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Kamukta, Antarvasna I am from Ahmedabad and Rakesh and his family live in our neighborhood in the same colony in which we live. Rakesh and my family have known each other for many years. I have a very good friendship with Rakesh. One day, he looked very worried. I told him why you are so upset, he started saying Aman, what can I tell you? Meenakshi has spoiled our home environment completely. I told him what Meenakshi did like this Aman started telling me, man, how can I tell you, I am not too good to tell you, I told Rakesh, tell me, what has happened right after all. He started saying that Meenakshi really loves a boy and that boy does not do anything, Meenakshi wants us to get her married to him.

Now you tell me how we can get her married with him. Her family is also not good. We never let Meenakshi miss anything, she gave her full love but you can tell me how Meenakshi's wedding is Get that boy done. When I explained to Rakesh that you leave all this on him for the moment and you also do not worry unnecessarily, Rakesh started saying yes, man, you are right, the atmosphere is not right for many days now. I used to talk to Meenakshi many times, but I did not know anything about her having an affair with another boy. One day I and Rakesh tried to convince Meenakshi. We both explained to him and told the reality of the boy that that boy is not perfect at all and his family will also not keep you happy but the head of his love with Meenakshi is She did not want to hear anything bad about him at all. Meenakshi said, if you guys had to talk about it then why call me here, Meenakshi left from there. Meenakshi's father scolded her very much for this and she became very angry.

She was so angry that she harmed herself and had to be admitted to the hospital that night when she was admitted to the hospital, she was also there saying that I will only marry Ajay. I will be without Ajay Can not live At that time no one said anything to her. When she recovered a bit, we brought her home but Rakesh's father did not want Meenakshi to marry Ajay in any case. They did not allow Meenakshi to go out of the house, they had captured her in the house, but what did she know that Ajay would run away from her house one day. When Ajay ran away from home with him, everyone tried hard to find him and Ajay's parents also went to Ajay's house and said that we don't know anything about Ajay. We don't know where he is. Ajay had run away from the house with Meenakshi and it was disgraceful for Rakesh and his family, which brought disgrace to them and due to which Rakesh's father started feeling very sad. Meenakshi did not know anything yet because the time had gone long enough to know where she had gone, but Rakesh's father was very shocked by this and he was very sad. Rakesh also always kept talking about it and said that if I ever get Meenakshi, I will definitely ask her if we had missed anything that you ran away from. The house has suffered so much disrepute but he did all this in the affair of his blind love, but Meenakshi too had to bear the brunt of it. She did not know that Ajay's intentions were already bad. Meenakshi had run away from the house with a lot of money, after about 6 months Meenakshi returned home and she was very sad.

His family did not allow him to come inside the house and the crowd gathered outside the house but his mother explained to Rakesh and his father and asked him to come inside the house and then talk to each other. They brought Meenakshi inside the house and they locked the door from inside. There was a loud shouting from their house but no one dared to go to their house. Sometime Rakesh told that Ajay had shown his true color as long as Meenakshi had the money, she kept it with her and when her money ran out, she left it. Rakesh was very angry, he started saying that if I see Ajay somewhere, then I will tell him what he has done to my sister. I told Rakesh that you are not unnecessarily angry, now you control your anger, for the moment you think how Meenakshi will come out of this shock. Meenakshi used to live in the house, she did not go out anywhere. I also met Meenakshi one day when I met Meenakshi she was very depressed and she did not talk to me too much but with the time everything was getting fine. And Meenakshi too was beginning to emerge from her shock. Her parents had also forgiven her mistake and she lived at home, although she caused a lot of disrepute to Rakesh's family but still Rakesh remained calm.

Now Meenakshi was also recovering and Meenakshi had joined a private school where she used to teach. Ajay did not know anything after that where he went Ajay never returned home and did not know where Meenakshi had to suffer because of that. Her family also had to face a lot of problems due to Ajay but now everything was slowly recovering. Meenakshi too was busy in her work and Rakesh has also started his property work. Has started walking Rakesh's father is also trying to forget everything and he has now decided to grow in life, he has no problem with Meenakshi. The trouble that Rakesh's family had to bear because of Ajay was somewhere in their heart, Rakesh and I meet every day, he always says that I am very worried about Meenakshi. I always explain to Rakesh and say that now you don't worry about him, everything is all right. No one understood the feeling of Meenakshi's heart. She felt very lonely. Whenever I spoke to Meenakshi, she liked to talk to me and she used to talk to me. I did not know that Meenakshi and I would have sex one day, I went home to meet Rakesh one day, Rakesh and his parents had gone somewhere that day Meenakshi was at home.

I told Meenakshi, where is Rakesh, then she started saying that brother and mother have gone somewhere. Meenakshi told me, sit, I sit. I started talking to Meenakshi. Meenakshi went to the room and did not know what I was doing. As soon as I went to the room, she was watching a porn movie. I kissed Meenakshi's lips and told her that there is still heat left inside you, Meenakshi also took out my standing cocks and started taking it in her mouth. If she used to take my cock in her mouth, I would have enjoyed it so much that she was sucking my cock very well so that the heat inside me started to increase even more. As soon as I saw Meenakshi's pussy, I started getting excited inside Meenakshi's vagina. I got my cock inside her vagina. As soon as my cock went inside her vagina, the wet substance started coming out from her vagina. I started to push her very fast when I would push her, she would enjoy it so much that she would mix her pussy with me. The heat was coming out of her pussy and I was enjoying it very much, I was pushing her very fast.

When I inserted my cock in her ass, my cock went till the inside of her ass. Her mouth screamed very fast. I also started pushing her very fast and I enjoyed her ass for a long time. When my semen fell inside her smooth ass, she told me, Aman, I need you. Only you can fulfill my wish, I am suffering so much, what can I tell you? I told her now you don't need to worry, I will fulfill your wish well and will never let you have any lack of sex. She has accepted me as her own and has given her body to me. Meenakshi always kept saying that I need you and I used to go to Meenakshi, I used to enjoy her pussy very much, she was desperate to take my cock, I would keep her pussy peeled.

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Hindi sex stories, kamukta There is a very good relationship between me and Rohan's family and we recognize each other from childhood, my father is Rohan's father's childhood friend, we are neighbors of each other and since childhood we have There is a lot of love and love in the middle of the family. My father respects Rohan's father and Rohan's father also respects my father and whenever there is any work or trouble, first of all they call us, that's why they wanted Rohan and I to meet Do business Rohan's father has a big business in Mumbai and he runs a business from Mumbai itself. We live in Pune but Rohan's father wanted us to take that business forward.

He called me and Rohan one day, my father was also with us that day Rohan's father started saying, Look, both of you have grown up and now you have to handle your responsibilities after some time, now you have to carry on this business. Therefore, I want both of you to take this work forward together. Uncle never made any difference between me and Rohan. We thought of taking the business forward, both of us had an MBA and we both had a good understanding, so we started working together. We started living in Mumbai, we used to live in a flat in Mumbai, now my father and uncle lived in Pune, we were the only ones who could handle all the work, but perhaps we were not going to break our friendship. She will fall because of a girl. Actually, when I met Geetika for the first time in office, I gave her my heart and Rohan was also lying behind her. I did not tell this thing to Rohan nor did I know this. Whenever Geetika used to talk to me, Rohan would always spoil her face by looking at me. I could not understand why Rohan is doing this and I never even tried to know because we both know each other since childhood, I thought maybe Rohan is in some trouble nowadays but there was nothing like that.

Actually Rohan did not like the fact that Geetika spoke to me but I made a big mistake which proposed Geetika, Geetika loved me very much and she said yes to me. Now Geetika had come in my life and Rohan was very sad about this Rohan had stopped talking to me. Whenever I used to talk to him, he did not even talk to me, I kept getting upset about this and I did not understand what caused it all. When I came to know that Rohan does not like me and Geetika's relationship at all, I talked to Geetika one day and tried to convince her. I told Geetika, look, Geetika, I love you very much and I love you very much but I do not want Rohan to feel bad because of our relationship Rohan and I have a friendship from childhood and we both have a family. She recognizes the other very well. Geetika is very sensible, so Geetika told me that if I am creating a rift between you and Rohan, then I go away from your life. Geetika stopped talking to me, I was very sad, my heart was also broken, I did not understand what I should do on such an occasion but I had sacrificed my love in front of my friendship. . It was probably not known to Rohan that Geetika has gone from my life, I would still try to be normal and I would pay full attention to the work. Both of us were very honest about the work, because of us there was no problem in the work but Geetika's departure from my life caused me a lot of trouble and I was also very upset but I took care of myself and everything I fixed.

Now the relationship between Rohan and me was well, Geetika had gone from my life, but perhaps a similar situation was going to happen again, now another girl came in our life, she played a big deal with both of us. She was also running her affair with Rohan and she used to talk with me very fondly. Her name is Monika, we both did not know the reality of Monika and we both got caught in her trap. I was not in love with Monica but she trapped Rohan in her trap and Rohan also got into the trap without testing her and now he started spending more time with Monica. Rohan was so impressed with Monica that he was not paying attention in his work nor did he stay at home. Once I asked Rohan about this, Rohan did not give me any answer, he started saying that I am going out of some work. I told Rohan that Uncle has given the responsibility of work to both of us and you live with work in this way. This is not right at all. Rohan got angry at me and he did not talk to me. He went quietly from there but I did not want him trapped in Monica's affair. I tried to convince Rohan a lot but he was not ready to understand anything.

I told Rohan one day that you should not get caught in Monika's affair, I was very angry that day, I told Rohan, I asked Geetika to leave her life because of you and you are in a fit of Monica. Told the reality of He did not know anything about Monica and when he came to know the reality of Monica, he started telling me Lalit helped me a lot and you did well by telling me the reality of Monica or else I did not know how much money I had spent on her. Happen. When Rohan told me that he did not know how much money he has spent on Monica so far, I told him that you should never meet Monika after today. Now Rohan was busy at work and he would not even pick up Monica's phone. I was very happy because I had saved Rohan's life from ruin and maybe Rohan too realized his mistake and that Geetika was my Brought back into life. Geetika had arrived in my life and I was very happy Geetika is a very good girl. I wanted to marry her and spend my life with her. I had also told my father and mother about Geetika and they too had no objection. They told me, son, do what you think. One day Monica called me and started saying that you have done much wrong by taking Rohan away from me. I told Monica if you do not threaten me, it would be good if I knew your reality, then I knew everything. She started telling me I want to meet you once. I told Monika what do you want, then she started saying that I am just hungry for money and want to meet you once.

I told him to go away from Rohan's life. How much money do you want? There was agreement between us that Rohan will never get it now. When she met me alone that day, she started clinging to me and said, I will never meet Rohan from now on. When he grabbed my cock, I told him what are you doing all this, but when he opened his clothes, I could not control my youth by looking at his body. When I started pressing Monica's big breasts with my hands, she started to feel good and I was also having a lot of fun. I pressed her breasts for a long time and licked her breasts. When I licked my cock on Monica's vagina, a wet substance was coming out of her vagina. She started telling me you push me fast I widened both her legs and at a very fast speed I started dying her pussy.

She held me in her arms. Her breasts were hitting my chest and I was kissing her lips. I enjoyed sucking her breasts and she would support me but I could not stand the heat of her pussy for long. Could do it. As my semen was about to fall, I spilled my semen on top of her big breasts. As soon as my semen fell on her breasts, she cleaned my semen from her breasts and started saying that I will never meet Rohan after today but I am very happy with the way you have satisfied me with your thick cocks. She started telling me that I don't want anything but I want your love from me and whenever I want to have sex, then I have fulfilled my wish. On this condition, Monica gave up the pursuit of Rohan and I also enjoy her body. Geetika has come into my life. I love Geetika very much. I respect Geetika a lot and I want to marry her. Rohan is happy in his life and he pays full attention to work.