Do not stay tonight: Antarvasna Stories

Hindi sex story, kamukta My name is Akash, I am a resident of Rajasthan I belong to a small village in Rajasthan but my father sent me to my maternal uncle to read Jaipur. When I went to study with him, he used to scold me about studies because I was not well at all but I gradually began to understand all the things, I started to focus completely on my studies. He also imposed my tuition with a good tuition teacher who used to help me a lot. Now I had been good enough to read, due to which I completed my schooling and also completed my college studies. I passed through good numbers and after some time my job was in Jaipur. My job was in the government department. I was very happy with my life, everything was going well in my life because everything that I thought I was getting was getting me.

At the same time, I met Parul and when I met him, I gave my heart to him and the meeting of both of us was growing, and when both of us met each other, we would love to meet each other but what do I know? Parul loves me, if a girl was with me, then Parul used to remove herself and sit with me, she was a little more serious for me. I explained to him many times so much anger is not good too but he did not understand all this if anyone talked to me in love or if a girl came to me on mobile then at that time I was sure to have a fight with him. He tried to explain it to him many times but he did not believe me, and always said that I love you and you will not talk to a girl other than me. Whatever he used to do he always used to do the same but I and Parul could not possibly have passed this relationship, I did not want to extend this relationship with Parul now and at the same time I went to my village.

Parul used to talk to me every day but he did not understand my compulsion. If I told him that I am with my parents now, he would tell me that you should talk to me now, I used to have a quarrel with I explained to him so much that love is not good for each other so if it continues in the same way between us, I feel that we have to be separated, she will always fight with me and say that I can never be separated from you . I used to think I would spend my life with Parul, but I was pretty sure that I could probably not spend my life with him. I could not marry him. When I went to the village, in the meantime my parents mixed me with a girl. Its name is Surabhi. When they introduced me to the suburb, then I was very impressed by meeting her and she was so happy with her understanding that I was engaged to her. Lee and soon after we both were going to get married. I did not tell this thing to Parul anymore, nor did I ever want to tell Parul this point, so I hid it from him and I was doing my job comfortably and everything was going well. I did not know about it, but I do not know where Parul was aware of all these things. One day he saw the picture of the suburb in my mobile. Who is this girl who asked who I was, then I told him nothing. I told him that this is my friend. He asked me but what is this picture doing in your mobile? I did not have any answer for that matter, but on that day I started to talk like that but how long I kept hiding one day or so, it was only to know that I went to the village and married him quietly but Still, I did not let Parul do not even know this.

Parul was not even aware that I had kept everything hidden from him. My relationship with Parul was going on in normal form. I had not told him anything about the suburb but I always felt that I had a reason for my relationship. Do not lose sight of Surabhi and if Parul gets to know about it then he would never forgive me. Maybe my fate has helped me and my transfer disappeared from Jaipur, when my transfer was awakened from Jaipur, then I told Parul. Now I will have to go to Alwar. He started telling me no matter what we will talk about on the phone and one another But I wanted to go away from Parul and I did not want to have any relationship with him. If he came to know about the relationship between Me and Surabhi then he would never forgive me. I did not want to hurt Parul's heart because he is very good at heart but because of some of his wrong habits, I do not like him. So now I think it is worthwhile to go away from him.

I went to my village for a few days and from there I came to Alwar when I came to Alwar from my village, then I shifted my whole luggage over there. I wanted to keep Surabhi with myself and he wanted to stay with me because After the marriage, we were taking a lot of time from each other, so I had made arrangements to stay and I had bought all the things. From Parul I still had a talk on the phone and she used to keep asking me about my tricks. I also asked her about it. She told me that when you are coming to meet me, I would tell her that just a few days after I met you I'm coming for I brought Surabhi along with me and I told Parul one day and talked about his marriage. He became very sad, he started telling me. You betrayed me a lot. I told Parul everything and said that If I do not tell you then you feel worse but I thought I should tell you. I made Parul realize his mistakes at that time and told him that we were happy with each other till we opened everything between us, but now if you had to say anything to me then I would have given him many It has to think twice so I thought it would be ok to tell you all this. We both were never made to each other. We both are very different from each other and I have married now. I am happy with my wife. Parul started telling me. You did a lot with me. After that I never called Parul and neither did Parul's call to me. I had finished his relationship with him completely. I did not know that after some months Parul from Parul will meet me when Parul got me and I could not get his sight. He came to me and said, you betrayed me a lot and made me very sad.

I tried to convince Parul but he was not understanding my point. I told him that this is the problem within you so that's why I thought it better to leave you. Parul told me to stay happy with your wife and give love to my wife only in my life, I embraced Parul. When I embraced it, she started to say to me. Now you do not have the right to embrace me but I kept her embrace for a long time. He was calm, his temper was also cold. I explained Parul and said, 'Come with me, I brought Parul to my house.' At that time my wife went to the village and I sat Parul on the bed and started to touch her thighs when I started kissing her lips and she handed her body to me. I kissed her lips for a long time, she began to clamber me, she stripped her clothes and she lay naked in front of me. I pulled out my cock and started rubbing on her breasts. I started crying my cock on her wet pussy, she looked very good.

He told me to push you in. Pushing my cock in. I pushed at a fast pace and allowed his cocks to enter his pussy. When my cock went into his vagina, a scream got out of his mouth, he started telling me do you love me I said to the paragraph that I do not love you but seeing me, I could not control myself, I woke up the desire to kill you. He started to say, so you had pretended to love me. I told him. Now you do not talk about all this. He grabbed me between my legs and started pushing him fast, he would get excited so that his whole body was shaken. My cocks were completely chopped when my semen collapsed, then she started saying that your wish should have been fulfilled, should I go? I told him what you can not stop by me. He started saying what would you do with me but I stopped him by myself, that night we both enjoyed a lot of sex.