Komal's innermost calm: Antarvasna stories

Hindi sex kahani, kamukta The meeting between me and Komal was during my brother's wedding. Actually Komal is a relative of my sister-in-law when I met her and I met her shortly after that. At that time, I was with my brother-in-law, Komal had taken my number from my sister-in-law, my sister-in-law had also given her my number, after that sister-in-law told me that Komal had taken your number from me. I asked the sister-in-law, after all, why did she take my number? She said that she knows about it or you know me tenderly, but I told her but why would she have taken my number. Sister-in-law did not respond and after some time I got a call from Komal. I was in the meeting in my office at that time. I could not pick up Komal's phone and when I returned the call, a melodious voice came from the front and she started telling me. I am speaking soft.

I said to Komal, yes, say Komal, what was the work, then she started saying that you are asking me work, can I not call you. I told Komal why can't you call me? I said a little something, Komal started telling me, I had called you to ask about your condition, and when Komal asked me this, I told her responded to. I told her that the sister-in-law had told me that you have taken my number and started saying softly, so you didi had told me everything. I told Komal, yes, my sister-in-law had told me everything that you were asking her to take my number and she gave you my number. Let me start saying softly, no matter what they have told you, then you must have already known why I have called you. I said to Komal yes I all know why you called me but I could not talk to her for long so I did not talk to Komal more. I told him that I would call you at home in the evening and when I reached home in the evening, I called Komal. Komal picked up the phone and started saying that you are very busy in the office. I said to Komal, Komal is not such a thing, in fact my work was in the office, so I was busy.

After that Komal and I started talking, both of us used to talk everyday, Komal used to talk to me a lot on the phone. I wanted to meet Komal but the problem between us was that Komal used to live in Chandigarh and I lived in Delhi and that is why it was not possible to meet between us. We both met each other after a long time. We both met after about two months. I was in Chandigarh at that time and when I went to Chandigarh, I met Komal. I loved meeting Komal and I used to talk to her often on the phone, she used to talk a lot on the phone. After some time Komal came to Delhi and she started working in Delhi, now she was working in Delhi, whenever she was free from office, I used to meet Komal. Both of us used to meet often but the day I did not meet Komal, she used to get angry on me. I could not understand which way our relationship was finally going because I did not want Komal to put so much pressure on me that I should accept everything on her. Whenever there was a meeting in my office, she would ask me where you were, I could not understand if Komal started to doubt me so much. Because of this, Komal and I started having quarrels. We both had a long relationship but I feel that Komal does not understand me at times. Because of this I used to get into a lot of arguments with him but after some time I tried to keep distance from Komal and I stopped talking to him.

Komal is a relative of my sister-in-law, so she came home and when she came home, she started telling me why you are not talking to me. I told him that you know why I am not talking to you, but Komal was probably not ready to understand why I am not talking to him. She still did not feel that the mistake was hers. She was not ready to accept her mistake at all. I told her that if you do not accept your mistake then I will never talk to you. She called me sorry and started saying that from now on I will never make such a mistake and I will never doubt you but she was about to change her habit. A few days later, she started quarreling with me again and the relationship between the two of us was getting upset and I too felt at times that I might not be able to pursue my relationship with Komal. I had clearly explained to him that if this continues, then I will not be able to increase this relationship further, at the same time my closeness with a girl in my office started to grow. I did not talk to Komal and I would try to stay away from her, but Komal was not ready to give up on me. Whenever she wanted to, she used to come to meet me at home and tell me that I have come to Delhi from Chandigarh because of you and you have done a lot wrong with me.

I would explain to him and always say what I have done wrong in this. If you treat me well, will I not talk well with you, but Komal was not to be upset with her habit and she always quarreled with me. Used to keep doing My closeness with the girl working in my office started growing and I used to spend most of the time with her. I used to meet Komal very little but Komal had a lot of trouble that I do not talk to her. I had also thought that I would not have any relation with her till she changed her habits and the relationship between us was completely over. Komal had now understood that I did not want her to be in relationship with me, that is why she too had prepared herself for this. Komal used to meet me very little but she was still working in Delhi, I met her after a month and when I met Komal, Komal did not talk to me much I felt that Komal had changed now. I told Komal that we both went to lunch, we both went to lunch, Komal talked to me very little, I was happy that now Komal's behavior has changed at least. That day we had lunch together. I did not know that Komal had really changed and she had realized her mistake. I told Komal that I am happy that you have changed Komal started telling me you have never given me a good time.

I told Komal there is no such thing, but Komal started telling me I still love you. He hugged me, I was looking here and there, then everyone started looking at me and I felt very strange. I told Komal, let me go somewhere and Komal came out from there. When I took Komal with me to the guest house, I started kissing her lips there. When I took off her clothes, I could not stop myself at all by looking at her bare body, as soon as I started sucking her soft breasts in my mouth, she was feeling very good, she was supporting me. I sucked her breasts in my mouth very well. When I started licking her vagina, then fluid started coming out from her vagina and she started twitching. She was very much excited when I got my penis inside her vagina, she screamed and started telling me I am very pained but I was being pushed very fast so that her whole body would be shaken. .

She tells me that you push me even faster. I start pushing her at a very fast pace. She tells me that I am enjoying it a lot, although even before we have had sex relations between us. I also killed Komal's ass well that day, she started telling me that I am so mad after you that I cannot tell and I cannot live without you at all. Komal said to me can you live without me I did not give her any answer but she thinks too much for me and she loves me very much. I realize how much he wants me, that's why I told Komal that you are mine now and you will always be mine even though I did not want me to have any relationship with Komal but the fun she had in killing her ass was a I always remember him feeling wonderful.