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Hindi sex stories, kamukta I had quit my job some time ago and I have taken my office near my house. I have started my supply work. My job is going well but I do not get the time for myself, I am very busy. One day I was at home and I had left for my office only when the boy called me from my office and said that some things were needed. Some people have come and they were asking for the stuff. I said to them, after some time Now come As soon as I reached my office, I told the boy who worked in my office. You take them to Godown and go away and give the things they want from there. He started saying, 'Okay, Sir, I leave now.' He went from there, I have 5 boys working, some do manage the work of Godown, who load the goods in the truck and see some work in the office, who do the work of making bills.

My work was also going well. When I reached home in the evening, Kratika came to the house. I told Kritika: When you came, she said, 'Brother, I have come now. Kritika is my maternal uncle and she lives in Lucknow. She probably had some work because she had come to Delhi. I told the actress that you did well to come to meet us. Kartika is going to visit our house because she keeps coming to Delhi for her work, she has completed her college last year. Kratika started asking me how your work is going on. I told her that my work is going well. You tell me what you are doing. He started to say that the company I work with is thinking of leaving the company because I have to come to Delhi again and now there is a lot of trouble coming to Delhi. I told Kratika why do you have any problem in staying here? She did not say it is not such a thing. I have no problem staying here but now after some time I am thinking about getting married. I told her that this is your Papa thinks you are thinking about marriage I do not understand anything

He told me that I love a boy in my office. I did not tell this thing to Papa just because I think you might help me. I said to Kritika, "The boy you love is working from your office," Kratika said, "She is a manager in our office and I like her very much. Her name is Suraj. I told Kritika that if you take any decision, then thinking of thinking about this step should not be difficult or there should be no problem. She said that brother I know the sun for a long time. She is very good. When I joined the office, I had met him, but now that we have got so close, we both have decided to get married now. I told Kritika that you talk to maternal uncle about this. She started to say. After some time I will talk to the father. I told Kirtika that you talk to Mama ji about this once, she is quite sensible anyway she will give you Will not refuse When Krrishta and I were sitting together, my mother came and said, why are you scolding each other? I told my mother, Nothing, just like that we were asking about each other. Kratika stayed in Delhi for a few days and then she went away. I was also in my work. After a few months, I received a call from Kratika, she said, brother, I have talked to Papa and they have accepted for the relationship. I congratulated Kritika and said that it is a matter of great happiness. Kratika started telling me that you are going to get married now and soon we are going to be engaged. When I went home, I started to say this word to my mother. Yes, your maternal uncle told me everything and after some time, they are going to be engaged.

I told my mom, so now we will have to go to Lucknow. Mummy has started saying yes son Lucknow will have to go. After some time, Suraj and Kritika engaged in the work, Krishna always told me how much time she spent with the sun and that people were very happy with each other. Now the time of their marriage was also coming near when the time for their marriage started coming closer, Kratika's wedding card had reached our house and we also had all the preparations to go to Lucknow. Soon after, we went out to Lucknow when we reached Lucknow, when Mama came to say, son, you have to take care of all the work. I said to Mama, Yes, why not mama. When I met Kritika, I told Kritika that you are very happy that your marriage is happening to the sun. He started saying yes brother, I am so happy that my marriage is getting started from the sun. I did not think that everything would happen soon but Papa had also given the consent for marriage and also the family members of Sun We people soon got engaged.

I asked Kratyka if you left the job now, she started saying yes, brother has given me the resignation from my office because I do not want to work now. I will work now only after marriage, now I will think about it. I told Krritya, it is a good thing that your marriage is going to be from the sun now. We were quite tired, so I thought I rested for a while, but I started relaxing in the hall but there was a lot of noise going on, so I got up and I thought some work was done. I asked Mama, Mama ji had any work, Mama started to say Yes son, you do one thing. I give you a list of some stuff. You bring this stuff. I said to Mama, okay, uncle, send me the list of goods. I bring that stuff. Mama ji gave me the key of my car and said that you bring all this stuff from the market. I went to pick up the baggage and as soon as I kept the luggage in the car, then the call came to Mama ji. He said, 'Son, some guests are coming, so will you bring them from the railway station? I told them okay mama I I will bring them too. Mama gave me their number and said that these people are coming from Delhi when Mama gave me their number so I called them and they started saying that we have reached the railway station. I told them, I will come to take you just after sometime, when they saw me at the railway station, they had their whole family with them then those people came with me. My eyes were on the girl who was sitting behind the car, her name was Rima, and she was a knowledgeable person of Mama ji. I was seeing Rima repeatedly from the mirror, maybe she also looked at me and she started smiling.

I knew that I had come to know that when we were talking to each other, the eyes of me were watching me. I saw it for a long time. After seeing the opportunity I called Rima alone and both of us went to the roof. I caught Rima and started kissing her hands. When I started kissing her pink lips she started to grow and she started telling me I feel very good I kissed her lips for a long time. I gave out my dicks in the hands of Rima, she was a little shy but she shook my cock for a long time with my hands. As soon as I put my cocks inside her mouth, she got up and started to say I enjoyed it. have arrived. She started to wake him well. I told him to hurry down your salvester. He lowered his salvar. I started pushing his cock onto his vagina. As soon as my duck went into his vagina, I started pushing him fast. My maternal uncle's house was very large, so nobody was seen on the roof.

When I hit him fast, he would keep on sticking to me with his ass, when his butt hit my cock, then there would be more enthusiasm inside me. I was being hurriedly pushed, Rima was enjoying a lot of blood from his vagina, I was being pushed fast. I could not bear the heat of her vagina for too long and my semen collapsed. Both of us quickly dressed up and walked down from there. As soon as we came down, my maternal uncle had seen us, but they did not tell me anything. They had a complete suspicion that something was going on between Rima and me. My family has returned after the marriage of Kritika, it is my point that both of us keep vulgar talk from each other.

There are relationships after marriage too.

Hindi sex story, kamukta I am a teacher in a government school. The school in which I teach is my assistant teacher in the same school which I love very much. I have known Madhu Madhu for the past two years and she has not even got married. My marriage has not yet happened. Whenever I look at honey, I think in my mind that the wife like Madhu wish I could get it but she did not tell me the story of my heart yet and whenever she is with me, I feel so good inside me. At that time there is a different happiness. When I met Madhu for the first time, I liked it very much together that I had created love for him on my own day and thought that I would marry Madhu and when I had made this idea in my mind that I would marry Madhu, then at the same time my relations also started to come, but I rejected that relationship and I have not yet married.

I used to think only about honey but I did not know that Madhu's affair was going on from someone else. His relation was with a boy and they used to love each other very much. I saw it on that day when Madhu was talking on the phone and she was very happy I listened to her and those people probably decided to meet when they both met each other so I saw them. My heart was broken I was very sad but I did not tell anyone about this. There were very good relations between me and honey, we both used to understand each other well, but the place I had in my heart was not there now because I thought that I would say my heart to honey but when I It turned out that he was having an affair with a boy, so I took the honey out of my heart. Now I was busy in my life and used to try to talk less about it, for this, I used to do something or something so that I could keep myself busy, but whenever I came face to face with honey, There was a different feel, and it seems as if it was not bad to go with me, but Madhu loved someone else and I did not want that I should now talk about her heart.

After some days, honey started getting depressed. I asked him the reason of being depressed. He did not tell me. Even after asking me twice he did not respond. I did not understand why honey is so sad, I can not see sadness in his face. That's why I told him that we meet people in lunch time. When we met in a lunch, his mood was not right. I asked Madhu, if your mood is not right, then what should I tell you, what are you going to say, some problems are going on? I said honey, what is going on in your life, what is going on in trouble? I started to say that my family does not want me to marry my boy whom I love. They have chosen another boy for me. Boy, my father likes so much that he He wants to marry me. I said to honey you are free to take your decisions and you can marry with whom you want. Raghu sir started to say to me, everyone does not think like you and everybody is not good like you, I talked to my father about this but he is not ready to listen to anything nor is he ready to listen to me. He said to me in a strict tone that if you want me to marry you will be the same, and if you have thought about marrying somewhere else then you are not good to me. Shall therefore I very much tension. I want to marry with whom I love and I can not live without him, I said to honey, you are so sensible and you are getting sad on such a small matter. How can you think that you can not live without him? We can live our lives in our own way, even after life has not been eliminated by anyone else.

Madhu started to say to me, but how can you say that something like that has never happened to you? I started thinking about honey in my heart for so many years but I could never say it to my heart and after that when I wanted to say it to my heart, I came to know that she loves someone else But I could not say this to him. I told him that I too loved a girl, I lost it too, but this does not mean that I should think about it now. When I said this to Madhu, Madhu started saying you are right. I explained honey to you. After that Madhu had no contact with that boy. Madhu had thought that where her father would say she will get married. One day Madhu asked me for my laptop and when she saw her picture, she did not tell me anything at that time but after some days she told me Sir, the girl you used to love you did not tell me I told her now. That thing has been outdated and now I have forgotten him. I have started my new life and I am very happy in my life. Madhu had left behind me and said Sir you must tell her name. I told her why you repeatedly repeating the same thing. You forgot this thing now I have forgotten even she said to me what is that girl I am

I did not tell him or you told me who said this to me. Sir, I saw your photo in my laptop and I came to know that you love me but you never talked to me about your heart, anywhere. I said to honey I used to love you but when I came to know that you love someone else, then I removed your thoughts from my heart and I never thought about you after that. Madhu started to say to me if you had told me this before, maybe it is not all like a boy like you can find me. It will never be difficult to find a boy like you, in my life. If I get married with you, then I am very good Will look. I did not know that Madhu loves me so much that I could not tell him in my heart only because I felt that she would feel bad, so I did not talk about her heart nowadays but when she said this thing then I He was happy and on my face that smile came again which was the first. I used to spend a lot of time with each other and I used to spend time with him. Madhu's father had seen the boy for him but Madhu had started loving me and both of us had got the license of love.

I asked Madhu one day, did you want to marry me, she started saying, 'I can not think of you about marriage, nor can I tell you something about this but my heart beats you for me and for you my There is a different place in the heart. I embraced honey and brought it to my house. I wanted to spend time with honey and we had become completely agree with the sex of both of us. When Madhu came to my house with me, I did her soft and pink lips, she is very simple and ordinary but her beauty is so much that I could not keep myself away from her for a long time. I started kissing her breasts and I took her breasts in her mouth and there was a separate frying inside her and as soon as I gave my dicks in the hands of Madhu, she began to move and shake her mouth. Taken in She was shocked because perhaps she had thought of having sex with someone for the first time but she had taken my cock inside her mouth and started sucking her.

He cleansed my cocks very well when he took my cocks to my throat, then my excitement doubled. I got my cock inside my vagina. His cock had gone to my cunt as soon as my cock entered his vagina, he screamed and was taking Sescidia. As soon as Sesciya got out of his mouth, I was having a lot of fun. When I looked at his vagina, blood was coming out of his vagina, I felt more fun now. I started to push him sharply but I could not tolerate the heat of his vagina for much longer and my semen collapsed. My semen fell as soon as I fell asleep, it was fun today. She started to say but she is ashamed and she went to her house. Madhu is now married, she lives with her husband, but still we have sex in between and she never tends to talk to me. .