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kamukta, hindi sex story Hi friends | I'm going to tell you my real story. When you hear the story, then you will know how to fuck my little sister's friend. My sister used to stay out of the house. He used to stay out of the house because he had to train a nurse. To train a nurse, she had to live in the Gral's hostel. He had many friends who used to live in the girls' hostel with him. My sister used to go to the house of her friends to spend the holidays. His girlfriend used to come to my house to spend the holidays. One day I had a sister in my sister's house at Choda. When there was no one at home and his friend was alone at home then I married her friend. That girl also used to beat me because I am a stylish boy. I am ready to wear new clothes and I like cleanliness. That girl thought that I am a queen boy. Because my costume was quite interesting and the reason was my new clothes. I used to wear new clothes. When that girl had come to my house she saw me and greeted me.

My sister introduced me to that girl. When the girl came to know me, she started talking to me. After a few days of coming to my house, that girl started talking to me. The girl used to eat breakfast with me and at that time my sister used to eat food while living together. After getting that girl I got changed because that girl had influenced me because of her talent. That girl had many talents. That girl got inspiration from me. One day when I was talking to that girl, while talking about her talent, I kissed the girl's hato and that girl also supported me. There was no present at home so I also fucked her. When I was doing her fuck then I removed her clothes. She was naked and I was spinning her pussy with my hand. Then I put my cocks inside her whip and started pushing her. The semen started falling from my cocks and the semen fell in her pussy. When semen was flowing out of my cocks, then I was getting lubricant to fuck that girl. That's why I found that girl a long time.

After sucking the girl till the time when I got out of semen and out of my cocks, I began to feel tired and I stopped fucking her. After a long time, the girl who brought a new color, has become my girlfriends. Then, when the girl opened college, she left my house and went to the Grals Hostel. After reaching the Gral's Hostel, he called me. That girl asked me to come to the Grals Hostel. When he said this, I was ready to meet him. After reaching that girl's grooms hostel, I called the girl and she came out to meet me at the grooms hostel. But my sister also came to know that I went to her city in which my sister's grocery hostel is. Then I met my girlfriends on her city and said that I have come to your city for some reason, so my sister arranged for me to live. He knew about his city so he got a rental house for me. I stayed at the house of his rent-house.

My sister also used to come to the rental house. My sister used to come alone once and bring her friend. One day while I was resting with a rest, I was knocking on my door. When I opened the door, my sister and a girl came, who was not my girl friend. When that girl came to my rental house then that girl was wearing small clothes. The girl did not wear anything from the inside, so when she bowed, I could see her smile. That girl was Zhang blonde. While talking to that girl, I took her phone number from her girl but till now she was not my girl friend, so I used to not call her. But I wanted to make her my girlfriend, so one day I placed a phone number on the girl's phone and told her that my sister's phone number is not getting a call, so I have called the phone number on your phone. At that time my sister was there that girl called my sister. I told my sister that I am going to make my birthday but you should come and bring some of your friends also. I told my sister that bring the girl along with whom I have called the phone. I used to call the girl sometimes on the phone because she had not yet become my girlfriend friend. My sister had come to my rental house to make my birthday.

Many other girls along with my sister had also come to my rental house. That girl also came to my house who used to wear small clothes. I had decided to make a birthday to teach that girl. I was engaged in making a birthday, on that day I had made a delicious meal for girls. The girls praised my birthday. On the day of my birth, the girl came wearing small clothes. On the occasion of birth day, I had given a new cloth while talking to the girl so that I could become her specialty. I also gave my sister's other friends the new clothes on my birthday day. That day was a special occasion for me because after doing so, she had become a special bondage of the girl wearing that little dress. The next day I called the girl and that girl praised my birthday and she promised me that when the girl's birthday comes, she will call me a cosmic. For a few months this cocoon kept running. On Sunday, I used to call my sister and told her to bring your friend Reema to the house because I made some special dish for you. On my saying, my sister and Rima had come to my house. When those people had come to my house then I was talking to Rima.

After some time my sister got a call and went out of the house. He was talking to someone on the phone from home. I had the chance that I could suppress the milk of Rima. I saw that Reema is alone and then I took her in my arms. He also supported me and embraced me. When he hugged me, I began to kiss his hot son. For some time I was kissing her Holo. My sister was out of the house so I left that girl. After some time my sister came in the house. Then we ate food made from my house. When the girl was eating food, she was laughing at me. When the girl was leaving my house then I told the girl to come again to meet her. When the girl reached the grooms hostel, then I called her and said that you said the people. That girl told me that we have reached the grooms hostel. When I was talking to the girl on the phone, that girl told me that her friend is about to go for a walk, then you also go with us on that day. When I came to know, I went to the hotel hostel to meet the girl. The girl was ready to wear new clothes with some other girls.

I told the girl on the phone that I have reached. When the girl saw me, that girl told me that let's also walk around with you. When I said that, I went to go with the girls too. After some time in the city, we returned home. Then after that I told the girl that when the time of leisure is available then come to my house to move. One day when I was talking to the girl on the phone, I told that girl that if you have time for a leisure then you can come to my house to move. That girl reached that house on that day. Then I asked to come inside the house. That girl came inside my house. Then I gave that girl something to eat. After some time, I told the girl that you have come alone and she said that I have come alone. Then I embraced that girl. Then I started pressing the milk of the girl. Her pussy started to rub. I was rubbing my pussy with my hand. After some time I put my cock in that girl's pussy. After sucking that girl, semen started coming out of my cocks. The girl told me at the time of the fuck, when you are on the go, then I will come to meet you.

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antarvasna, hindi sex story Hi friends, today you are going to tell a real story to the people. I am ashamed to keep this story in front, but after listening to this story I can overcome your boredom by listening to something weird. At the moment, I am about to live in Rewa. This is the story of the time when I used to stay at Raipur. Raipur is a city where there is a great place to overcome the boredom of people. Raipur is the center of a girl's massage center. When my body was in pain then I used to go to the boys' massage center. There were only girls who used to massage the girls. When the girls started to massage, they would tell me to take off your clothes. I used to remove my clothes. But I did not know that she used to come to a girl who could make me friend to a boy and after a few days the boy did my fuck. This is the event of those days when I used to live on a small town in Raipur. I know a lot about my city. When the girl started massaging me, she told me to keep on saying you. I told the girl that I live at some distance from this massage center. After some time the girl started massaging me. That girl told me to lie down on your chest. I fell down on my chest. Then the girl put oil on my knees. He was putting oil on my peat for some time. After putting oil on Pete, he told me that now I'm gonna put oil on your chest. When she was putting oil, then that girl told me that she has a boyfriend.

When she got a leisure time, her boyfriend used to massage her. I was amazed to know about that girl. That girl told me that the girl lives in a room and then her boyfriend comes and kisses her pussy and then fucks her. The girl told how the girl met her boyfriend. His boyfriend had come to the city from the time of any work. That boy was in need of a rental house. My father gave him the rental room. That boy used to live with us. That boy's behavior was wonderful. That's why my father gave it a rental room. That boy had come to us for a day. After that he gave us food to eat. Due to this kushi, the boy had started liking him. I used to talk to that boy. One day I asked the boy that the city you came from is not a job. Then he told me that people of his city live like people living in a countryside. Because there is a job in my city but the strain is not as easy as it is necessary to live comfortably. During the talk I used to tease the boy so that I can laugh at that boy. One day I asked the boy if you have any girlfriends, then she told me that she has no girlfriends. Then I told the girl that I am ready to make you my boyfriend. On that day I told the boy that I am ready to become his girlfriend and he laughs.

The next day I gave my phone number to that boy. Since that day the boy used to call me. I used to laugh at the phone. One day when there was no one in my house then an interesting incident took place that boy pressed me and kissed my cock. On that day I was laughing with that boy. Then he started pressing my milk. There was nobody at home that day, so nobody knows what happened on that day. For some days the boy told me that he would have to go to his house because his father is sick. To serve Papa, he had gone back to his house for a few days. When that boy had gone to his city, I used to have his phone number. I used to talk on his phone number. The boy promised me that I will be coming back to your home. After a few months, he returned home and you will be amazed knowing what he did with me. When he returned to my city, everyone was present at that place on that day. But on Monday, the people of my house were about to go to my maternal uncle's house and it was known to the boy. He called on my phone number and said that you did not go to your uncle's house on Monday and I also told him that I am not going to my uncle's house. When the people of my house had gone to my maternal house, then that boy was on the courtyard of my house. At that time I was also present on my house.

The boy saw this here and he embraced me. I told the guy that no one can see, so do not embrace me. If you have to embrace then go to your room and you embrace me there. When I said this, that boy went inside his room and then I reached his room. Then what he had embraced me. When he embraced me, I too embraced him. After some time the boy started kissing my hotto When he got tired of licking my hoto, he put his hand in my pussy and started pressing my pussy tightly. I was suffering from this and I told him not to press the pussy and then he used to support his tongue to lick my pussy. Then she started licking my pussy. He licked my tongue for some time and then he started pushing me. After that time my voice came from the gate of my house because there was a knock on it. I immediately wear my clothes and then I told the boy that I can come to meet you some other day. After that I came out of that girl's house and I opened the gate of the house. Outside the house was my father and the people of the house were there. When the boy came to know that my father was at the gate of the house, the boy immediately dressed his clothes.

After returning home, my father narrated the story of my maternal uncle and told me about the mall house. He told me that the situation of my uncle is good. The next day the boy told me that you said but he told me on the phone. That boy told me why did not we go out for a walk. When that boy said this to me, I was ready to go with him. One day when my body was suffering, the boy's phone came and he told me to let go of it. He asked me to wear clothes on my face. I was dressed in my face so that no one could recognize me. The boy said to me, Let me take you to my sister's house. But the boy told me then that there is no one at his sister's house, he is just at home, so if you have to stay at home you can stay at home. After that, her sister gave me some food to eat. Then I ate the food given to him. Her sister told me that I can suppress her body. That girl started pressing my body. After some time the girl went away.

After some time the boy came, whom I had created my boyfriend. That boy started to massage me. That boy was massing me. His sister had gone out of any way. When he was massing me, no one was present there. When the boy was massing me, I did not wear some clothes. During the massage, that boy first put oil on my peat. Then after that the boy started oiling on my guard. When the boy was washing my ward, he put a finger in my guard and then the boy asked me to turn me over. When I turned back, that girl started clogging my milk. After some time, the boy put his hands in my pussy and then he started to cheer my pussy again. After chastising my pussy with my hands, he put his cock into my pussy. There was no one on that boy's sister's house, so that boy had fucked me for some time. When that boy was inserted into his cock in my pussy then the goods started getting out of his cocks. His material was in my pussy and then his material spread over my body. The boy started putting his material inside my mouth. After some time the boy put his goods inside my mouth. Now next time I am going to fuck you when my sister will call me and she will say that there is no one at her house.