antarvasna chudai ki kahani

My name is Akash, I am a resident of Karnal, I am 24 years old, but the situation in our house is not good. That is why I have to work in a shop. I have been working in that shop for the past two years and I have completed my college studies as I have. My family's situation is not right, my father worked very hard, but despite this, he could not do anything in his life, so also the economic condition of our house has become bad. My father married my elder sister with the help of our relatives, but the responsibility of my younger sister is on me, so I want to do something good, but nothing is happening in my life nor does anything good I can see.

I leave for work from my house in the morning and return home only in the evening. I get very tired from my work and I do not get time at all that I can take time for myself too. Whatever the money I get from my salaries, I give half of my house and keep something with me. In the shop I work in, there was a party in the owner's house. His little child had a birthday so he had all his relatives engraved and some of his friends were also coming, he started to tell me that if you play a good guitar, then if you play guitar in my child's party then I am very would be happy. I am also fond of singing and I play guitar too well, I have learned from my uncle, he used to play guitar too and I also learned with him. When the owner of my shop said so I told them okay. On the day he was his party, there was a lot of crowd at his house and all his relatives and friends had come. At first all those people were talking to each other and after that the shop owners came to me and started saying that you start singing. When I played guitar along with the songs, everyone was very happy and everybody was very happy and everybody started playing applause. I am also very happy when I play guitar inside.

I was very fond of playing guitar and that is why I was very happy that day. That day I was in the party and after that I also went to my house. When I went to my house, on that day I sat with my parents and talked, after that I went to sleep. The next morning when I got up, a person came to our house, I had never seen them before and he started telling me that your name is Akash, I told them that yes my name is the sky. I told him that I have never seen you before today, nor do I recognize you, he started saying that I am a resident of Mumbai and at the same time in the party you were singing I was also there. He praised me very much and said that you play very good guitar and sing well also. She was impressed with me, she started telling me that I have a club in Mumbai if you go to Mumbai with me, then you just fulfill your hobby there and I will give you good money in exchange for her. I did not understand anything before, what should I do, because I own all the expenses of the house and my parents did not want to leave me at all. He told me that if you are ready to come with me then I give you some advances because I had told him all my problems, my problem was that my parents did not want to leave me and if If I went to Mumbai then I also needed some money, so they gave me the money. Now I got ready to go with them and a few days later we went to Mumbai. When I reached Mumbai, I was missing a lot of my house but still I had to do some work, so I was paying attention only in my work.

When I went to their club, people used to come all the money there, they started telling me that from now on you will see all the work of music here. They mixed me with more people who used to work there. Now I used to play the guitar in his club and also sing the song. The people who used to come there were happy. I used to send some money to my house. I was happy in Mumbai because where I am working, they have given me a house to stay, because of this I feel very good and I can think in my work. Whenever my parents talked to me in the phone, they were very happy and used to say that you do the same thing and keep working hard. My father had also seen some relation for my sister, so I was very happy. I told them where I work, that I want some money in Advance because my father has seen the boy for my sister and after some time she will get her married. He started saying, okay I give you some money Advance. I had taken money from them and I sent that money to my house. Now my father got engaged to my sister and after some time she was about to get married. In the same sequence, I went home for a few days.

When I went home, my parents were very happy to meet me and we got married very well and then my sister got married. I was at home for a few days, when I returned to Mumbai then I started working on my work. I was paying very well to my work. Everyone used to admire my song very much and used to say that you play guitar very well. In the same club, a woman used to come, her name is Suhani. He tells me that you sing a very good song. Earlier I did not have much contact with them but when I asked him one day that you always come to the club but you come alone, he started saying that there is no talk in between my husband and me because of this I am in the club I come. He was very rich but was not happy with his married life at all. He must have been around 30 years old. Whenever he came to the club he was very happy to see me. I liked to talk to him and he was also very happy to talk to me. One day he started to tell me that if you have time, then we go to roam somewhere, I told them that I would not have so much time but for some time I can get out. We were sitting in the mall on that day and I found it great to talk to me comfortably. He was also very happy talking to me. When I asked him about his marriage, he started saying that I am not happy with my marriage, my husband neither gives me time nor is there love between us. We both were sitting together and talking a lot. After that he started to tell me that when you went to my house, when I went to his house, Suhani opened my clothes in front of me. His figure was so solid that I kept watching him.

As soon as I pressed her breasts with my hand, I felt very good and I started sucking her lips with her lips. Suhani was also giving me the full support and she also came in full excitement when she took my cock in her mouth and I felt very good. She sucks the water out of my cocks, she sucks the water out of my cock. I also started licking her vagina while laying her on the bed and for so long I kept her vagina juice. I was feeling very good when I was licking her vagina. When I put my cocks in her vagina, she started to spill and when my cock was coming out inside her vagina she was enjoying it, she started coming in the entire mood. I was also feeling very good about the way I was going to her thong. She was widening her legs and she was attracting me to her. I had been like this for a long time but I could not endure the heat of his pussy for a long time, so my semen fell inside his vagina. When my semen went into her pussy then I took out my cocks and made her a mare. I told him that you give me mustard oil. When he gave me the mustard oil, I put it on my whole couch and put a little too in my ass. As soon as I put my cocks inside the asshole's ass, she started shouting and I felt very good. I even grabbed him tightly and started pushing him at high speed, I hit him with so much speed that his whole body started moving and his ass started to bleed. The sticky substance was removed from her ass and I was feeling very good but the heat was coming out more than her ass, in the same summer my semen fell into her ass. After that, Sahani gave me some money and now I keep coming to his house.

Tutoring Teacher With Your Cloak

antarvasna kahani

My name is Sunita. I am a Hoodlum, my marriage has been 15 years. My husband is a big businessman and he often goes out in connection with his work. I am from Kolkata. Our devararani also lives with us. My Daoar also works with my husband and they both go to work together. My devarani and me are not formed at all, my husband also knows this, but despite this, we are living together. I told him many times about this that we should stay separate but he does not believe me at all and he says to me that you adjust but I am not adjusted at all because my devotional behavior is not good at all. is.

Whenever we both are at home, I do not like to talk to him at all nor does he talk to me, but in spite of all this, if we ever talk about it, then we have a quarrel and all the people in our colony My goddess, she tells a very bad thing about me, that is why I do not like to be with her at all. One day there was a lot of conflict between us. On that day I told my husband that if we do not stay separate then I will go back to my house because there were a lot of fights between us that day and I do not want at all to stay with her now. My devar is very good and he started telling me that you do not talk about this method because I will feel very bad if you go from home. He always explains me, but I did not want that we were with the people now, our dispute had a bad effect on our children. My husband accepted my opinion and when he talked to my darwar, he started saying that if the environment of the house is getting worse then we all go to live somewhere else.

My husband began to say that you stay here, my husband bought a property some time ago. He started saying that I started his work and after some time we will shift to the people. He started doing his work and at that time I did not talk to my devarani at all. I also asked my husband how long the house work will be completed, he started saying that soon after the work of the house will be completed you do not worry at all. He was telling me that you still think if we can live together then it will be fine for us. I told him clearly that I do not want to stay with my devotional at all because he speaks wrongly about me in the entire colony, so I can not arrange with him at all. We took 5 months to complete our home work and after 5 months we shifted the people. When we shifted there, it was very difficult to adjust to us in the beginning because we were all familiar with the colony where we lived, so we had no problem of any kind, if I would ever have to order some stuff So I used to call in my neighborhood store, then he used to send all the stuff home but there was no such facility at the place where we were living. New we had to do his own work. My brother also helped us a lot and he helped a lot during our shifting. Now we shifted to the new colony and we were not very familiar with anyone. I had even admitted the admission of my children to our school because my children had to go very far in the place where we lived, so I got admission of my children in the school near my house.

I used to take them home from school and I could not meet more than anyone because they were absolutely new to us. I met one of two women, I started talking to them and she started asking me that you guys have come here new, where did you live earlier. I told them that we were in the first joint family but now we have separated, so we have come here. Some of my women started meeting so I used to come to their house too and those people would also come to our house, I liked it when those people came to our house because my time was not being spent alone. I was very bored at home and I did not understand anything where I should go, so I used to stay at home and bring my children from school in the afternoon. My husband used to go out of his work early in the morning and he would also return in the evening, and sometimes he used to go out in connection with the work. One day I started thinking that I should send a tuition to my children because I have not read much because of this reason I asked the people around here who taught tuition here, so she started saying that Surjeet sir is here. Tuition teaches but I did not know their house. There is a woman in our neighborhood, she told me her house.

His house was at the back of our house. He lived in our colony. They gave me their address and I went to him after that. When I went to him, he started asking me what class (s) your children are studying in, I told them that my children are in the 6th and 7th class. He started to say okay, you send children to me from tomorrow itself. Whatever I had talked to them seemed to be a very good person to talk about and he also taught at a private school. I liked the behavior of Surjeet Sir because of this I started sending my children to him to teach. I used to leave my children to their house and then they would come back. It was a long time for my children to read them and they were studying very well. When I used to ask him in the house how your studies are going on, he says that Surjeet Sir teaches us very well and we all understand everything. Now slowly we started to know all the people and whenever there was any program in the colony, they used to invoke us as well. Once there was a small program in the colony, the programs were being organized by the colony itself. When I talked to my husband about this, he started saying that I have to go out somewhere, so I will not be able to join the program. After that I went into the program itself. During that program, everyone was enjoying very much, I got Surjeet, when I was talking to him, I did not know much about him, so on that day I was talking a lot to him. When I came to know that he has not yet married, then I asked him about his reason, he started saying that I have not married yet for my personal reasons but he is very good at talking and I talk to him a lot I was also asking about my children. When we were talking to people I enjoyed talking to them and now the program was also finished. When he was going to his house then I told him that you should sit down at our house for some time, our house is right here.

When he came to our house, I called my children to sleep and we were both sitting and talking. I used to feel great talking to him but I started to feel that his cock was standing, so I hit him on his cunt. When my hand felt on their cocks, they caught me tightly and started sucking my lips. He was sucking my lips very well, I felt very good too. For a long time, they used to lick my lips like this. When they opened my entire clothes, they sucked my cheats for a long time and suppressed my ass. I was feeling very good because of this I lay down on my bed and put their cocks inside my vagina. As soon as his dicks reached my vagina, I felt very good. He was going to Chadda in a big speed, I was not tolerated at all. I had widened my legs and she too clothed me with great intensity. When they took my cheeks in my mouth, I started feeling better. They had continued to kill my pussy so that the heat inside me started to go out and I was about to fall. I locked Surjeet Sir from my legs, his goods fell inside my vagina. I cleaned their cargo with my vagina and continued to suck their cocks in my mouth so that I took the goods on their cocks in myself. Now they wear their clothes and I also wear their clothes. From then on Surjit Sir comes to our house and he gets fucked by me so that I like it very much.