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kamukta, antarvasna hello friends | Today I am going to tell you how to get a girl coming to your sari shop that day. I have a sari shop. I sell saris and run my livelihood. I have a sari warehouse where many sarsa is kept. Whenever a customer comes to see the sari, I first came to the new and showed the best sari. But if they were looking for a different color sari then I used to bring sari out of the warehouse for them. One day a girl had come to my sari shop. I put a new sari in front of that girl. But that girl was not getting her color sari. Then I went to the warehouse for that girl and then I brought sari from my warehouse. That girl was sitting outside my shop. Even after bringing the sari from the warehouse, the girl did not get her color sari, then I asked that girl to walk on the warehouse. The girl reached inside my warehouse and I told the girl that you have to look for a sari.

That girl came wearing small clothes that day. So when he was in the warehouse, there was no one inside the warehouse. When there was no one in the warehouse then I had the chance that I could take that girl in my arms. The girl was wearing a T-shirt. T-shirt was worn, so I was watching the milk of that girl. Then after some time I started laughing at the girl. That girl had cut me off that day. So when I ask her for her phone number then that girl gave me her phone number. In the warehouse I was laughing with that girl. After some time, I asked that girl to wear sari. The girl was wearing sari and I was helping her wear sari. Because the girl was wearing a small lot and a T-shirt, so she was wearing sari from her. When I was helping the girl wear sari then I took that girl on my own. After some time I was kissing the girl's hooto. That girl gave me I was kissing her hottie and she was kissing my hoto. After some time I pressed the girl's milk. When the girl had suppressed the milk, then to throw the girl's pussy, I lowered her little lower body and then put my hands inside her pussy. Then she started to touch her pussy with her hand. After some time I put my cocks on the girl's pussy and then I started to fuck that girl.

When I took that girl, I told the girl that now you come to me at the time of the furts. That girl told me I can come to you. He had my phone number so he went home. The next day I called the girl and asked if you asked me. Then the girl told me that I am walking around the house with my scooty. That girl told me that at the moment I can not come now because she has to go to somebody about her sister. So that girl could not come. The girl came to meet me only occasionally and she used to go away again. One day that girl brought her sister to my shop. Her sister was in my shop, but her sister was required to take T-shirt and bottom, so I told the girl that when you bring your sister after a few months, I will also start wearing a T-shirt lower. After a few months, the girl came to my shop with her sister. Then I put a T-shirt in front of that girl and her sister.

Those people started wearing t-shirts color, only when their sister asked me to wear a T-shirt and she went to wear a T-shirt. Her sister wore a transparent T-shirt which was a T-shirt with my shop. When the girl wore that transparent T-shirt, her bra was showing. His large flavors were easily seen. But that girl did not buy that transparent T-shirt. I used to keep the transparent T-shirt so that when a girl comes, I can give them this transparent T-shirt to wear. On that day his sister bought any other T-shirt and that girl went with her sister. I was waiting for that day when her sister came alone and I could easily get her fuck. I smartly took the phone number of that girl. I used to call the girl that you can buy clothes by borrowing from my shop. That girl liked my proposal. That girl told me that I am coming to your shop.

When that girl told me like this on the phone, then I asked the girl that your sister is not coming. Then the girl told me that her sister has gone out of the city for some reason, so she can not come with me. I was just looking for this opportunity. After a few days, the girl reached my shop. When that girl reached my shop then I told her what you would do then I asked for a samosa for her. After giving tea to that girl, I told the girl that you can take clothes from my shop to borrow. The girl came with Rupee that day but I did not take any money from that girl so that I could easily call that girl on the pretext of borrowing. Whenever I had a leisure time I used to call the girl. By putting a phone call to that girl, she used to ask the girl that there is a new clothes in the shop, do you have to take it? That girl was a fool to me, so she used to come to my shop alone. Sometimes that girl was her friend and she used to come alone alone.

One day I got the chance that I can easily chod the girl. That girl came to buy my shop clothes. That girl had to fuck me that day, so I called that girl inside my warehouse. I first showed clothes to that girl. When the girl was not getting her clothes, then I asked that girl to come in the warehouse. When the girl came in the warehouse then I told the girl that you look for clothes and the girl stayed on the warehouse and started looking for clothes. After some time I embraced that girl. That girl also supported me. That girl started kissing my hotto After that I started licking the girl's pussy from the tongue. After licking pussy, I put my cock in her pussy and started fucking her. After some time the goods from my cocks started coming out. Then I dropped the stuff out of my lungs on its smell. Then after some time the girl told me that someone could come, then I told that nobody inside the warehouse could come unless I told him to come in. Then I told the girl, now you go away. That girl told me when she will be absent then she will come to meet me.

One day that girl came to my shop alone. When the girl came to my shop then I asked that girl to walk in her shop and she entered inside my shop. Then I started pressing the girl's milk. After pressing the milk, I kissed his hooto. When I kissed her hot, then I put her pussy in her pussy. Then one of her friends was standing at my shop. His friend was out of the shop and inside the shop, she had seen that girl, so she called me so that she could meet me. The girl had to go out of the shop when her phone came. Her friend was aware that my relationship with that girl is going on. I told the girl that your friend has seen me kissing you, so that girl tells you that she does not tell anyone. That girl gave me the assurance that the girl will not tell anyone anything. Then the girl left my shop. To stop me telling her friend about me, I told the girl that you should bring your friend, because I am going to give an offer for her that she can take clothes on borrowed money. Her girl's friend liked my proposal and she got ready to buy my clothes. I used to give the girl a go-ahead to allow her to seduce the girl so that she can strap it. After a few days, his friend took a lease and I did this so that he could stop telling his friend about me that on that day I had kissed the girl's cock.

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Hi friends full of thirsty Today I am going to tell you something about yourself. I am the brother of some girls. I have a beautiful wife, whom I fuck. Apart from this, I also fuck some of my sisters. I was in my in-laws for a few months. I had to stay in my in-laws for a few months. There I used to live a few years old. I took my wife and went to her in-laws because there was a program. Upon reaching in-laws, I saw that my sister-in-law has come to welcome me. The house of my father-in-law was a big one, so my wife's wife used to live comfortably because her marriage was not fixed. The day I reached my in-laws, all of us were honored. I was eating their made dish. When I used to live with the salsi, one of them used to tease me. When my sister-in-law teased me, I used to catch them with my hands. My sister-in-law was beautiful to see, so one day I started working with my intention to fuck one sister. I had planned to fuck my youngest daughter. When I was alone at home and my only daughter-in-law was alone at home, I had her pussy stitched with the help of my cock. I did this when there was no one at my father-in-law's house. I was my youngest daughter and only at that time.

For some time I used to fuck my sister again and when I got tired of fucking her, I asked her to go. My youngest was teasing me and I was tired of teasing him, so I gave my youngest daughter Chod on that day. I am a businessman who runs his livelihood. I am a clothing trader I use to sell clothes so that I can run my livelihood easily. When I was in my in-laws house, I got one year after my marriage. I had a wonderful chance that I could spend many years in my father's house at home. For a few months I went to my father-in-law's house and I took advantage of the great opportunity I got. When I took my youngest sister, then I decided to fuck my other sister-in-law. I used to move my sister-in-law with my car. My Salio was a stranger to my car. When I used to take out my car for walking, my sister-in-law would sit in my car and sit down. I just had to fuck my sister-in-law, so I did not miss any chance. I had the number of my serio so I used to harass them. I used to have no more than one hundred occasions when I reached my in-laws' house because my father-in-law used to live outside the house due to any work and my mother-in-law also used to go to the house of their friends. I used to wear tight clothes for a few years, from which their beautiful body was visible. When the dresses wearing such clothes were in front of me then I could not prevent my cock from standing up.

One day I was in a room and was sitting on the bed only when one of my eldest sister, who was my wife's second sister's sister, came to sit with me. For some time he talked to me. Then he started making fun with me. After a while, she started pressing my shoulders with my hand. Then she began to tease my hair to tease me and throwing a pillow on me started teasing me. He kept throwing pillows up to me for some time and continued torturing me and I continued to have fun. Then when I got tired of teasing him, I caught his hands and pulled his najdek. That sister-in-law also supported me. He did not show any resistance. Then after some time I kissed her hooto. I was also afraid that nothing could happen because he could scream too. But he said, jiju, you can do thirst for me too.

On that day I took advantage of being alone at home. When I started kissing her hottie, I knew that the door was not closed so I lay it on the bed and then I went to the door shutting. Then I closed the door and I came back to the room. Then I lay down on my sister-in-law and she was lying on the backside, so I could not see her milk. For a while, I kissed him again and then he started giving up and started pressing the milk. After lying for some time on her, I kept pressing her milk, then I started rubbing her pussy with her hand and drinking her milk. She started getting hot and she said, "Jiju is my second time. You fuck me very hard and I'm very thirsty." I followed her talk. I drank wildly whipped her milk and then I kissed her belly and reached her pussy and began to touch her pussy with my lips. He started giving me ahah ummmmmm uffff uhhhhh aaa aaaa Then I licked her pussy and squeezed all her juice. But her thirst was not quiet yet because she wanted a thick cock which I had.

I put my arms in a tall and thick ski pussy and got into a stroke. She said at the shout, "Jiju Chodo." I also started fucking her pussy and started sucking her cock in her pussy. It was Ahah Ummmmmm Uffff Uhhhhh, coming out of the house comfortably, and I was also choking him like a dog.

After some time I put my cock in her ass. Then I was licking her ass from my cocks. Then I made her a mare and she gave her pussy to me, and I clothed her pussy in her pussy. When the semen started falling from my cocks, I grabbed my cock from my hands and then dropped the semen of my cock on his body. Then I began to mix semen fallen from my cocks on his body. For a while, this kiss gave me success that I could make a relation with my eldest sister. After staying in the in-laws for a few months, I returned with my wife and returned to my city. Then I went to the business of my clothes like before. My clothes trade was going well. That's why I had become a wealthy man. When I did not marry then I used to go to his city to impress his wife. When my father-in-law came to know that I was engaged to convince his girl, he called me one day at his house and told me that if you like my girl and you are ready to marry him, then I Ready to marry I too did yes to get them married. I knew that my wife has many sisters and she has some girls of her uncle and aunt. After a few years, I married my wife. Before marrying, I also took the help of a little boy to teach my wife. Leave the friends to remember old things.

When I came back with my wife for a few months, my daughter-in-law had come along with me. The girl who came with me was my wife's uncle's daughter. When I had a leisure time, I used to make new girls to fuck her. After all I got a chance and one day I found him fucking at his house. Let's know how I got to my sister's sister. My wife was at her friend's house because her friend invited her to his house. When my wife had gone to her friend's house. While going, he told me that he might be late in coming back that he had come out from the morning and that day he had come back home. When I was alone at home with my daughter-in-law, she gave me something to eat, and then I ate her food.

After eating the food, he began to laugh at me. For some time the funny joke continued and I started kissing the girl's hooto. That girl also gave me After kissing his hoto, I pressed him with his hands and then took off his clothes to drink his milk. When he became naked, I started sucking him. After some time her pussy was clothed from her cocks, semen came out of my cocks. Then I started pressing his guard with his hand. During this long walk, I put my cocks in his guard. I told her girl after prolonging her gesture, that for so much today. When I have a leisure time then I can fuck you. That girl said to me, when sister will not stay at home then you fuck me.