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antarvasna, kamukta hi friends | Today I have to mention a true incident related to my life. I am going to tell the true story of one of my friends. That boy had asked me to come to his house one day. I was dressed in new clothes and went to meet him at the house of the boy, and then I felt like a house like a common house. At the time of liberation, I used to go to the house of that new friend. He used to welcome me when he went to his house and used to feed me delicious food. Her mother used to come to meet me at that time when I used to go to her house for a leisure time. The friend gave me a gift. To give thanks to him I gifted a shoe and clothes from my side in exchange for his gift. She is currently working in another city and she is living in another city. Whenever I used to come in the holidays, I used to visit him in the friend's house. I bought a car. So whenever I had time to get a leisure time, I used to take out the car and reach his house and used to rotate that friend in the car.

My friend is also ahead in spending. He used to fuel petrol in my car and we used to twirl the car. He used to pay a petrol of 300 rupees in my car. After that we used to drive cars. There was a need for petrol to run the car, so he used to run my car on a condition that the petrol and car on my side were mine. But the case of the expenses was ahead of me, but one day I had done such a thing, knowing that your semen can start flowing from the cocks. This story is based on truth. She was hungry for her mother's pussy. After knowing that I am going to present such a reality today, you will know the reality of that boy. He gave me the proposal to buy my car but I had a car, so I refused the offer to sell the car. When I refused his offer then he decided to buy a next red car. A few months later the friend bought a red car. He also gave me a party when he bought a car and also invited many people and his friends in that party. She gave a liquor party All friends had drunk alcohol during the party.

My friend's house when I came to his city vacation and I said that I could stay at his house then he told me yes. After getting her, I started staying at her house. While living at his house, I found something that caused the ground to slip through my foot. I saw that friend doing something that I had never expected from anyone. My friend was chatting with her mother in a room. During clotting he had shut the door but his window was open. I was looking through the window and looking. He had a long necklace on that day for his mother. Seeing her cloting, I knew her reality. Can anyone ever fuck his mother? But the action that the friend showed was done by him. As long as I used to stay there I had seen the boy's fuck. She used to chod her mother one day a week. To keep her mother happy she even gave him money to spend her mother. His mother was expensive, so once she used to ask him for a sum of money. His mother's worn sari used to be very expensive. The girl's mother was beautiful to look at.

When I used to see my friend clotting his mother then I would have thought that once I had her mother's pussy in my hands. I had to fuck my mother now, so I had an idea. I used to take my car to the friend's house. He bought something from the market for his mother. One day I bought a sari for his mother. I went to my friend's house and I gave sari to wear his mother. When I gave her mother a sari, she became scared by me. But that friend does not know at all that I used to come home to fuck his mother. But I had not yet had the opportunity to fuck his mother. One day when I went to the friend's house, his mother was bathing oil. When Ma was putting oil in a room, I was looking at him. His mother was only wearing a Tulia and his jungle was fair and I was looking at that moment all the time. When her mother was putting oil, she did not wear anything from inside. While putting oil, her mother was putting oil in her pussy and in the garden too. That was a golden moment for me. In a way, his mother had completely forgotten me. I used to buy vegetables from the market every week for her mother. When I used to give vegetables to her mother every week, her mother used to be scratched by me.

One day I went to take his mother to rotate with my car. I showed them to my house and introduced her mother to my aunty which came to my house in the form of Mahim for a few months. Her mother had become my aunt's friend. In order to pretend to introduce my mother to my aunt, I used to come home with her mother in her car. I used to make fun of her mother when she came to my house. While joking, I used to hold his mother's hand. I was let off by her mother so that I could easily put my hand on her shoulder. One day when his mother was in my house, while joking, I placed his hand on his shoulder's shoulder and then started pressing his mother's milk and he started laughing. For some time I pressed my mother's milk, after which she was sticking with me hugging me. I was kissing her hotto. His hotto kept kissing for a long time. I kissed her hot and said you are beautiful. After that he embraced me tightly. I then opened his mother's sari and then stuck with her blouse. When his mother was just wearing a blouse and petticoat, I lifted her mother in the lap and lifted her up and laid her on a bed. His mother was lying on the bed and then I climbed my clothes and started embracing his mother. That was a golden opportunity for me that day. I took care of my cocks and pushed her mother's pussy. Her mother's pussy looked like a black hair jacket. I was jogging his mother's jhato with my hand. His bush was black but his pussy looked red. I grabbed my cock to fuck his mother's pussy and inside it he started intruding into it. Her mother's pussy was wet because her mother's period was going on. My cock was chip chip with his mother's pussy.

In my mother's pussy, my cock was going through comfortably. My dicks were in his mother's pussy for about 15 minutes. I had to fuck her so I started kissing her pussy. I was licking his pussy with my own body. When I was tired of licking his pussy, I made his mother a mare and started dressing him up. I was wearing a condom while cloting her mother. Due to the lubrication of condom, my cock was penetrating in her pussy comfortably. For nearly an hour I gave her mother Choda. When I was tired of fucking his mother, I removed the condom from my cock. Then he gave his mother to catch my cock. His mother caught hold of my cock and said, your weapon is a bit taller and I laugh. Then her mother started sucking my cock. When her mother was sucking my cock, the semen started flowing from my cock. Then I drove out my dicks with his mouth. But the semen was going out of my cocks and she started falling into all her faces. His face washed my semen. After that, I kissed her hooto and embraced her. My body was sweating so I started a fan. At that time there was no one at home, so I continued to fuck her. I used to take some caution to fuck, because if my friend came to my house then my name could have been dishonored and my friendship could also be broken. To save my friendship, it was a minor to do this. Since that day, her mother does not call me a son, she calls me only by my name.

Dada's daughter-in-law, Choda, living in the neighborhood

hindi sex story, kamukta hello friends | Today I am going to tell you something about a girl staying at a distance of your house. One day when I got a chance, I am going to tell this girl how to fuck today. I used to make my livelihood by making samosa and albow. Used to be a grandfather in my neighborhood When I used to prod the samosa on the market, then people used to come to me, and I used to eat samosas made from them. One day when I was in the trunk, grandfather had brought his daughter-in-law. One day when I got the opportunity, I went to that grandfather's house and when I saw that his daughter-in-law was alone then I had a daughter in law to her daughter-in-law, let's know how I was her daughter-in-law. I used to prod the samosa on my trunk on the market day. A grandfather had a sock to eat Samosa.

One day when I was selling samosas on the market, Dada brought one of his daughter-in-law with him. Then one day Dada came to the market, I made an excuse from Dada to fuck his daughter-in-law. I told Dada that you have to eat samosas. That's why I can bring you samosas at home. Then on that day Dada got my proposal and he told me that you should bring Samosa to my house from now on. One day when I went to Samosa, there was no grandfather at home. She had a daughter-in-law at home Dada has only one boy. But due to the weight of any work, his boy used to live in another city outside the house. So on one day I went to Dadasaheb Samosha, then a daughter-in-law was present at the house. When I reached Samosha's house, his daughter-in-law told me to sit. Then I sat on the couch inside the house.

For some time I was sitting on the couch. Then his daughter-in-law said to me that I will make tea for you. Then his daughter-in-law brought tea for me. I had brought more samosas for his daughter-in-law. So that they do not fall apart. His daughter-in-law was boasting of my face and I was praising her tea. After this I started praising him. Then his daughter-in-law got shy and then her daughter-in-law told me that you wait for some time because I bring you poha for you. Then his daughter-in-law made Poha for me. Then they sowed me for lunch. After eating their poha, I started glorifying them. After some time when I praised him, he got shocked, then I embraced that girl. After embracing, I started pressing my daughter-in-law's milk.

I used to suppress the milk of grandfather without touching his sari, his milk. Then I raised his sari upwards and then I started licking his pussy with my mouth. For a while, I licked his pussy with my tongue. Then I started putting my cocks inside my daughter-in-law's pussy and started moving. After some time, my cock started coming out of summer. Mali's river started flowing from my cock. So far, I had become a special relationship with his daughter-in-law. On that day when I was returning to his daughter in law, I told my daughter-in-law that if you want to meet me, you can meet me anytime. So you take my phone number. Then I took the phone number of his daughter-in-law and gave my number to him. After a few months, I was a nurse living in my neighborhood. I used to sell samosa to run my livelihood. But in the excitement to sell samosa, it was easy to associate with many girls.

When I used to have a market day, I used to pruned my samosas on the market day. Then many people used to come to my shop, and used to take samosas from me. Many people used to come to me to eat samosas. A maternal uncle used to be in my neighborhood. They used to come to my troupe on the day of the market and bring Mami together. So that they can feed samosas. One day I planned to fuck mom, then there was no one in my house. Mama used to stay close to my house. Mummy had to fuck so I had given a proposal to her husband that I can feed you samosas for free. Apart from this, if the maternal uncle is to eat Samosa for free, he can eat Samosa for free at my house. They liked my proposal. Mama phoned me and said you say it. Then I told them that I am at home and engaged in preparing samosa. Then the maternal uncle said to me, can you bring me samosa for me and you and your mother have to eat samosas. Then I told them that I can come to you for Samosa. Then I took a samosa for them.

The day I took them for a samosa. Then Mama started doing my good job. He told me after the Khatidadi that you should take today's food from my house. I even started eating them here. After some time I left after going after food but went away saying that now whenever you have to eat samosas for free, then you should call me so that I can make samosa for you. Then after some time I told them that if you have to eat Samosa then you can come to take samosas at home and you can send it to Mami as my house is near your house. One day Mama sent Mami to bring samosa. On the day Mami came to my house, Mami came wearing T-shirt and lower woven on that day. On that day I had a golden chance that I could easily fuck Mami. When Mami came to my house then I asked them to sit on the sofa of my house when she sat on the couch and then told her that you wait for some time. Because the samosa has not been created yet.

Samosas have to be warmed first. When Samosa gets warm then I will bring Samosha for you. Then after some time I brought a hot samosa and told Mami that you take home and go away. Apart from this, I told Mami that you should eat samosa. Then Mami sat on a sofa of my house and started eating Samosa. Then I had the opportunity that I could come home and fuck him. When Mamie was eating samosa, I started boasting them. Mamie laughed when she laughed. Then after that I embraced them. After embracing, he started pressing his guard. For some time, I kept pressing his guard over his head. Then after that I started kissing her Holo. Mummy has supported me. He embraced me tightly. After this I pulled down his lower body.

When I pulled down his lower body then he just wore tights. Then I turned their trunks downward. Then after that I started their feet and then I started licking their pussy with my tongue. Then I lowered my pants and after lowering it, then I spit a little over my cock to roam my cock inside my pussy and when I got licked on my cocks then I put the cock inside her pussy Given. Then I started getting cream from my cock and his pussy became chip clips. Then I told Mami that for the same today. Sometimes you have time to get a leisure time, then you can come to me. Mami said that I can come to meet you tomorrow. But I told Mami that if you do not come tomorrow you should come by one day so that Mama does not know anything.

Mummy accepted my advice. Since that day, Mamie used to leave my house one day and come to my house. One day Mama had come to my house, she came from her car. Mama told me that he needed a driver and then I told him to run his car. One day went to Mama's house, then she told me that your maternal friend has to go to the market, you take the maternal uncle away from the car. Then I placed Mami in the car. Then the maternal uncle told me to go to a sari before the market. I went to the car with a sari. Upon reaching there, I bought a sari for Mami. On that day Mamie was a fool to me because I had bought her sari. After buying the sari I used to feed some mama. On that day I told Mami that if you want to buy a new sari, then you can tell me and I can buy you a new sari.