Girlfriend and sister-in-law together Choda

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My name is Rahul. I am 24 years old, I study in college and I live in Faridabad. My parents have already died 10 years ago due to this reason my elder brother Manoj has taken care of me and he never let me feel the lack of my parents, because of this he also got married. From of I was in my college and at that time they married and they have not had too much time, they have been married for only a few years. My sister-in-law's name is Sangeeta and she is also very good. My brother runs a coaching institute and it has been a lot of time for him to do this work. Earlier our economic situation had worsened very much but my brother corrected everything on his own. Because of this, some of our relatives have joined us. That is why my brother could take such a big step, my brother is very good at reading since childhood and he has always given his full attention to his studies, he also always explains to me that you too Pay close attention to studies, so I also pay great attention to reading.

In my college my girlfriends, whose name is Mrinali, Mrinali and my relation have also been in only 6 months, we both recognize each other for six months. I met a friend of mine from Mrinali, she falls in my college with me. When I met Mrinali for the first time, I was very happy to meet him, because of the kind of thinking he is, I feel very confident and he is very hard working. I do not know that he works in college between me and I study in college. Mrinali works in a company, I did not tell anything about this in my house but my sister-in-law was very suspicious to me and she always told me that your dizziness is definitely going on with someone, but I talk about her Touted and said, no, my life is not going to happen to anyone, you are suspicious of me. My sister-in-law had great faith in me and she considers me very good.

One day I was talking to Mrinali on the phone, when my sister-in-law suddenly came to my room, I was talking so beautifully to the phone from Mrinali that I did not know when my sister-in-law had come and she He came back and sat down, he was listening to me for a long time, I did not know anything, but when I saw my sister-in-law, I was very scared because my eyesight suddenly appeared to him and when he told me that youI was telling you that you do not talk to anyone but you are talking to a girl named Mrinali. When this thing happened to my sister-in-law from me somewhere, I felt very embarrassed and I did not talk to them much because I thought if I would talk to them about this, then somewhere she would not mind thinking about me and tell her brother somewhere. He would scold me so much that I did not say anything to him. They knew everything, so she started teasing me and saying that your affair is going on with another girl and you did not tell me anything, I am very sad. I explained to them and said that sister-in-law is not such a thing as you understand, I wanted to tell you everything, but I wanted some more time, so I did not do anything about you in this regard. When I talked to my sister-in-law somewhere, she said that I trust you completely and I'm joking about you, there is no such thing, so that I feel bad about you. Sister-in-law said that you should do a job to bring the lady to the house at any time, on the day you leave your brother, bring her to the house so that you can talk to her sister about her sister.

When I told Mrinali about this thing, she started saying that I have to come to your house as soon as possible. I told him okay, you should come to my house and I will also tell my brother about you. Sister-in-law has come to know about you, sister-in-law is not saying anything, sister-in-law has come to know. I talked to my brother one day and said that one of my friends wants to meet you, he started telling me what is the friend who wants to meet me. I told him that there is a girl in college with me, she wants to meet you, brother starts saying, she is your special friend, I have not told her that there is no such thing, we both are friends but I want her to meet you I am When this thing from brother to me, I had to talk to him a lot because I never talked to him like this nor did I talk to him so courageously. When I talked to him after that he started saying, okay you bring him to meet me a few days later, I told him whether you will stay this house at home, he started saying that yes, I'm just After a few days, I called Mrinali at home and when she met my brother Sister in law, she was very happy to meet him. The brother began to question him very much and Mrinali's face was watching me at that time, so I was very laughing but I could not even laugh in front of brother. Mrinali was very Sharif, but she is not as much Sharif as she was trying to show.

Whatever the brother-in-law asked him, he was giving an answer as a great example, for a long time we were talking all along but after some time the brother started saying that I am going to work somewhere, so you guys sit, I I'll be back in the evening. After a while I took Mrinali to his room and I showed him his bedroom. I had a very nice painting in my bedroom. When he saw my book, he started to say, 'Do you have any interest in reading books, I told him,' Yes, I am also very fond of reading books. Mrinali started to open my book and started seeing, I also showed her some old photos and said that this is our photo of some years ago. When I saw Mrinali, I was feeling very good looking at him. I grabbed the hand of Mrinali and I started to kiss her lips too. He also started to kiss my lips, both of us were in the mood. When I pulled out my cocks, Mrinali began to shake my cock with my hand, for a long time she kept moving my cocks with my hand. I told him that you take my cock in your mouth and make him a good friend. He did not say I can not take it in my mouth but when I forcefully forced him, he took my cock in my mouth and started sucking well. When my semen went into the mouth of Mrinali, she started saying she liked me very much. I nude the mrinali and when I saw his body I loved it. I was looking at the whole bare body of mine and was feeling good with his body kissing. When I touched her soft breasts, she got excited to get water from her vagina.

As soon as I inserted my cocks inside the vagina of Mrinali, she started shouting and I was shaking her fast. I did not know that sister-in-law was watching when they saw me, then at that time Mrinali was choding and she was engaged in seeing everything. When he came to me, I started to do them and I was sucking the mrinali and I was very happy to see sister-in-law's boobs. I could not bear the warmth of Mrinali for much time and I became very happy as soon as my semen was poor. I made sister-in-law a mare and when I put cocks in my sister-in-law's vagina, she started shouting and I began to shock them at a great speed. Sister-in-law was feeling very happy and was engaged to associate with her candy. Seeing this, Mrinali became very happy and she started cleaning her vagina. I was still sticking to sister-in-law from my heart so that she too started enjoying it too. I was also very happy, I hit such a shock for a long time. But when she started to associate her pussy with her, then the heat from both of her body started moving towards the outside. I did not know that I would not be able to taste their vagina for a long time. I got a sharp sharp shot, so that my fluid got inside his vagina. I told them that you gave me a lot of fun. I liked to fuck you both. Sister-in-law was very happy and Mrinali was also happy. The three of us were sitting together and talking and I was feeling good at talking to both of them.

Mama broke virginity after returning from abroad

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My name is Surabhi. I am from Allahabad, I have completed my studies from Allahabad and when my studies have been completed, then my uncle came to me and said that you have come to Delhi for a few days. My uncle has come to Delhi now, he lived abroad first, but now he has settled in Delhi and he has opened his restaurant. I asked Mama, have you made the idea of ​​staying here right now, she said, 'Yes, I have made the idea of ​​staying here right now.' Mama was very happy because my maternal uncle now has come to Delhi. I asked my uncle if he talked about this at his house, he started saying, 'I have not called at home yet, I have told you this only, I am going to call your mum right now.' My maternal uncle has a lot of love for me and he loves me very much since my childhood.

When I was at home, my mother started saying that your maternal uncle had come and she was saying that for some days send Surabhi to Delhi, those people have settled down here. I told my mother that I know that Mama has settled on this only. I said to them, I go to Delhi for a few days, I decided to go to Delhi because I was too bored at home. When I went to Delhi my maternal uncle was very happy to meet me and my mummy began to say that you are meeting us for a long time, I asked my mum, where is the brother, did not he come here, the maternal uncle said, But he is working and he said that you guys settle in Delhi. I was feeling very good when I met my mum, that day I was at home and my mama started saying that tomorrow I will take you to show you my restaurant, I told them okay, tomorrow we will be together Will run The next day when we went together, I saw my maternal grandmother's restaurant, I said that you have opened a very big restaurant, she started saying that I had a dream beforehand that I would open my own restaurant.

My mama used to live abroad first and he stayed there for a long time, my maternal uncle began to say to me that you should sit in the restaurant from now on, because I remain alone and my time will also be passed, I told them Okay, I'll come to you with a restaurant from tomorrow. When I started going to the restaurant the next day, I started working a little bit with my mum now. My maternal uncle had given me all those people in his staff, so all of them started recognizing me. I had a good conversation with them and I also liked to talk to them, whenever I went in the morning everybody in the morning would do me a morning special. Ramesh Mama's work was going well and it was too late for me when I was working with Mama. Mama had given her money before and said, keep this money with you, I said what will I do with these money, she started saying that you keep this money with you because you have given your precious time to us. I smiled with my mum and said, 'What precious time I have given you, Mama started saying that since you have been sitting with me in my restaurant since then, my work has started to work very well and you work so much that instead of me, You had to give something. I told my uncle that I can not take this money but Ramesh Mama began to insist me and started saying that you have to keep the money, so I kept that money with you. I used to sit in the restaurant, I met a lot of people, and I had some friendship with some of them because I had no friends, so my friendship started with some girls. When he used to come to the restaurant, he would ask me my trick, I always told him that I am good and I would sit with him for a while, which would make him feel good too.

One day I was sitting in the restaurant and that day the guy who worked in our restaurant got spoiled, he had a very high fever. Ramesh Mama had gone out somewhere that day and I called him and informed him, then he started saying that I would be in the restaurant only after some time. When the Mama restaurant arrived, we had brought that boy back from the hospital and Mama asked me, now that boy is in need of some kind, I told Mama that now that boy is already feeling good with himself. Mama and I were going back to the restaurant on that day, so Mama started saying to me that you have now taken the job very well. I am thinking that you stay with us and take care of the entire work of this restaurant, I told them that you do not give me such a big responsibility from now on, because I do not know much about this thing, I have started learning a little bit by working with them, otherwise I do not have any information about all of them.

Ramesh Mama began to say that you have grown up now, you are very sensible and the way you are working, I like it very much if you continue to work so hard, we will open another restaurant. I told Ramesh Mama that I only want you to open your restaurant as soon as possible, Mama began to say that the way you are working hard, keep working hard, I will also open another restaurant too soon. And you keep on working for it, I'll be sitting in another restaurant. I did not expect at all that my maternal uncle believes so much on me because her restaurant earns a lot and the key of the cash counter remains with me. Mama believes in me very much and says that you are a very confident girl and are very honest. The way you work hard, you will get a very good finish sooner or later. I told Mama that you trust me a little more. He started saying that you are very hard. I and Mama used to come only in the restaurant. We both used to come together and most of the time I started taking up the work of the restaurant. One day Mama was sitting with me and began to say to me that now you are very big but still you are as dear as before, if he put his hand on my cheek, then on that day I received a different kind of Feeling and when he reached my thigh But if I put my hand on it then I loved it. I put my hand on Ramesh Mama's cocks. He removed my hand from his cocks and said, 'What are you doing this?' I started to say that I was just watching your cocks, not doing anything. He started to tell me to walk in. I show you my coconut there. When he showed me his cocks, when I took his cocks in my hand, then I started moving his cock and shaking him in his mouth. I took their cocks in my mouth with great good and started sucking them.

I sensed his cocks for a long time and after that they climbed my clothes, I started feeling great. He started licking my entire body, so that I started feeling good about getting water out of my vagina. They did this for a while after that when they put their cocks inside my smooth pussy then I started to feel a big pain and my pussy fell on their cocks. He made me a mare, he was making me a mare and chod. Mama began to say that I did not know that your body has blossomed so much otherwise I would have already damaged you. I told Mama that I can not tell any outsider about my wish, so I said to you and you fulfilled my wish. I am very happy, the way you are fucking me and putting your cocks in my pussy. The way your fat cocks are being thrown out in my pussy, I feel great to take your dicks in your vagina. You keep on sucking me like this. My maternal uncle shook me so fast that when his material entered my vagina, it seemed as if someone had pulled something out of the pitch faster than the other. My maternal uncle embraced me and said that you have given me great happiness today. I also told my mama that even after fulfilling my wish today you made me happy. I now handle the work of the restaurant and I work wholeheartedly, the restaurant has started running very well and my maternal uncle is also very happy with me.