My selfishness was about sex

I was getting ready for my office in the morning like every day but the weather was very bad that day, my mother started to tell me that son, do not go to office today. Today the weather is not good too and rain is going to get you today Take a leave from, I told mom, but mummy is working in the office today. It is not possible to take a break today. Today, in any case, I will have to go to the office. My mother worries me so she stopped me from office but I went out for my office, I got my house from that day because the weather was very bad and the auto left me in my office for a few days, the rain was very fast It was happening and it was raining continuously for two to three days so that the water started filling and the weather was completely disturbed.

On that day I worked in the office but when I came out of my office I looked outside and the water was completely filled with water and the weather was too bad. The electricity was cracking and it was very dark I was very scared I started thinking how I would go home I showed my hand to the auto guy but no auto was taking the name of the stop. Someone was riding in the auto and the place where my office There was no bus there. The water was too heavy. I was feeling scared. I started thinking how I would go home, if I looked at my phone, my phone's batteries were also getting reduced and probably after some time my phone would switch off because I I forgot to bring the charger from home, so my phone was also going to be switched off and I was very much tensioned. I thought I would call my mom, otherwise the mother would be worrying. Yes, I called my mother and told her that I was released from the office. Maybe my phone will switch off after some time, so do not worry I will reach home at home. I am weighing auto and hurrying Come home.

When I kept the phone, I started to weave the auto, but I was not getting any auto and my phone was going to switch off. Darkness was also going on too much. There was no one showing it around then there was a car coming from the front. I thought, let me show them hands, stop it, but I was afraid that when a wrong person was not in the car, when I showed my hand to the car, then he went ahead and stopped the car and when I Not that car side went so young at 27, 28 years in the car man was sitting in his age was around me as the same time, I told them what I can leave the house? He started to say that where do you go? I told them that I am not getting any auto here and I have been here waiting for the auto here but I am not getting any auto then can you leave me at home, they pity me and I They got ready to leave the house, they had to go somewhere but maybe they thought it was right to help me and when I told them their name they also told me their name. My name is Rajiv and I am a software engineer, my office is only a short distance from here, I do not go through this path anyway, but today there was more junk on the main road, so I thought it would be home from here today. I told Rajeev, I told you very much if you did not give me lift if you would not have given me a lift today, maybe I would have lost it here and I was very nervous, Rajiv started to say to me. Do not worry, you do not have to tension at all. Rajeev left me to my house. I asked Rajiv. How can I say thank you? You are a very good person. He started saying no matter it was my duty and Rajiv went on saying this, when Rajiv left, My mother went to say that son, I had told you to go to the office this morning but you do not believe in anyone's opinion and you have gone to office today, how much rains were happening today. .

I told mummy. Yes, there was a lot of mummy rains but I had an important work in office today. If I do not go to the office today, then maybe the work would be discontinued so that my boss would get angry at me, but I would go to any office office today. That was why I went to the office. I said to my mom. Now you leave this thing. I have not come home or started talking to my mother. You know how much I care about you. I have no one else in this world except you, I told my mother, Yes, mother, I know that You are worried about me, you do not have to worry about me. Now I have grown up, my mother got emotional and started saying that you have not become so big that I I can not keep meditation, and my mother started to tell me that I think that how will I live when you get married, I told my mother that I do not have to marry, I will not leave you anywhere, when I tell my mother Regarding Rajeev, the son who started to speak as a son still lives in this world, and the good people are still in this world. Look, that boy left you to the house. After many days when I met Rajiv, I told Rajiv that on that day I could not call you at home, but my mother asked you to come home.

Rajeev started to say I can not come to your house, I took the phone number of Rajiv on that day and asked Rajiv to come home, Rajiv came to the house when he came home and I brought him to his mother, My mother was very happy to meet Rajiv, Mummy began to say that the son has not been able to survive the goodness nowadays but on that day you left my daughter to the house, for that I say thank you for that And wanted to be with you I get why I bring ever home told anklet that Rajiv. My mother was very happy with Rajeev and I was also very happy when I went out of leaving Rajeev, Rajiv started to say to me, meeting with your mother, I liked it very much. I will come to meet your mother again and again, I told Rajiv Why not, when you have a mind, you come to meet, Rajeev and my phone were talked out and whenever Rajeev came to meet Mummy then he called me. Ta, Mummy also talks with Rajeev for a long time, they also like to talk to Rajeeee. Rajiv and I used to talk on the phone for several hours and one day Rajiv and me started talking obscene things.

On that day, I talked with Rajeev for a long time, Rajeev started telling me that Parul, you like me and I like talking to you with you. I did not know that Rajiv is flirting with me. She already has a girlfriend. I came to know of this when Rajiv put a photo on his Facebook profile with his girlfriend on one day, when I asked him whose He said that he was my friend but I had a complete suspicion on him. I started moving away from him but Rajeev caught me in my talk, one day he came to my house and on that day there was a sex between us. When she came to my house, Mum had gone someday that day, because Rajeev considers Mummy to be good, so Rajeev is constantly in touch with my mum. She took advantage of this and she came home, she started kissing my lips and she started sucking on my breasts too. I could not even refuse him because I was feeling good even when he licked my smooth pussy, then I started coming in a different manner, I started to get out of my body. When she licked my pussy, I enjoyed it.

As soon as he put his cocks on my pussy then I did not do it, but he put cocks in my pussy, as soon as his cocks entered my pussy, I began to feel pain and started to suffer a lot, Could not resist Rajiv enjoyed the pleasure of my pussy as soon as Rajiv's semen fell inside my vagina, he started to tell me that you were not accepting my talk, so I thought of meeting you at home but today we have a physical relationship between us. Gaya. I started to smile too, I also forgave Rajeeee because I enjoyed having his thick cock in my pussy and I enjoyed having sex with him. Rajeev and I have had constant sex in my middle but he only flirts me, he enjoys my body, I also know this thing, but I do not even tell him anything because somewhere in it my selfishness is connected.