Enjoy of loud banging by sister-in-law: Antarvasna Stories

Bhabhi sex stories, hindi sex kahani I am a poor family man living in a small village near Kolkata, there is not much read in our family, so I had to go to Kolkata to work, I am the youngest at home. . When I went to Kolkata, I did not know much, but I only had to earn money, so I started working in a company in Kolkata.In the beginning, I used to get very little salary but I kept working and slowly everything was fine. My promotion started happening. I had been working in the same company for about 5 years now and during these 5 years I got married too. My wife's name is Meena.

My wife is very simple, she is also not very educated, due to which I often feel that I should not have married her, but now that I am married to her, then these things do not make any sense now. . I used to live more in Kolkata, I used to visit my village less and I used to trust my brother and sister very much and they considered them all but what I knew was that people are only taking advantage of me. I used to work so hard after that, I used to send money to my brother's bank account and tell him that you will give some of this money to Meena as well, he would say that yes we will give money to Meena. I used to talk to Meena very little on the phone and I used to think that my brother and sister would have given him money but they used to give him very little money. I used to send half the money from my salary to my house but in spite of that, he never used to give money to my wife Meena or even if she ever gave me very little money. She also needed money, but she would never talk to me about it, nor did I ever ask her about it, we both used to talk less.

I had a mobile but there was no good mobile network in our village, due to this, there was less talk on the phone with my Meena. I told Meena that you are happy she started saying yes I am happy she did not tell me anything. I once took my leave and went to my village, I had some work in the village, so I thought I would take leave for some time, I took leave from my office for about 15 days and then I went to my village. When I reached my village, everything was very normal. I met my brother-in-law, he was also happy. I had brought a gift for those people and I gave chocolate to their children too. Everyone was very happy. When I met Meena, Meena's face was also happy because after so long I was going to meet Meena, Meena started telling me that you are coming home after a long time. I told Meena you know that I rarely get holidays from my office, but even then I thought that I will be at home for a few days. I changed my clothes and after that I started talking to brother-in-law. My brother's name is Avinash and my sister's name is Rachna. He started telling me everything is going fine, I told him yes brother everything is going well, you hear how your work is going. Bhaiya has opened a small shop and he works in the village itself so that he can survive. I send some money, but I did not know that my brother and sister-in-law keep the money sent to me and fulfill their needs. They never let me know this, I did not know how much money I had given them till now and my wife Meena also never told me about it. They used to harass her many times but despite that she did not say anything to me. I came home after a long time, so I saw Meena's face on her face.

I asked Meena why are you so depressed, she started saying, you tell me, I will not be sad, but despite all this, Rachna Didi always taunts me and says that you don't do anything. Ho. I told Meena, sometimes Kabar used to have such bad feelings, but there is no such thing on my heart. Meena started telling me that if I am taking this thing in my heart, then there must be some big thing in it, you are not understanding. I told Meena, what I am not understanding, I know everything that there is a rift between you and the sister-in-law, you forget that thing, but when Meena told me the whole thing, I could not believe at all. . I felt very bad and I felt bad that my sister-in-law has upset Meena so much, but I was also very angry with my brother because he too did not do anything right with Meena. I kept Meena in the village on the responsibility of my brother, but those people used to get all the housework done by Meena and the money that I used to send to Meena did not give it to her.

When I told Bhaiya about this, Bhaiya started telling me hey Mina is lying, I told Bhaiya, Bhaiya Meena, why would she lie, what does she have to do with all these things but my brother was not ready to accept the things He was not willing to admit his mistake at all. I told brother, I consider you and sister-in-law like my parents, but you guys did this to me. I have placed Meena here on your own responsibility, but you guys get her to do all the household work and the money that I used to send, you do not give the money to Meena. I was deeply saddened that my brother-in-law did this to me. I had lost all confidence and my mood was also very bad. I told Meena I do not think that we will stay here now I said to Meena, you started saying with me, Meena, where will we leave our house. Meena was not ready to come with me at all, but the action that Bhaiya and sister-in-law had done with Meena had hurt me a lot. I tried to convince Meena but she did not say that I am happy. I stayed at home with Meena for 15 days but I did not feel at home at all, I felt very bad also because Bhaiya and Bhabhi had done a lot wrong. I had come back, but I had only Meena's mind in my mind, I used to call her everyday but due to network problem I could not talk for much longer than that. When I went to meet Meena again after a few days, Meena was very sad she started telling me sister-in-law bothers me a lot and she harasses me a lot.

I got very angry about this. I went to their room with them. When I went to their room, I saw that she was changing her clothes. I was angry I went inside the room, I caught them, so she was wearing a blouse, she covered her breasts with her hands. She started telling me where are you coming from so angry I pressed her breasts and asked them you hurt Meena too much I am very sad about this. She started saying that there is nothing like that. She must have told you a lie. I laid them on the bed, pressing her breasts. She was lying on the bed. I started taking her breasts in my mouth and I started sucking her breasts. I was enjoying it very much. He was supporting me all the time, but as soon as I started licking his vagina, he also liked it. . I put my cock inside their vagina, my thick cock went into their vagina, then I started screaming from their mouth, I started to push them fast.

My cock was getting very fast inside her pussy, she was screaming very fast. I put both her legs on my shoulders and started pushing them fast. My strokes would have been so fast that her whole body would have shaken but she started telling me that I am enjoying it very much, I was very happy that my cock was completely peeled. As soon as my semen fell in her vagina, she started saying what did you do to me, I told them I did what I should have done to you. Because of you, such a big rift has arisen between me and brother and now you are also bothering my wife. She started telling me what is my fault. I told them that I used to send money to Bhaiya, then you had told them that you should keep the money with you, Bhaiya had told me this, so I told Bhaiya about it after that. Did not talk but I am very angry with you.