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hindi sex story, kamukta I am a teacher in school, my marriage has been for six years and I got married in Kanpur My husband is also a teacher, his name is Mohan. Both of us live in Kanpur but I often think that we can not ever see each other and do not talk to each other well, I told my husband Mohan one day, If we are going to be discharged then can we make plans to roam somewhere in between Mohan started saying that only last year we were roaming around. I told Mohan how much boring you are. For a year we have not even been able to go anywhere Mohan started to tell me Sangeeta You know I do not like to hang out. I prefer staying at home. I told Mohan that you are not interested to roam but due to me you too Your hobbies have to be strangled so it is worthless to talk to you.

I was angry with Mohan and went to another room and I did not even talk to Mohan, Mohan is not bad at all, he came to me and started saying, Does not even like to go I did not talk to Mohan for a while, when I told Mohan that if you walk around with me, then there will be any disaster in it. Mohan will say no, it will not come suddenly, I told Mohan, I see nothing I do not want to hear. If you are walking with me then it is okay, otherwise I will go tomorrow itself, Mohan said, 'Where will you go alone? Now you have made the entire plan, then I He also takes a walk with you. Mohan is a very boring type of person. When my parents had done my marriage with Mohan, then at that time it was fine, but along with them the nature has completely transformed completely, and he has to go anywhere I did not have a hobby but I had made a complete plan to hang out and I wanted to go to Ahmedabad near my mother's house for some days and after that I used to spend a few days in Mumbai, Ukraine has got the ticket and began preparing Mohan and I go.

I and Mohan never quarrel with each other, but they are too much boring. Because of this I sometimes feel that Mohan is a very boring type of person. I and Mohan were ready to go together now. Shortly after our school was about to leave, and when we got the holidays, we would go out of Ahmedabad for a few days, when we go to Ahmedabad Were my luggage was left at home did not care at that time Mohan nor Mohan me, it was my left enough clothes Mohan I'll buy clothes not we Ahmedabad matter said. I and Mohan were sitting together in the train together, then a family came in front of us and there was a small child in their side also. They should have been 2 or 3 years old. That girl was very dear to me. As soon as he shook his hand, he also gave me a sweet smile, and his mother began to tell me that my child smiles by looking at everyone. Now I talked to the woman when I told her that both of us are teachers in school, she started saying that it is a very good thing. She started asking me where you are going, so I told her that we were going to Ahmedabad There is my goodness there, and for a few days we are going to stay there, the woman told me her name, her name was Kaveri. I asked him, when did you marry people, they started saying that we have been married for 5 years, their husbands were not talking much, but now we had to travel with them together so that too to talk now Engaged

Kaveri's husband's name was Rakesh Rakesh and Mohan started talking together and we started having a good conversation of the people, sometimes they would catch me with their baby. Mohan and I have been married for so many years but we have not planned for children yet, but seeing that girl, I felt that we should also think about the child now. I asked Kaveri: Do you live in Ahmedabad? He did not say, we do not live in Ahmedabad. We live in Mumbai. But we have some work in Ahmedabad. Therefore, we will also have to stay in Ahmedabad for a few days and after that we will go to Mumbai from there, Rakesh has his own It was business that he was supposed to stay in Ahmedabad and after that he had to go to Mumbai also. I asked him, when will you go to Mumbai when he will start saying that we will leave Mumbai some days later, in Ahmedabad, we will probably stay for 2 to 3 days, I said to Kaveri. Okay we are coming to visit in Mumbai If you do not have any problem, can you move us with you, why did Rakesh not start asking me, when you come to Mumbai, you will call me.

Rakesh gave me my number. Rakesh was very good at heart and Kaveri was also very good, Kaveri also gave me his phone number. He started telling me, whenever you come to Mumbai, you will call us. We also reached Ahmedabad and I went to my house from Ahmedabad, Mohan, sitting in a corner on my bunga ji and not only talked to anyone but also kept on my phone. I told him why you were sitting so quietly so he started saying that you are talking about it. It is not necessary that I should talk too. I thought that Mohan probably did not like to come with me but I was very happy to meet him after so many times and we also went to roam together. Their children are very cheerful and I love them very much. We stayed for 5 days at the house of my aunt and after that we thought of going to Mumbai I asked Mohan, we go to Mumbai now. They started saying, 'Yes, why did not we go to Mumbai from there, we stayed in the hotel in Mumbai I had come to Mumbai with my parents many years ago, but after all these years everything had changed. The sight of Mumbai's night looks very good from the hotel we stayed at. It was because the hotel was quite big and from there the sight around looked great. I was very happy seeing this. I asked Mohan, did we go to roam? He did not say, I do not feel like you are coming, my health is not feeling well. I did not even understand where I went alone to call Rakesh at that time. Rakesh started to say to me, Sangeeta ji, I meet you now. He came to meet me shortly afterwards to meet me.

They received me from my car. I was with them in his car. He started telling me Mohan did not come. I told them. He does not mind at all, he is in the hotel. I was with Rakesh and I started telling him that your child is very sweet. As soon as your child wants me to have a baby, looking at me I started to say that only I can see you. I saw his Rakesh, the saliva began to drip, I caught his hand. He also understood where we both should go, he took me and went to his friend's house. We were both flat, when they started stripping my clothes, I felt very good too, they licked my breasts for a long time, bleed out blood from my breasts too.

Rakesh fired blood from my breast. I felt great. When he started clamping my ass with his hand, then I began to get frustrated when I started to whip my cock completely on my vagina and pushing my cock inside my vagina. When I went to my cocks in my cocks, I felt a bit like that, putting my both feet on my shoulders, started sucking me. They jerked me for so long, I started having fun, they were so fast in their jerk that my whole body was shaken and my pussy was in bad condition. When he dropped his semen in my vagina, he started to tell me, now you will definitely find a child like my child. I told them thank you Rakeshji, you have fulfilled my wish. She started telling me, but your pussy is very tight, can I kill your pussy once more? I told them why they did not have me once more, they satisfied their satisfaction with that. I was also very happy with him when he pushed me, so I told him to push me even faster. For so long I was sitting hungry. He made me bother me with a big bang, my pussy was very bad, I was very happy.