How and Fresh Thing of Licks: Antarvasna Stories

Hindi sex story, kamukta hello my little brother i am going to tell you all the story of a very funny fuck today. I know that you will like my story. When I was about 20 years old, I used to work in a grocery store and at that time a Bhajanji used to work there. The time of his work was exactly 9.30 hrs and the time of my work was also at 9.30 am. The way I used to come, I came by the same way. One day she asked me what is your name? I said that my name is Chhotu Thakur. Then I asked what is your name? So he said that my name is Kanchan Soni. So I said that how many years have you been working in this shop. That quote has happened to me just two months. She said that I do not work but since the end of my husband, I have to work only. I have a 3 year old girl who has to look after her too. She is in the second grade now so I work.

I said you do not have any other? Then he said no, then we reached the shop talking about both. We both became friends and gradually started working together everyday and one day she told me that if you do one of my work then why did not I tell you what the work is. So she said that you come to my house with me and there is a little work in my house. He said to keep the stomach in the inner room and put the box in the room outside. So I talked so much so let's go and we both went to her house. When I saw that he lives in a very good house but there is no one else, just a girl, then something came in my mind. But I completed his work and after coming after him he told me that he is not going to go now. We are making food. If we go to eat food then I have not spoken. If we ever eat more then he said okay, now you will keep coming, you have seen the house. I came home and when I went to her house the next day she was taking a bath and she reached that time and when I saw her she was tearing her big milk to get frozen, then my cock started to stand and I I was just watching.

I thought that I would definitely have her once and then she got ready to go to work with me. I said that I have brought the car today and both of us have come to work. Then when we went out for the night, then they started asking, 'Did you get married?' So I said no and I tell you today that there is no one with me, I am just a brother. He also lives with your wife. Does not mean much to us. So he said that who makes you food? I said that I myself said that from now on you eat food in my house. The next day when I went to eat food in his house, he made Chhola's vegetable and poodle for me and said, and his girl came and she said, who is the mother? I said that I am your uncle, ok son? Then I asked what is your name? Then he said that my name is blinking and we started eating three of them and I was watching him and he was also looking at me and going to eat. When we got the food of the people, I said that now I am going. So he told me not to go, do not go to sleep today. So I did not say no, and sometimes I came home and then I did not go to work on the second day, then he kept waiting for me but my health had worsened. After 4 days of work I did not go to work, he took my mobile number from my sister and called me.

He said Chhotu what are you talking? So I said yes, who you said that I said Kanchan what happened to you why you are not coming to work. So I said yes yes my health is not right. So I'm not at work but I'm fine. I said I will come to your house this evening and I thought that today I will give it to him. When I went to his house in the evening, he kept a carrot pudding for me. As soon as I went to her house, she told me why you came so late, I said that I had a job, so I was coming to her so she got late. The quote that your health is right, neither I said yes and you are right? So he started laughing at me and said, I thought that I have made a mistake. I did not say why? Then I told him that today I am telling you one thing, if you tell anyone, do not you? Do not say that bid, then I said I love you, tell you whether you do or do not? So she said that you come in the rooms inside, as soon as I went inside the room, she started to do me loudly and started speaking, I love you very much. You quench my thirst and I also started to do it with a loud thrust and dropped him into bed and started pressing his milk heavily, slowly pushing his sari up and putting his hand in his trunks, his pussy He started to feel like he started doing ah ah ah ahh

She also opened my pant button and started moving my cock and said your tool is very big. I have seen such a large stuff for the first time and started sucking my cocks and I also took off his blouse and started sucking his milk from the freeze and also removed his sari. When we were completely naked, she said that you will quench my thirst from now on. I said yes and she started to kiss my whole body and I started licking her two legs of her legs on the shoulder and she started licking her nice thick pussy and she was taking the coconut. I made her a mare and she rubbed her thick long dicks on her pussy and rubbed it slowly into the pussy and started slowly inside. Then I increased my speed and when I began to fuck her in the manner and she started to scratch it, I feel very happy about that quote. And I said to him, "I am a little bit stupid." You shouted the toes with a little bit when he sticks his legs, then I started to fuck him so that he started speaking and started shouting loudly.

When my goods came out, I took out my cocks and put it in his mouth and started clotting and filled my cargo in his mouth and he caught me of the frozen and said that now eat food and we eat food for washing my hands Go for That quote is that today you are sleeping with us, neither I said yes, you have made this pudding very good. You feed with your hands and when he fed it, I pressed his milk heavily, he said, "Do not you mind now?" I do not need a bid anymore. He said eat food first and both of us ate food and I said that you put the bed I am coming here a little. I came to market two 100 power shoots and one dairy milk. As soon as I reached the house, she was waiting for me to bed. Both of us were eating late chocolate on my bed and my cocks again started to stand and I said that you should bring two glasses of water and bring that water, then I said that I eat this pill one I eat. So she said, what is this pill? I said that this pill enhances the excitement of sex. And both of us got into one shot and wept on each other and she started pressing my feet and I remember the day today, because for the first time I am the wig of the rubbing. I grabbed his hand and pulled it on my side and started sucking his hoto and said, is your mind, do you want to die again? He said what is your mind?

I said yes and he got out of my cocks and started sucking in my mouth and I was taking a cold siksaria and was pressing his big greasy milk with his hands. I told him that now I teach you a new way. I put both of his legs on his shoulder and got his pussy hole mixed with his thick slit and put it in his pussy and started sucking it and that quote that Chotu is very much enjoying. I said that I am stupid why not be fun. I was so fast that when my white pussy came to her pussy, I had a stomach.

Here is my story. I greet you with your lunds now.