London's Doctor Chadda

hindi sex story, antarvasna good morning friends | I work in a hospital. I go to the hospital daily and treat the patients. I did not do anything special in my childhood. Just wanted to be a doctor. I used to stay away from my family and its real reason was to become my doctor. I have been raising the odds of being a doctor since childhood, when I asked in childhood what would become of you, I would have answered him, I would become a doctor. I had been leaving home for the sake of doing something special. I used to live in Calcutta so that I could prepare the doctor. I started preparing to become my childhood doctor. Staying in Calcutta, I did a fuck. I had to spend 500 rupees to carry out this wonderful event. In Calcutta, there are fashionable girls who can be obtained from a place like a quota. There is a place in the city of Calcutta where you will find something that is tribal. Upon reaching this place, I did a girl's kiss and she also got 500 rupees. I used to live in a rented house in Calcutta. I decided to take a friend to the business girls. When I was in Calcutta, I used to take my time for studying as well. During my stay, my friend and I used to stay busy He taught me to fuck. Doctor's studies proved beneficial for me.

I used to use condom before fucking. Wearing chicks without wearing condoms is dangerous. I used to give my education to my doctor because I used to study the doctor. I used to study every day as soon as I spent the entire five years and I got the doctor's degree. Now if anyone has to become a doctor then he has to get a doctor's degree. Nobody can become a doctor without a title. After becoming a doctor I started working in the hospital. I initially worked in an octal, after getting experience from that, I did a different job in different hospitals. I had the experience, so I was given excessive sweat in the hospital.

I used to spend some part of Tanakhya in the market girls of Calcutta. I used to be interested in teaching girls too. So, after getting a big job I used to always be in the lock of something new. Now I used to spend money for the girls of the common city besides the businessmen. I even patched a girl in Calcutta. I fuck that girl. When I was fucking that girl, then I lifted the girl's cloth up and unloaded her clothes, then I was inserted into my cock in that girl's pussy. After that I put my cock inside the girl's ass. That day I did what I did to get that girl dressed was very effective. When the girl's fuck was going on, I took my cock out of her pussy after some time and the goods were falling from my cocks. But finding that girl was not so simple. He gave me a chance to fuck, but the girl used to eat pre-meal with her. In Calcutta I took her to a room and fucked her. Used to book a car for walking. The girl used to come in my booked car and we used to enter the car. I have also fucked him in the car. She was so beautiful, for the sake of fucking her, I used to spend some part of her tinker in the car for her. He would have been angry with me, so I used to get a gun for him. He used to have a gun when he got the gun. I used to give him the cannons. I like to give him a great ring and wear a necklace. He used to treat me like I was a person, he used to feed me the dish too. The recipes of Calcutta are delicious. If you also come to Calcutta, once you eat it dish. People come from far-off cities to eat the dish of Calcutta. While staying in Calcutta, I have roamed all the streets.

I am a friend of the people of Calcutta. Now when I return from Calcutta and go to the city of my father, people recognize me as a resident of Calcutta. I have made a special identity by staying in Calcutta. I have been called from a big hospital in Calcutta now that if I do work in that house I will be given a car as well. I have received great proficiency in my life. People are proud of me because of those sculptures. To attain Subhbadiya, you also have to give all your time in order to attain Libya. I have been in Calcutta for about eight years. I now have to move my next stop to other cities as it is like a big opportunity for me. Thanks to my experience in other cities, I have kept a big job, besides being given a car to go home and to stay. After working for 8 years in the Calcutta Hospital, I have now decided to work in other cities as well. I am striving to get on the success CD in my life. Apart from this, by treating the people till Budapa, they have decided to serve them. My family is proud of me on my decision.

Bangalore is a city where I had to go I went to Bangalore and did a doctor's job for one year. While working at the hospital in Bangalore, I had a friendship with a nurse. My relationship with that girl lasted for almost 3 years. Three years later she got married. While working in my BMW, I get some time to spare so that I can befriend nurse girls. I have been friends with many nurses. In Bangalore, I was a nurse of the puzzle nurse, so I had a stomach in her stomach. That nurse I used to go through a car given on my behalf. That nurse liked walking with my car. I used to work 8 hours in that accident. I was given a shift in the night so that I could earn more but I used to work in the morning anyway I did not like the shift of the night. But whenever I had to take time for some special work in the morning then I used to work in the night shift. During the night when I used to work in the hospital, I got a chance to fuck my Bangalore nurse's nurse. But no one thought that I had to be cautious about that fear. I used to get help from a boy who used to clean the hospital. I took the nurse to my house and even stolen. The beauty of that girl was respected. Because of her beauty, I decided to make a friendship with that girl. During the three-year relationship I fucked the girl. I had more money which I was given during the job. Doctor's job is a job of a Rahas, so I had more money. I also used to spend my earned money on that nurse like a slave. I also like to keep my money going smoothly. Even though I got a car from Avastal but I had taken a car separately, so he returned his car to Astal. Now I have a car whose worth is 8 lakhs. I had an opportunity to go out of India once.

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