me, but who are you speaking to? I told Payal, I am speaking Amit, Vijay used to study with me in Pune and both of us have completed our studies together. Payal came to recognize me and started saying my brother, showing me your photo and saying that this is my friend Amit, he started telling me brother, he appreciates you a lot and always talks about you.

Do not know why I felt good talking to Payal, I had never met Payal, I had talked to him on the phone for the first time but I do not know why I liked talking to him and after some time I kept the phone. Payal had messaged me with Vijay's number. When Payal messaged Vijay's number, I sent him a thank-you message and in the evening I called Vijay. I told Vijay that you have taken a new number, he started saying that I had given this number at home and I have taken a new number. I asked Vijay, how is your job going? Vijay started saying that the job is going well. How is the job going? I told him my job is also going well. I told Vijay that you should come here anytime. He started saying that you are aware that it has been a while now and it is difficult to get a break but I will try anyway. I told Vijay that everybody remembers you here. They always ask about what Vijay is doing these days because I was the closest to you, so they ask me about you. We talked for half an hour that day and after that I hung up and I was busy in my work and I could not get much time. One day I called Vijay, then on that day Payal picked up the phone, Payal started telling me, I had given you the number of brother but maybe I did not save Vijay's number that day and the number which was saved in my mobile, I saved it on that number. Called That day I had a long talk with Payal and I felt good talking to him. Now I started calling Payal on some pretext, Payal too might have liked to talk to me. We both used to talk on the phone now, but neither Payal had told Vijay this thing, nor did I want to tell him anything about it, I was always worried that Vijay would know this thing. So, if he does not create any wrong perception about me in his mind, that is why I never thought to tell him about it.

Payal and I were now in love with each other, both of us had never met each other, but there was so much love between us, Payal wanted to meet me but I was so busy with my work that it was not possible for me to meet him. Was. One day I felt that I should meet Payal. That day I went to Chandigarh to meet Payal. When I told Vijay that I had come to Chandigarh, he reached the station to pick me up. When he received me, he gave me his Took home I met Payal for the first time, when I saw Payal, I felt very good and both of us smiled at each other, Vijay had taken leave from his office that day and he told me that I want you to visit Chandigarh. We went out to visit Chandigarh. Payal was with us. I could not talk more than Payal in front of Vijay, but whenever I saw Payal, I would feel good and I would smile at him. There was a lot of love between Payal and me and I was aware of how happy Payal was, there was a lot of happiness on his face. I was having a good conversation with Vijay's family as well. I took leave from my office for a few days because I wanted to spend some time with Payal. I was also very happy to meet Vijay.

I had been at Vijay's house for two days and if Vijay used to go to his office, Payal and I would spend time together, Payal and I had a park near his house in the evening and we went to sit there. Used to do Both of us were having a great time together, Payal told me, I never expected that I would sit in love with you but the love of both of us was very strange, we both talked on the phone and through the phone We both fell in love with him. I told Payal I felt very strange at first when I used to talk to you because I was afraid that if you told this thing to Ajay, what would he think about me but I dared to tell you my heart was. Payal started telling me that I also loved when I talked to you and I did not expect that I would fall in love with you but there is a very good relationship between us and I love you very much. I wanted to stay in Chandigarh for a few more days because maybe it was difficult for me to come to Chandigarh again, so I decided to stay a few more days. I and Payal used to spend most of the time together. One day his father and mother also went somewhere. Payal and I were alone in the house. We both could not control our youth. When I kissed Payal's pink lips, I got a different passion and Payal was also excited.

I kissed her lips for a long time, she was enjoying it very much and I was also having a lot of fun. I had put blood out of Payal's lips. When I saw her breasts, I could not control myself and I started sucking her breasts, I started sucking her breasts in my mouth very well, I sucked milk out of her nipples. When I licked my cock on Payal's pussy, she was feeling very good. I continued to rub my cock on her vagina for a while, when her vagina became wet, I pushed her 9 inches inside her smooth vagina. Ripped thick cocks. As soon as my cock went into her vagina, the blood stream came out from her vagina and the blood flow from her vagina was going very fast but she stretched both her legs so much that I would have pushed her very fast. . As soon as my cock was outside inside her vagina, my inner passion would also increase and she would also enjoy a lot. I was constantly pushing her fast.

How long would I have been able to withstand the heat of her body, when her body started giving up heat, then I would press her breasts with my hands and take them in my mouth. When I released her as a mare, she screamed and she screamed and I turned her pussy red, the color of her pussy was red, and the passion inside her was too much so that I could not bear the heat of her pussy. And my semen fell. When my semen fell in Payal's vagina, she started telling me that I would not be pregnant in any place. I told her, don't worry, you just give your attention. I had explained it to him and after that he had no worries, we still have the same love between us but I am afraid to tell Vijay about Payal and Payal did not say anything. I have absolutely no hope that Payal and my relationship will ever progress.