Accidental hand in vagina: Antarvasna stories

Hindi sex stories, antarvasna My name is Akash, I am a resident of Delhi, I have been born in Delhi and we have been living in Delhi for many years. My father and I are very much in it, so they have given me anytime No refusal for anything. When I told my father for the first time that I want to learn dance, he only asked me at that time what you want to do by dancing. At that time I did not have any answer but I told my father that I want to dance because I am very fond of dancing, after that I started learning dance, I loved to dance. During one wedding, I was dancing in my friend's wedding, then everyone was looking at me, while I saw a straightforward simple and innocent girl, I was also looking at her.

When I asked my friend who he was, he started saying that he is Meenakshi and she came from the village, seeing her naivety, I started talking to her. When I talked to her, I came to know that she is very good at heart. At first she was shy to talk to me but finally she spoke to me. I kept talking to him for a long time but both of us did not talk much to each other that day I could not get Meenakshi's number but later I realized that Meenakshi was very good. I got Meenakshi's number from my friend. When I called Meenakshi, she recognized me and started saying that you called me. I loved it so much I did not expect you to call me. I started telling him that I did not even expect that you will pick up my phone, Meenakshi started laughing a lot and started saying that you joke a lot. Meenakshi becomes very happy with my talk and we both kept talking to each other for about three to four months. I loved talking with Meenakshi. I did not know what my relationship with her was.

At the same time, I became friends with a girl whom I started to like heart and relationship became between us, we both give each other more time, her name is Mahima. Mahima and I were very happy with each other but perhaps I had started forgetting Meenakshi and I used to talk less to Meenakshi. I told Meenakshi about my relationship with Mahima and she was very sad but even after that she did not tell me that she too may have fallen in love with me but she never told me anything about it. There was a very good relationship between me and Mahima, there was never any quarrel between us about anything, I felt that I am the happiest person in the world who got the glory. My relationship with Mahima lasted for a long time, she used to take great care of me and I would also take care of her in every thing but when there were differences between us both of us started fighting. I feel very sad as to why Glory quarrels with me. I have also tried to explain it many times but the relationship between us was not the same as it was before. There were too many fights between us, Mahima was also very sad about this and she would tell me many times why you are so angry. Changes had started coming in me too and I used to get very angry but I could not understand what I should do to save my relation so that the relationship of both of us could be saved. I tried a lot but the glory and my relation could not survive. Mahima said to me one day I can not live with you at all. I said to the glory, but if we both live with each other, what is the harm in this?

She started saying that you know, don't we both love each other at all now and there are quarrels between us each day, so I don't want to carry on this relationship or else it will make someone in between us Problems will arise. Mahima tried to convince me a lot but I felt very bad at that time but when she introduced me to a boy and said that this is my boyfriend, I felt very bad at that time. I told Mahima once you told me, Mahima started telling me, I wanted to tell you but you were not ready to understand anything, so I had to take this step. My heart was broken now I was very sad I was sad that Mahima did something very wrong with me, she should not have done this but Mahima had no regrets for her mistake. She started telling me that I have no regrets about my mistake because I have not done anything wrong, it is all because of you. Mahima killed all the blame on my head, I kept thinking about it for many days, where did I make a mistake, but I could not find an answer to my point. It was almost 10 days when Meenakshi got a call from Meenakshi, when Meenakshi asked about my condition, I told Meenakshi everything she started telling me you don't need to be sad everything will be alright.

Meenakshi supported me a lot at that time and I realized at that time that Meenakshi can only support me and one day I told Meenakshi that I am coming to meet you. Meenakshi started telling me what would you do to meet me, but I was determined to stay with Meenakshi and I went to her village to meet Meenakshi. Her village is in Rajasthan, her village is just some distance from Jaipur, when I reached her village, there was no arrangement to stay there so Meenakshi stopped me at her house. Meenakshi stopped me saying that this is my friend and has come here for some work, but I had no business, I had gone there only to meet Meenakshi. When I met Meenakshi, I was very happy. I told Meenakshi that I wanted to meet you and I loved meeting you. Meenakshi told me that I will come to Delhi after a few days, I will meet you. I now returned to Delhi and I started waiting for Meenakshi but Meenakshi did not come to Delhi, I told her when you will come to Delhi she started saying that I am going to come to Delhi soon. A few days later Meenakshi came to Delhi I was very happy I was so happy that I embraced Meenakshi. I did not understand why Mahima did this to me but now I wanted to run my relationship with Meenakshi. I also told my heart to Meenakshi that she wanted me already, so how could she refuse me. Meenakshi had said yes to me and had joined her, she was about to stay in Delhi for a few days.

One day there was no one at home, so I called Meenakshi at home. When she came to meet me, we both talked to each other. We both watched the movie together, but when we were watching the movie, at the same time, my hand fell on Meenakshi's thigh and I started caressing her thigh. If I rubbed her thigh, she would enjoy it too. I put my finger on her vagina and she started twitching. I could not stand at all, I opened her salwar and started licking her vagina with my tongue, she could not control herself at all. For some time I kept licking her vagina. When I put my cock in her mouth, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it well. She enjoyed very much and the passion inside me was increasing as soon as I inserted my cock inside Meenakshi's vagina, she started screaming, she started feeling great pain and she was suffering a lot.

I had a different pleasure in pushing him, I kept pushing him for a long time, with those bastards, the passion inside him was growing. When I looked at Meenakshi's vagina, blood was coming out of her vagina, my excitement had increased even more, I started sucking her breasts. When I used to suck Meenakshi's breasts, she could not control herself at all and the heat came out too much from her body. He held me between his legs. I still continued to lick my cock inside her vagina and I pushed her fast. My strokes were very fast. Meenakshi's vagina was completely peeled and my cock had also peeled off completely, but we both had great fun in intercourse with each other. We both enjoyed intercourse with each other for a long time, when my semen fell in Meenakshi's vagina, we both hugged each other and both of us sat for a long time. Meenakshi has now gone to the village but she keeps talking to me.