I am his sympathy: Antarvasna Stories

Hindi sex story, kamukta I am a software engineer in a company. I have been working in that company for two years. My family lives with me in Bangalore and we have four members in the house. I have a younger sister who is also a multinational company We are very happy because we have not lost any of the things till date. I did not know much about a girl joined in her office some time later but her face always smiles but I did not know about the pain behind her smile, her name was Madhuri. When he joined our office, I used to feel his smile so sweet that I told Madhuri one day that your smile is very good and whenever you laugh, you look very beautiful. Madhuri did not respond to me at that time, I thought she might have been hurt by me, so she did not respond to me, but I did not know what went wrong with her.

I did not know Madhuri because she did not have such a conversation with him. There is a girl in our office. She is her name Sanjana. She has a very good friendship with her. Sanjana and I had joined the office together. So Sanjana had a very good conversation. Now Sanjana used to talk to Madhuri. When one day I told Sanjana about Madhuri that Madhuri had made love marriage and her marriage lasted for two years but after two years there was a fights between them and after that she could neither go back to her house nor did she She now lives with her husband. I was stunned to hear this, I felt very bad at that time that I realized that Madhuri should not have said this to all but I did not know anything at that time. One day I talked to Madhuri in lunch time and when I apologized to Madhuri, she started saying what apologizing for what I said to Madhuri. Madari I did not know anything about you if I was about you If I had known, I would never say that to you.

He started to tell me what happened but I told him I did not know about your relation when I told you about Sanjana about me, I thought you are very happy but behind this smile you have also hidden a pain . He started telling me that Rohit is not such a thing that you did not know so you probably told me about this but I did not think of anything bad about your case. I talked a lot for Madhuri on that day and now we used to talk to each other. We used to luncheon together. We slowly started to know about each other, Sanjana also lunched with us. Used to go straight to the house after her office and she did not mean any more to anyone. In the office, only people used to talk to him and he used to speak only about work from the people; more than that, he never talked to anybody about his nature, I loved him very much. Whenever I looked at Madhuri, I felt very bad with him that I never dared to ask him about his relation. One day she was very sad that Sanjana had not come to the office that day. I told Madhuri that you are feeling very sad then she started telling me just like this today my mood is not right. I told her but what is the matter of your The mood is not perfect at all. He started to tell me that I am missing a lot of my mom papa today and whenever I think that I wish I had not taken this step then everything was fine but because of my mistake all this happened and by my own disillusionment, There was to be a loss of this thing.

I told Madhuri that day you are taking tension only in the absence of nothing like this. You are a very courageous girl and once you talk to your father, know what she knows. He started to tell me I know the nature of my father that he can never let me come inside my house nor he likes to see my face because I went against them and got married. He was absolutely right in his place. After some time I realized that I made a big mistake if I did not marry Rajiv, everything was fine but Rajiv and I had a lot of love. On that day, Madhuri told me everything about herself, she told me how Rajiv and her first meeting took place after that they both came closer to each other. When they both came near each other, some of them thought about getting married but Madhuri's father was never ready to accept this marriage nor did she want to get married to Rajiv. Then both of them got married and after that when Madhuri called up her father, then she had clearly told that after today, we have nothing to do with you.

He was very sad about this and his grief was visible on his face. I thought how to please Madhuri. I told him to please him. In this evening we go to see the movie. Madhuri was initially refusing but I persuaded her and said that if you look at the movie you will feel better. When we were free from the office, then we went to see the movie. When we were watching the movie, there was a little smile on Madhuri's face. She had forgotten her sadness. I liked her that she was happy. He did not talk much more than anyone, but he did not know what was going on in his heart that he talked a lot to me and I liked it too, after Madhuri went to his house and I even walked home from there. He Came. On that day I called Madhuri and asked him if you are right then he started saying, now nobody worries me so much so I am scared I said to Madhuri. But you do not panic. I just phoned to ask you only. The next day when we met in the office, Madhuri's mood was right. I said to Madhuri. Today you are happy she started saying Yes, I am happy today. On that day we had lunch together, and then in the evening we went home to Madhuri, it is good to talk with me and Sanjana that she used to talk more about the office in both of us. Used to share from One day, Madhuri said, "Come with me to the house that day I went to her house with her." When I went home with Madhuri, I saw that he had put a picture of his father's mother in his house. I asked him who he was, so he started to say it is my father's mother.

I told him that you would miss a lot of your father-in-law so he became depressed and said, yes I miss him a lot and I miss him a lot. He became passionate and started hugging me when he was getting me hugging so I took him in my arms and I told him I am with you. He was in my arms, he could not stop himself, and for so long, he threw away the pain he had hidden in his heart, and he began to take off his clothes before me. When she stripped her clothes, I told her that your body is very good, I enjoyed her breasts very much and she also looked very good. When I began to suck her nipple in my mouth, a separate fire began to grow inside her and fire started growing inside me. When I pulled out my cock, she started sucking it and she continued to squeeze her.

When the heat became abundant in both of them then he put my cock on his vagina. Now you fulfill my wish. I started pushing him fast and I pressed both of his hands with my hands. I used to push him with a loud speed and he also enjoyed it too. When I started to fuck Madhuri, she started enjoying it too, she was giving me a good one but I could not bear the heat of her pussy for a long time. On that day there was a sex relationship between the two of us and they continued to move forward and this cycle has been going on for a long time between us. I live with Madhuri most of the time and I love him very much. She has also got a sympathy in my form which takes care of her and joins her happiness. I feel great too when I spend time with Madhuri, I have sex with each other, and only Madhuri and me know about it because there is no contact with anyone more than that. Some believe