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hindi sex stories, antarvasna hello my nude friends | Today I am going to tell you a fun new event. This is an incident that has been linked to my life. I am going to introduce you to the event of your fuck. Those people who have not had sex in their youth. I have a suggestion for them that, by adopting those people who have not had sex till date, can easily chod any girl. Let's know what happened in my youth. I was a young boy who used to have a lot of leisure time. I used to travel around my leisure time. I did not know that one day it may happen that I can leave my house to get the girl. I used to live with my younger brother. I had a farm house that I used to rent. One day a boy came to my house and told me that I have to take a house on rent. But I did not have to rent any Maken at that time.

That's why I told the boy that I have a farm house you can stay there. The boy liked my proposal and he stayed in my farm house. He was alone in farm house for a few months and there was also a watchman to guard that farm house. On the passage of time, one day I came to know that a girl came and started living in the farm house with that boy. I called the boy and asked if you are staying in a farm house with a girl. Then he told me on the phone that there is nothing like the girl who is living with me, she is my sister. I told the boy that there is nothing else that the girl may be your girlfriend, I told her on such a phone. I trusted him but still I went to the farm house to meet the boy. The boy said to me on the phone that if you do not trust, I leave without leaving my farm house. I celebrated that boy and told him on the phone, I have to be careful so I have to do this. The boy was not ready to leave the farm house when he said this to me.

On the same day I went to my farmhouse to meet the boy and learn about that girl. As soon as I reached the farm house gate, the boy and his sister were also standing at the gate of the farmhouse so that I could welcome me on my arrival. Because I used to come to see the farmhouse for ten days in a year. I used to come to the farm house only after cleaning the farm house. When his sister saw me, he greeted me and brought me sweets for dinner.

When I came to know that a girl has come to live with that boy, then I was in surprise because I told him not to bring any girl a farm house. Even if someone is your girlfriend, do not bring her to a farm house to fuck. The watchman called me a phone call and said that the boy has brought some girl to the farm house or else I do not come. The girl's behavior in the puzzle meeting made her convincing me. After meeting the girl, when I met the people I knew, then she used to mention the girl. The girl welcomed me on reaching my farmhouse on that day, but she behaved with me because of her, I went to her farmhouse next time to meet her. Seeing me, that girl asked me to come in their room and asked me to drink water. When he gave me water to drink, he also asked me to eat food.

But I refused to eat so that my girl did not have to work for me because of me. The girl's brother was also present there. It was time to take good bye to that girl and that girl told me that we will always be ready to welcome you. I used to wear that girl's garb as interesting because she used to wear lower and t-shirt.

Tishart used to see his milk rising up. His lips were also red, and I had to find a chance to kiss. I had heard from my watchman that the girl wears half pants when returning from outside to the farm house. To see that girl in half pants, I stopped taking my car in front of my farm house one day and I saw that girl walking around in half a pint. The thigh of that girl was thick and I was watching it. Only then his brother came and he recognized me and asked me to walk inside the farm house. I went inside the farm house and was looking at the thigh of that girl. The girl knew that I had entered the farm house but still she did not change her clothes. That time was a good time for me because the girl and her brother had no objection to that girl wearing small clothes in front of an outsider. I was watching his thighs only. On that day they asked me for food but I was a hard boy and refused to eat. The next day I saw that girl roaming in the market and I thought that the girl will have to set up now. One day I made excuses to clean the farm house and took a worker and entered the farm house. The worker started cleaning the farm house. I was also helping the laborer. I was tired of cleaning the farm house, so I went to the farm house roof, only then I asked for the water and the girl gave me to drink water. At the time of drinking water the girl asked me if you have something to eat, then I told her that you prepare the syrup for me and my laborer. The girl began to prepare the syrup and after some time she came and took a saffron for my laborers. I was looking at the girl's hooto and her milk. His milk was swinging out to get out of his clothes. After seeing his milk, I decided to fuck that girl on that day. The girl's brother was told to work, so I had made a plan that I would leave her today to go home. I knew that in the work of cleaning it would be from morning to evening so I asked the girl to make me food. That girl was busy making me food for me and my laborer. When the girl had been prepared with food and then she invited me and my laborer to eat. But I had to fuck that girl alone so I asked my laborer to do some work before you have to do some work. My laborer was eating and I was watching that girl. The girl served food to my laborer and the worker finished the meal for some time. Then the girl asked me to eat and I told the girl that I am coming. Now I had an opportunity that I could take the girl in solitary confinement. That girl served me food. I told the girl that I sit under the fan and we eat. That's why she asked me to sit inside my room in a farm house. The girl first came to me with a plate and then she said that she is working with you, you come in. He caught my hand and took me to his room and said brother is not there today but you calm me and my thirst. I said I wanted this and I started kissing her. He was also giving me a lot and taking me in my lap. She was mocking my cock from the top of the paint and I was also pressing her milk from her shirt. After that he removed his shirt and how big milk he had in the bra was in front of me. I immediately started cracking padas on her milk and kissing them. He slowly released his bra's hook and liberated them. Nipple came in my mouth and I started sucking them. He started to heat and my cock stood still. I was going crazy like her nipple was sucked out.

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