Lund was at 90 degrees: Antarvasna Stories

Hindi sex story, kamukta I am a resident of Pune. My family lives in Pune. I have been married for 4 years but I am not happy with my married life at all because my wife and I do not get ideas at all. There is a lot of estrangement between us, due to which I get very upset and sometimes I am also under a lot of stress, I feel that since I got married, I have stopped living my life. I leave my office in the morning and return home in the evening, but when I return home in the evening, I do not know whether my wife's mood will be good or bad. We used to have feuds between the two days, so that my work also started to be affected, but I did not get any support at that time. My father and mother could not say anything in the meantime because I was married to their will.

He used to explain to my wife but even then, his words would not have any effect on her and she would always try to quarrel with me. I was quite upset but I could not even give him a divorce. Some of my compulsions were standing in front of me. At the same time, I go for a walk from my office tour. After a long time, I went out for a walk. All my companions were with me, all their wives were with them and their children were with them but I was alone. I felt good alone because after a long time I went somewhere alone and I was very happy that during the same tour people from other branches were also coming. Our office is very big and it has a lot of branches as well, during that time I also met Mahima, who had met Mahima. When I got the support of Mahima, I felt very good, I felt that there are many similarities in the glory and my life because there is absolutely no difference between Mahima's husband and her. The two of us stayed together for three days. We had grown close and we were talking to each other very well. I never thought that the glory and I would come so close to each other so soon.

Her husband has a very bad habit of intoxication due to which he used to raise her hands on the next day, but despite this, Mahima never gave up. The relationship between Mahima and her husband was not good at all. When we talked to each other, both of us felt as if we had known each other for many years. There was a lot of meeting between Mahima and me. Whenever we met each other, both me and Mahima were very It would have been happy. I never expected that we would grow closer among people so soon and we would both start to understand each other better. Everything happened very quickly, in such a short time, Mahima had come to know me well, she knew everything about me, what I like and what I do not like. One day when my wife came to know about the glory, she became angry at me and started saying, well, you are blooming in your office these days. As she had got an excuse to quarrel with me and then she started quarreling with me, I tried to convince her but my persuasion had no effect on her. Anyway, where did she listen to me that she would understand what I said that day, she started telling me, I already suspected you that you don't know who is having an affair with whom she had just got an excuse. On one hand, it all happened for me too, because my wife had thought of giving me the divorce, I wanted to divorce her because I could not live with her at all and neither could I Wanted to be together. It was very good for me that he told me that now I want to be apart from you, I was very happy and I thought about giving him the divorce.

When I gave the Divorce to my wife, I was very happy and that day I told Mahima about this. Mahima started saying, at least now you will be able to live your life or else you were very much worried. I said to Mahima, Mahima, I want to marry you and as soon as possible I have to make you my own. Mahima started saying but my husband cannot divorce me. I glorified that you also do something so that both of us can live together. I wanted to live with Mahima and I loved her wholeheartedly, but her husband was not ready to divorce her. When Mahima thought about divorcing her husband, she fought a case against her husband in court. Sochi but her husband is also good money so that she too became a good lawyer. After that, his case was going on in court, I could not even get Mahima and neither me nor Mahima were married yet. Ever since I met Mahima, I wanted to marry her. Everything was normal between the two of us. We both loved each other very much and Mahima's husband had known about both of us. One day he met me and started telling me that it was because of you that there was a rift in my married life. He also knew everything about me.

He started saying that you have ruined my house but you have also ruined my life, I will not leave you. He threatened me and said I will see you. On that day Mahima came in the middle and Mahima started saying why are you talking to Rajendra like this only when Mahima's husband slapped her, which increased the talk a lot. I explained to Mahima and said that there is no use of quarreling with her husband here. I made Mahima calm down. She was calm and then Mahima did not want to live with her husband. She had now decided to stay apart. I also supported Mahima and we rented a flat for her, I shifted her luggage with Mahima. Her husband was very angry with this and I was afraid that he would not cause any harm to Mahima because Mahima lived alone. When I talked to Mahima about this, Mahima started telling me you don't worry at all, I can take care of myself. Mahima assured me completely, after that Mahima started living alone in the flat. Whenever she had any need, she would tell me that both of us were now spending a lot of time with each other. I would have loved to spend time with Mahima because we both had similar thoughts. Perhaps that is why we have so much between us Was more love. I used to take great care of glory and glory also cared for me a lot.

One day Mahima started saying that I had to bring some stuff. I said to Mahima, okay, we go together and we both went together and returned with the goods, I and Mahima were together. When I laid my hand on the thigh of glory, for the first time that day we both felt uneasy inside. I took my cock out and Mahima took it in her hands and started shaking. She would shake my cock very well. When she took my cock inside her mouth, she started sucking it very well, the excitement inside me also woke up. I was having a lot of fun and she was enjoying it too. As soon as I got my cock inside Mahima's vagina, she screamed. There was so much heat inside him that I started to push him at a fast pace and as soon as I hit him, I would get out of his mouth and I would get excited by his sobs. I could not control myself and my semen fell in her vagina, she was sucking my cock again and again she made my cock stand at 90 degree.

When discomfort started growing in me, I started fucking Mahima as a mare and when I would hit her fast, she would also join me with her big and fairies. I was being pushed fast and she would support me, I enjoyed sex with Mahima for a long time and when both of our desires were fully fulfilled, I could not control myself at all. And Mahima too was completely satisfied. She started saying that my wish has been fulfilled, but I kept pushing her as soon as the semen came out from my cock rapidly, she enjoyed it and I also enjoyed it. After that, this series has been going on many times, glory has been divorced. He and I live together. We are both very happy. I am spending my life with glory very well and glory fulfills every one of my needs very well. She cares for me a lot and I am happy that Mahima is standing shoulder to shoulder with me. Whenever I need sex, she is always ready for me and satisfies me completely.