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Hindi sex story kamukta I call Vijay Vijay Vijay Vijay with me in Pune, but now both of our studies have been completed. I have joined my job in Pune itself but Vijay has now gone to Chandigarh when I called Vijay, no one raised the call, but when I called for a second time, there was a voice from the front of a girl where I told her Who are speaking. She started saying that I am Vijay's sister, Payal, I said to Payal I had to talk to Vijay, then Payal started calling this number so brother has given me and now this number is with me. I give you second number of brother but now he will probably not be able to talk to you because he had some urgent meeting in his office today so he refused to call me today.

I told Payal so you give me the number of victory and then I kept the phone for a long time, I did not talk to my victory because now she also had worked in my office and I used to get me less time. Because of this, both of us probably could not find the time now that we both could talk to each other, but Payal did not make me the number one message of victory. I called him two hours later Payal again picked up the phone again. I told him that if you did not make me the number of Vijay, then Payal said okay. I just messed you up. As soon as I was about to hold the phone, Payal asked me, but who are you saying I said to Payal? Amit is speaking, Vijay used to study with me in Pune and both of us have completed their studies together. Payal recognized me and told me to show you your photo by saying that it is my friend Amit. He started telling me that the brother praises you very much and always talks about you.

I did not want to talk to Payal and I did not want to see him. I had never met Payal. I had talked to him for the first time but why did not he like to talk to him, and after some time I kept the phone. Payal had messed me up the number of times when Payal did the message of victory, then I did the reply in the message and in the evening, I called Vijay. I told Vijay, you have taken a new number, he started saying that this number was given to me at home and I have taken a new number. I asked Vijay how your job is going on Vijay said, the job is going well, you tell me your How is the job going on? I told him that my job is also going well. I told Vijay that you should come here sometimes, you said that you know that you have been working just for some time while working and it is difficult to get a holiday but still will try. I told Vijay that everyone here remembers you here, they always ask you about what Vijay is doing nowadays because I was the closest person to you so that people asked me about you. We talked for half an hour on that day and after that I kept the phone. I too had lived in my work and I could not get too much time. One day I called Vijay, then on that day Payal picked up the phone. Payal started telling me I had given you the number of brother but maybe I did not save the number of victory on that day and the number that I saved in my mobile was at the same number Called. Payal made me talk that day too long and I started feeling good about talking to him. Now I started calling Philek to some excuse. Payal also liked to talk to me. Both of us had talked on the phone now but it was neither Payal nor had I told him anything about this, I would always have been concerned that Vijay knew about this. So even though he did not create any misconception about me in his mind, I never thought of telling him about this.

Payal and I used to love each other now. We both did not meet each other but we were very much in love with each other. Payal wanted to meet me, but I was so busy in my work that it was not possible for me to meet him. Was there. One day I thought that I should meet Payal that day I went to Chandigarh to meet Payal when I told Vijay that I had come to Chandigarh, he reached the station to take me. When he received me, he gave me his Took home When I first saw Payal I saw Payal and I both liked it and we both smiled at each other and Vijay had taken a leave from his office on that day and he told me that I want to make you move to Chandigarh. We went out to Chandigarh to walk along with us. I could not talk more than Ankel in front of Vijay. But whenever I looked at Payal I loved it and I smiled at seeing him. Payal and I have had a lot of love in my heart and this was an idea of ​​how I was so happy that Payal was very happy on his face. I had a good conversation with Vijay's family members too. I had taken a leave from my office for a few days because I wanted to spend some time with Payal. I was also very happy to meet Vijay.

I had been in Vijay's house for two days and Vijay used to go to his office, then Payal and I spent time together, Paail and I have a park near his house in the evening, we went to sit there. Used to. Both of us were spending a great time together. Payal told me that I had never expected that I would love to meet you but the love of both of us was very strange. Both of us talked on the phone and through the phone From the same time we fell in love between the two I said to Payal I was feeling very strange at first when I used to talk to you because I was afraid that if you told this thing to Ajay what would she think about me but I dared tell you about your heart. was. Payal started to tell me. When I talked to you, I liked it too and I did not expect that I would love to love you but there is a very good relationship between you and I love you so much. I wanted to stay in Chandigarh for a few more days because it was difficult for me to come back to Chandigarh because I had decided to stay for a few days. Me and Payal used to spend most of the time together. One day his father's mother also went somewhere and I was alone in the house. Both of us could not control my youth. When I did the pink lips of Payal, there was a different passion inside me and Payal got excited.

I loved her lips with her lips for a long time and she was enjoying it too and I was also enjoying it. I removed her blood from Payal's lip. When I saw her breasts I could not control myself and I began to suck her breasts and I started sucking her breasts with great nails and sucking her milk out of her nipple. When I put my dicks on the anklet's pussy, it felt great. I continued to cry my cock for some time on her vagina, when her vagina became wet, I pushed her 9 inches inside her smooth vagina Fisted thick cocks. As my dicks went into his vagina, the blood stream of his vagina came out towards him, the flow of blood from his vagina was going very fast but he made his legs so wide that I could push him fast . As soon as my cock was out inside his vagina, my enthusiasm also increased and he also enjoyed it very much, I was constantly pushing him fast.

How long I could endure the heat of her body when her body started leaving heat, I kept her breasts with her hands and took her in her mouth. When I made her a mare, she started screaming and she screamed and her bits made me red, her bitters had turned red and her passion was too high so that I could not catch the heat of her pussy. And my semen collapsed. When my semen fell in the vagina of Payal, she started telling me somewhere to be pregnant, I told her you do not worry, you just give your attention. I had explained it to him and after that he was not worried too, we are still very much in love with both of us but I am afraid to say about Vijay from Payal and Payal has not said anything. I do not expect at all that Payal and my relationship will ever go ahead.

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Hindi sex story, antarvasna I went to the mall to shop one day with my brother, we went to shopping in the mall after a long time. My brother said that to take some clothes today, I told them that let us go shopping today so that we both went together and my brother's name is illuminated and he is a software engineer. We both went to shopping when we went to a mall outlet, we dressed up there, and when we went to the bill-cutting counter, the brother started to tell me that the girl looked very good to me. is. I told them. Oh brother, you let me live but we go now, but the brother's heart like him had come and he wanted to talk to him. The brother talked to him. I told them it is not okay but they talked to him, it became known that he is the manager in the mall, brother said to me. Now if I marry, I will marry only with peace.

He was also meeting both of them and whenever the brother met him, he always told me that I had peacefully met today. Whenever I went to the mall, I used to meet him but the brother did not want to marry at this time because he Wanted to get some time for marriage. One day, they talked about this with Papa. Dad said that if you like that girl, then we go to meet her at home or talk to her house. Papa Shanti went to Bhabhi's house and talk to his father, our family is also good family, so they are exactly like us and they had no objection to having a brother-in-law relationship with their brother, that people had accepted. The brother was also very happy. Everything was going well. After some time, we also got brother's engagement in a hotel, and after that, the wedding day of his brother was about to come near. After some time both of them got married. Shanti Bhabhi had come to our house and everything was running very well. She was also working in the morning, she went to her office in the morning and returned home in the evening. Busy used to live in.

One day the brother said, "We want to go to Kerala to roam." Papa said, okay, you guys go away. What's the point of asking us in this? But father Papa does not do any work without asking the mother nor does she ask him Going to Kerala Father had forgotten his mother, brother and sister-in-law moved to Kerala to roam and I called them and asked them if everything is fine on there, brother began to say, I send you photos. The brother sent me the photograph of my sister-in-law and they were enjoying me very much. I told my brother that if I want to go there then my brother starts to say, next time we will come again. Brother and sister-in-law returned home after a few days. Everything was going very well. Megha had gone in my life. She met Megha and she did her job only with her sister-in-law, she used to work in the mall. When I met Megha, I liked it very much that I liked the nature and its behavior so we both got to love one another. He also showed some of the characteristics in me, then we both decided to stay together and we both were together in relation. Megha started telling me one day I go to see the movie. I told Megha but today I will not be able to have time. We keep programs of tomorrow, but she wanted to watch the movie that day but I really did not know that day There was no time so I refused him. She got angry at me and started saying you do not believe me any thing. I said to her, Megha is not like I was in the office, so you can not walk with me today to see the movie because there is no urgent meeting in our office. And I got time to come in. He started saying that you do not love me, and on this matter he fought with me. We both have a lot of quarrel.

For a few days, both of us did not even talk to each other. I did not know that this had happened to Shanti Bhabhi and they told me to fight. If everyone is in the middle then you should talk to Megha. And it does not talk to anyone in the office even better. I told sister-in-law, tell me one thing. Where was my mistake in it? I told the sister-in-law about the whole thing, then she started saying saying that it happens and sometimes we have to bow down for our relation. Sister-in-law used to explain me a lot and he always used to support me. When Bhabhi told me all this, I called Megha sometime and talked to her. When I talked to Megha on the phone, she was happy before she was a little angry with me but when we started talking well between the two then she started telling me, you will always obey me. I said to Megha, okay, I will obey everything you say after today, but you too will have to obey some of my things so that there is never a fight between us.

Megha started saying okay but we meet people this evening I met in Megha Mall only and we were sitting in the canteen of his staff. I was talking to each other, I explained Megha and where I look, Megha I love you very much and I do not want to have a fight between us, but you also have to understand some things. On that day I really had engaged in the work of my office, so I could not come, but this does not mean that you make small things bigger due to which there is a fight between the two of us, so you also have not I have to understand somewhere Megha started saying to me, okay I will try but you too can understand my things and talk to me with love. On that day you talked to me in a very rage, so I felt very bad because I too got very angry. That's why I did not talk to you. I explained to Megha and said that right after today, you will never insist on anything about me nor will I tell you about it. Now the agreement between us between the two had been agreed that we both would understand each other and after that we both understood each other well and the love between the two became stronger. One day Sister in law asked me and Megha, you both would think about marriage or just keep talking with each other. I said to sister-in-law, sister-in-law, now I have not thought about this at this time.

Megha and between me everything was fine. There were no quarrels between us, love was also on our whole permit, sister-in-law had told me everything about me and Megha. One day and Megha went to see the movie that day when we both were watching the movie, then how did we do each other? What had happened before both of us had happened before, but maybe that day we both could not stop myself. Megha started telling me we go somewhere as soon as the movie ends, I took Megha to a guest house and there I have sex with Megha. When I did the Megha, then her breast was on the outside side and I started sucking her tight and tender breasts with her mouth and she kept sucking her breasts for a long time. I enjoyed sucking her breasts very much, I lay her down on the bed and put oil in my cocks and put it in the vagina of Megha. Her vagina was too tight so I had to exercise a lot of strength.

When my cocks went into his vagina, blood started coming out of his vagina, blood flowed out of his vagina, I felt very good that I kept pushing him like this for a long time, he widened his legs so my cocks could easily He was going inside his vagina. I was hurting him with great speed. I was so fast that he had been badly in his vagina and started bleeding from his vagina. When his relatives went into my ears, the excitement inside me was increasing even more. I was constantly pushing him fast. I stoned him for so long that his bad condition had happened and as soon as my semen fell into the vagina of the megha He started sticking to me and said Mukuli I Love You I told him I too love you so much that we both decided to stay together on that day and we both stayed together. Megha gave me all night that night, I was very happy to have sex with him, both of us were again sex after a few days. You have come to know about Megha, that my family wants me to Let's marry Megha soon.