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hindi sex story, antarvasna good morning friends | I am going to publish a beautiful event of my nephew for you today. I have ten nuns and all the different mysteries are different. I am currently presenting the story of my nephew in front of you, my big nephew looks straightforward. But he also undertakes that which other people are scared to do. My big nephew is very shameless. He has not been able to eat naked in the countryside. There is also an inspiration for those people who are shy of doing something new. Sharmana is also the cause of obstruction in an advancement. Once, while being naked, taking a bath in the pond, a boy came and he was rotating the buffalo. He took off his water in the water. What was then, however, all floating in water started floating around. He was forced to come out of water by force. There were also girls and I went to the countryside to buy something. He had to get out of the water. The girls and the people present there laughed at him. My nephew was searching for a piece of clothing here and there. Why did I bring clothes with me? He sought a gentleman from the groom and hid his nakedness. But it did not make any difference in the next morning, she was completely naked for bathing and washed naked in the pond. One girl had seen her going naked in the water. He called his friends and laughed as he washed all the clothes. We were also seeing them. Even when the girls laughed, she was shameless and used to take a dip in water. He had crossed the limit of shamelessness. The people of the country knew him as shameless bondage. He also had a girl bowed in the countryside. So, leaving the city, he came to live in the country for a month. Well, that was his job in that city. He did not employ differently. He used to do only one job and earned so much that it would not have been difficult to spend a holiday in the rest of the month.

My big nephew also used to fuck her spruced up girl. She was her grandfather in the country after taking her girlfriends behind the bushes. I was also present for the purpose of alerting him at the time of the fuck. When the fuck was going on then my big nymph cock was inside the girl's pussy. My nephew had to fuck that girl from her long dicks. During my fuck, my nephew caught that girl for her cock. That girl then started sucking with that guy's cocks. For a while, her chicks continued sucking. After some time the goods from cocks started falling. Even after advising my nephew, she did not change and clothed her girlfriends in front of me. We lived in our land in the countryside and we have many fields. She took a girl in her car and sat in her carriage. Well, this was another girl and she came with money and brought her to rotate. Because she was a business girl, she was able to do this feat easily. I was guarding while fucking. I ask the girl how many rupees do you take for one day. He answered, I take 500 rupees. Our countryside is a great place for everyone because there is a whole facility here if you have to stay. Even if we live in the countryside, but we feel like we live in the city. You will get the power of electricity from the power to the medicine and the hospital is also in our country.

I was admitted to the hospital after being ill in the countryside. There she had met her girlfriend to meet me but she came with her friend. He gave me some fruits so that I got some benefit. My relatives had come, they brought orange and grape also for me. I gave her girlfriends and thanked me. He also ate the grapes and then brought my nephew food. I gave a little portion of my share to his girlfriends and people who came to meet me also ate a bit. The hospital time was going to be very boring for me because it was not allowed to go out of the hospital. I do not know why her girlfriends often came to the hospital. It could have been my excuse she used to meet my nephew. But my nephew used to be in the way of my meal and after reaching the girlfriends, she reached the hospital. After giving the first meal, she used to talk about her girlfriends all over the world. That girl became a familiar person for us. He used to remain in the country but after meeting me and he was more dissolve than our relatives, he used to promise to stay in our city too.

When I was healthy, our relative requested her girlfriends to walk to our city Rewa and along with her other women like her friends also came with us. Our relatives arranged for us three cars. We used to sit in the car and go towards Rewa. Rewa is a great place for city dwellings, but Rewa is nothing compared to other cities of India. In some of the major cities of India, her girlfriends have traveled with my relatives like Satna, Bilaspur, Raipur, etc. My nephew is shameless but working also means leaving aside everything and taking special tasks such as taking someone to hospital and doing all the work for him, he used to give importance to this task. I have to go from one place to another because of some work. So I used to take my nephew. Once I went to Satna and had fallen ill, then he brought medicine and time to me for the time. It is not because he has learned this from me only, I have taught him how to help his elderly person and his younger sister. Even when my nephew got ill, I used to take his medicine. When he was young, his health had worsened in Satna and his health was not improved. Then I ran there for her here, she knew all this, then she arranges and serves medicine for me and our relatives when she gets sick.

Others recognize him as shameless because he acts in the country with some shameless, but for our relatives, he is like a strong foundation, which always helps when the time comes. There is no other nephew than that. Well, it's ten neonates, but the skill is in one and it is only in the largest neon. One day we went to Rewa because of my work, and both of us were staying in the rental room on the other side. She then brought a business girl, then I was coming out of the rental room. Only then he was standing with it. She was entering her in the rental room so I stopped her and asked the girl to stay out and asked my nephew to take her. Due to my explanation, the difference came in that day. If she wore her that girl on that day, then everything could have ended. Because if he took a grip and was walking around in that time too.

If she had a reproach, she would have also been dishonest. I explained to him the fear of this slander and I was greatly benefited by doing this. After some days, I started to distance myself from my niece because she was shameless and I could have had to withstand the difficulties of her openness. One day she was fucking a girl on the farm. When she was sucking the girl on the field, she was enthralled by the cock inside that girl's ass. After that, the girl caught her cocks with her hand and put a cloth lip inside the girl's ass. My nephew was pushing for that girl to fuck. The juice, dripping from his pussy, was also provoking me and seeing my drug addiction, my cock was also standing. I also pulled out my cock and started moving my cocks. After that my nephew turned the girl upside down and got her ladders in the ass of that girl. Just what he was shouting and he started shaking. My cocks were thick, so little bleeding came out of my cocks, but I had sex with him, so I did not make any difference. But my nephew looked at me and said, "Come on mama". I immediately reached and put my couch in her pussy and started pressing her milk.

Now she was licking the rubbish from two cocks and we were enjoying the three. After half an hour's fuck, both of us got lost and after that we did not know what change has happened inside us. Now he is bathed but is not naked. In this way I can not even get infamous. My opinion has brought a lot of difference on it and thanks to that, everything has become simpler today.

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hindi sex story, antarvasna hello friends, what's going on around you Many people say that you are beautiful. How many gulas have you given in your youth? Feeding the guld here means the number of girls is matched. Well I am not interested in girls. My story is of those days. When i was young Young people are ashamed if they do not get a girl till date. Finding girl is easy. But many young people always absorb girls in their precious work. I was like ordinary people like you logo. But I used to tease boys and the elderly and say that I should be beautiful but there is no girlfriends. Friends, let me tell you something about myself now. This is a true story. A boy who was beautiful but was not something special. There was no way to wear clothes. But after introducing a girl everything changed. The girl was not very beautiful but it seemed as if she was as beautiful as she is no one else. Because of this thing, I started to consider him as special. You will feel great after reading the story that is coming next. I used to think that she was so special as she is the most beautiful girl in this world. He often passed by my house. She was a girl familiar with me, so I used to poke for her strange antics. He used to overreact so much as if there is a moon in the sky. But one day he told me the importance of change.

Apart from this, after telling the importance of change, hearing of what he said to me, the ground came out with my feet. He told me you are beautiful and I am not beautiful but do you have any girlfriends? Let me tease you and say that you are not beautiful. Friends, this is the girl who used to rely on changing the people. I changed her due to a change suggestion. I started wearing new and clean clothes. I would often ask the same girl how to friendship with girls. She too got ready to teach me girls to be friends. I used to wash everyday baths and wear new clothes. He used to wait for him to come and teach me something. He also gave importance to me and started teaching something new. He and I used to learn something special on the roof of my house. He taught me to win the trust of girls first. To win the trust of girls, you have to deal with them as a decent boy. Nobody likes what does not behave with dignity. I also promised him that he would be civilized. Secondly, specially make you identify with the girls given to me.

You can not make friends with any girl without making a mistake. He was teaching me the path of change. I always used to talk to my friend about that girl. My friend has a lot of girlfriend but he is just his friend. Many girlfriends really meant a lot but from that they did not even have a single stomach. My friend suggested to me that you too have to make a girlfriends. I also changed because of that girl and started testing new girls on the side of the road. I thought that what I learned is effective or not. Actually my learning gave me a lot of benefit. About ten girls have made me friends. I started asking for my introduction girl to learn more. She started teaching more. I used to call him on the roof and all the business to teach was on the terrace. But one day an incident happened and I fell on top of it and I had fallen on it for a long time. After a while, after falling on her, I kissed her cheek. Then I pressed her milk. So much so that the little brother of that girl came to my house and started climbing on the roof ladder to call him. That moment if we were alone, then he would not only come to my house but also my house also did not even know me. We got up from one another before the arrival of her younger brother. He returned to his house but returned a little later. We both laughed because the incident was something like this. I gave him some food and he thanked me.

We started talking to each other again. We started talking about each other falling incident. Then promised to meet tomorrow and he came. I requested him to walk on the terrace. He also assured me of walking on the terrace after some time and we sat down. After some time he came in and being all the people at home, I talked for a while and after that I asked him to return home. The next day he came back home and we both went to the roof over the pretext of learning something. While learning, we started laughing and joined hands. Well, I started jerking his hand. I hugged him with hazard and hugged him tightly. But she gave up and she started laughing. After some time, I told him some incident and started laughing and hugging him. After hug I kissed his cheek and pressed milk. He also embraced me and after this we started kissing each other's lips. But I remembered that till now I had not taken her number. I gave him my number and later he gave me the number. I fixed a place to meet him, and after sitting in a car we went to a deserted place. I kissed her cheek and then pressed her milk. I stripped all my clothes and stripped off his clothes. After wearing her, I wore clothes and we planned to eat something. I packed some lobbons with one besieged person and gave that girl food to eat. After eating the potato, I took him to a new deserted place. But on that day I was not able to sleep in a way because I was harboring someone's arrival.

One day I got a good chance and I called her home. I only wore the pajamas so that someone could wear the pajamas immediately. I first pulled my trunks and licks her pussy into her pussy. After a while I kissed her pussy and then started fucking her. I rubbing her pussy with my hands in her pussy. After rubbing, water came out from her pussy, which I started licking licks to stop fucking. My cock worked a lot because it was a big pain due to being prolonged. Moment was not a caring for me. That's why I stole it long and chod in my house. The biggest thing is that if you rub somebody, condoms should wear your neck as it protects you from AIDS. I had put a condom on the same day that I did not even condom. You have become familiar with this story based on my truth. Today I have narrated my story to you tomorrow, telling your story to others. But there is an art of fucking. I pick up her and fuck her. This type of fuck starts to feel stiff. Chadden that this art was told by my friend. I have her stolen in a different state. Like a horse, it was also stolen. If you want to fuck, then this two stage is very strong. The fuckers have to be strong. Eat chicken every day because chicken provides breathtaking. Strong people eat chicken. The wrestler also gives chicken first. Have to fuck and have a strong fuck, especially pick up a chicken. I was thin thin before but chicken did amazing.

After a few months he made me fat like a wrestler. For the fuck you must be like a wrestler as the wrestler only finds a lot of clothes. This story is an inspiration for you because it is shameful for you not to have a girlfriend. That girl I had once taken my uncle's office. The girl had come here from her family with excuses that she has to work. When I was in need of Rupee, I worked in my uncle's office. I gave my opinion to my friend. You also come to my uncle's office and earn money. The girl started coming to the office daily. I have now lied to my uncle and said that you have to go out. Please give me the job of looking after the office. My maternal uncle liked my proposal and he gave me the job of looking after the office. Now when Mama went out of office work, I used to take that girl to the secluded room of Afis and she used to fuck in the office. I used to get a long time to fuck, because there was no one in the office at that time which could roam all the offices. Nobody had permission from me except that someone could enter every room of the office. So I used to take advantage of my duty. My mama also used to go out for about a month. So looking after the office was a simple task for me to clean it. Other people in the office also used to work but I did not have any problem. I was just scared of my uncle because he was the only owner of that office. He was the eldest of the office and later in the big office of the office. My friend was less than other people but the entire look was up to me.