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My name is Sunita. I am a Hoodlum, my marriage has been 15 years. My husband is a big businessman and he often goes out in connection with his work. I am from Kolkata. Our devararani also lives with us. My Daoar also works with my husband and they both go to work together. My devarani and me are not formed at all, my husband also knows this, but despite this, we are living together. I told him many times about this that we should stay separate but he does not believe me at all and he says to me that you adjust but I am not adjusted at all because my devotional behavior is not good at all. is.

Whenever we both are at home, I do not like to talk to him at all nor does he talk to me, but in spite of all this, if we ever talk about it, then we have a quarrel and all the people in our colony My goddess, she tells a very bad thing about me, that is why I do not like to be with her at all. One day there was a lot of conflict between us. On that day I told my husband that if we do not stay separate then I will go back to my house because there were a lot of fights between us that day and I do not want at all to stay with her now. My devar is very good and he started telling me that you do not talk about this method because I will feel very bad if you go from home. He always explains me, but I did not want that we were with the people now, our dispute had a bad effect on our children. My husband accepted my opinion and when he talked to my darwar, he started saying that if the environment of the house is getting worse then we all go to live somewhere else.

My husband began to say that you stay here, my husband bought a property some time ago. He started saying that I started his work and after some time we will shift to the people. He started doing his work and at that time I did not talk to my devarani at all. I also asked my husband how long the house work will be completed, he started saying that soon after the work of the house will be completed you do not worry at all. He was telling me that you still think if we can live together then it will be fine for us. I told him clearly that I do not want to stay with my devotional at all because he speaks wrongly about me in the entire colony, so I can not arrange with him at all. We took 5 months to complete our home work and after 5 months we shifted the people. When we shifted there, it was very difficult to adjust to us in the beginning because we were all familiar with the colony where we lived, so we had no problem of any kind, if I would ever have to order some stuff So I used to call in my neighborhood store, then he used to send all the stuff home but there was no such facility at the place where we were living. New we had to do his own work. My brother also helped us a lot and he helped a lot during our shifting. Now we shifted to the new colony and we were not very familiar with anyone. I had even admitted the admission of my children to our school because my children had to go very far in the place where we lived, so I got admission of my children in the school near my house.

I used to take them home from school and I could not meet more than anyone because they were absolutely new to us. I met one of two women, I started talking to them and she started asking me that you guys have come here new, where did you live earlier. I told them that we were in the first joint family but now we have separated, so we have come here. Some of my women started meeting so I used to come to their house too and those people would also come to our house, I liked it when those people came to our house because my time was not being spent alone. I was very bored at home and I did not understand anything where I should go, so I used to stay at home and bring my children from school in the afternoon. My husband used to go out of his work early in the morning and he would also return in the evening, and sometimes he used to go out in connection with the work. One day I started thinking that I should send a tuition to my children because I have not read much because of this reason I asked the people around here who taught tuition here, so she started saying that Surjeet sir is here. Tuition teaches but I did not know their house. There is a woman in our neighborhood, she told me her house.

His house was at the back of our house. He lived in our colony. They gave me their address and I went to him after that. When I went to him, he started asking me what class (s) your children are studying in, I told them that my children are in the 6th and 7th class. He started to say okay, you send children to me from tomorrow itself. Whatever I had talked to them seemed to be a very good person to talk about and he also taught at a private school. I liked the behavior of Surjeet Sir because of this I started sending my children to him to teach. I used to leave my children to their house and then they would come back. It was a long time for my children to read them and they were studying very well. When I used to ask him in the house how your studies are going on, he says that Surjeet Sir teaches us very well and we all understand everything. Now slowly we started to know all the people and whenever there was any program in the colony, they used to invoke us as well. Once there was a small program in the colony, the programs were being organized by the colony itself. When I talked to my husband about this, he started saying that I have to go out somewhere, so I will not be able to join the program. After that I went into the program itself. During that program, everyone was enjoying very much, I got Surjeet, when I was talking to him, I did not know much about him, so on that day I was talking a lot to him. When I came to know that he has not yet married, then I asked him about his reason, he started saying that I have not married yet for my personal reasons but he is very good at talking and I talk to him a lot I was also asking about my children. When we were talking to people I enjoyed talking to them and now the program was also finished. When he was going to his house then I told him that you should sit down at our house for some time, our house is right here.

When he came to our house, I called my children to sleep and we were both sitting and talking. I used to feel great talking to him but I started to feel that his cock was standing, so I hit him on his cunt. When my hand felt on their cocks, they caught me tightly and started sucking my lips. He was sucking my lips very well, I felt very good too. For a long time, they used to lick my lips like this. When they opened my entire clothes, they sucked my cheats for a long time and suppressed my ass. I was feeling very good because of this I lay down on my bed and put their cocks inside my vagina. As soon as his dicks reached my vagina, I felt very good. He was going to Chadda in a big speed, I was not tolerated at all. I had widened my legs and she too clothed me with great intensity. When they took my cheeks in my mouth, I started feeling better. They had continued to kill my pussy so that the heat inside me started to go out and I was about to fall. I locked Surjeet Sir from my legs, his goods fell inside my vagina. I cleaned their cargo with my vagina and continued to suck their cocks in my mouth so that I took the goods on their cocks in myself. Now they wear their clothes and I also wear their clothes. From then on Surjit Sir comes to our house and he gets fucked by me so that I like it very much.

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My name is Sujata, I am a resident of Benaras, I study in the Inter College of Benaras and my husband also teaches me with me. We have been married for a year now, my father had done this relationship, my father was very happy with this relationship because he wanted me to marry Ajay. Ajay lived in our neighborhood because of this, my father knew him well and he knew his family very well. When my father talked about our relationship with Ajay's family members, his family members could not even refuse for our relationship. Ajay also used to teach in the same school I taught. There was a great friendship between us and my father wanted us to change this friendship into our relationship. When he talked to Ajay's family members, he also gave away immediately, and the marriage of both of us was done with great fanfare.

I have been married for a year, I have never had a fight in between these two years and neither Ajay has ever spoken to me in a loud voice. I know Ajay from the time of school. From the time I started teaching at the school, Ajay and I had met. Ajay and I are in the same school so I know their behavior very well. Now both of us used to go to school together in the morning and back in the evening with the school. I am very happy with my relationship, I was 4 years old in the school I was studying but my transfer has been Lucknow, I was very unhappy with my transfer and I started thinking that now I have to be alone. But I could not quit my job, Ajay was somewhere very unhappy and when my transfer went to Lucknow, he came to Lucknow with me and he kept all the house stuff. Wasted The school where I was at home was only a short distance away from the school so that I could reach the place because in Ajay and I used to go in Banaras, both of us used to go by our car, so we both reached school at the same time. But here I had a problem of convection, so I thought of taking home in front of the school.

After I set my complete baggage there, we went to Banaras for some time, I had been away from school for some time. I told Ajay that we would go somewhere and Papa mummy would also walk around with us because I knew this very well that when I start working in Lucknow, then we both will get very little time to spend time together So I wanted to spend my holiday with my family members. Ajay told me that we also speak to the people of your house and those people will also go with us. My parents also got ready and we went to Nainital to roam around. We spent a lot of time together in Nainital and I was feeling very good when we were with Nainital. Ajay was also very happy and my parents were very happy too. Ajay's father began to say that Sujata took this very good decision that we have come to visit, otherwise we also get time. We stayed in Nainital for 5 days and after that we returned back to Benaras. The number of days I was at home in Benaras, I thought that I could spend more time with Ajay, after some days I went to Lucknow. When I went to Lucknow, I felt very bad because I have not been alone till now, but I had to live alone now. I am very scared alone, so I used to call Ajay but gradually I began to get used to it and after some time, I too adopted myself in that environment. I went to school in the morning and returned home in the evening.

I was not very familiar, because of this I used to stay at my house and when I came home, then I used to watch TV for some time and now I used to read some books because I am very fond of reading Nobles . In my school too, my friendship was started and in my school Kajal Madam, I had a very good friendship with him. He started telling me how you adjusted alone, I told them that you have become habituated to me and because of this, I can adjust alone. Kajal Madam has been married for quite a long time and he is senior to me but he lives very well with me. Occasionally she also comes to my house and when she comes to my house, I feel very happy that day because I am alone at home and when she comes to my house, we sit together for a while Take it. There are more teachers in our school but I do not have much contact with them, Kajal is a brother in the relationship of Madam, he also teaches in our school, his name is Ravindra. I talk to them occasionally and we sit together in lunch time. His nature is also very good and he is a very social person. I love talking to them too and they also like to talk to me.

When he came to know about me that my husband is also a teacher and he teaches in Benaras, then he started saying, "How do you live alone, I started to say to Ravindra that I have become a habit, so I live alone" I am Whenever we get time, we people sit and talk. The place where I had taken home, there is also the house of Ravindra Sir, and Kajal Madam also went through the same path, so all three of us used to come back whenever we returned from school. We used to come from the school on foot and we used to talk while on the way. Kajal Madam also used to tell me that once you feel lonely you came to my house, so whenever I felt lonely, I used to go to their house and I liked it when I used to go to their house. She is a little girl, she is very sweet, she loves me very much, whenever I go to her house, I go for something with her gift and she loves me very much when I am Kajal Madam I go home Whenever we return from school, at that time I often call Ravindra ji and Kajal to come to my house but they do not come, but I told them one day that you should go to my house and those people are my Come home. When he came to the house, he started saying that his house is very clean and kept clean, how do you manage so much work alone, I started to say that I have a lot of hygiene and keep my house decorated Looks great. The three of us were talking and sitting together. Kajal Madam began to say that I will have to go home. You sit down and talk. She went home early and Ravindra ji was sitting with me. We were talking to each other. I used to feel great talking to them because I also live alone.

For Ravindra ji, I made tea and both of us were drinking tea together. When I saw the hair of their chest, I started feeling great, I have not had sex for several days. I went to them and sat down and touched my ass with them. He had also understood my gestures and kept pressing my ass while keeping the cup of tea in the side. As soon as he pressed my breasts, I came in full pleasure and put my lips on the lips of Ravindra ji. What we both were doing very well and I was feeling great. When he opened my clothes, he began to say that your body is very cool. I also started sucking his cock in his mouth and for a long time I kept sucking his cock in his mouth. I was feeling great when I was taking her cocks in the mouth. I told them that now you put your cocks in my pussy. I liked it very much if they put my cocks in my pussy. He was pushing me with a big push and the hair of his bush was touching in my soft vagina so that my excitement was also increasing. They tightened my legs tightly and started shaking at very high speed. I also widened my legs, he was putting his cocks inside the whole of my pussy, I felt very good. He hit me like this for a long time but for longer time he was unable to tolerate the heat of my pussy and his semen collapsed in my pussy. As soon as his semen fell into my pussy I was very happy and I started feeling great.