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My name is Dinesh. I am a married man of 40 years old, my wife and my two sons at my house, I work in the government department and I am a resident of Pune. I like to be happy in my life, I do not take any kind of stress, my house always says that you spend a lot of money, do not save money at all, but I live in my own world. I like my life, I live my life in the same way but I never allowed any of my people to lose any less. I always tell them that when I do not let any deficiency in any of you, then you too should obey me. My parents always explain to me and say that your age has happened but despite that you are very busy, you have to control a little too much, then you will be able to save some money. My father has taken two flats in my name, one we have rented and we live in the other.

I was listening to songs at my house one day I was very fond of listening to old songs and there was a family in my neighborhood, a girl came to her house, when she met me, she started saying that you have old songs There is a very nice collection, can you give me that collection too? I told him that yes, you take that collection of songs from me. The girl's age must have been 27, she is named Kaveri. I asked him whether you liked to listen to old songs, he started saying, yes I am very fond of listening to old songs, and whenever I am empty, then I listen to old songs and I listen to old songs Likes but I do not have any collections I have. I gave that collection to Kaveri and on that day he sat on us for a long time. I asked him where you lived, he started saying that I also live in Pune and I do the job. I asked the rabbit who was there at your house then he started to say that there are my parents and my elder brother at home, my elder brother also works and my father is also on the job, my father retires some time later Are going to happen.

Kaveri started telling me that I loved talking to you. On that day I introduced Kaveri to his own people, he had come to my house for the first time, so I also got him the first time. After a while, he left our house. Whenever he came in our neighborhood, I would definitely meet him, I liked to talk with Kaveri too, I felt like I was watching myself because in the way he has a way of living That's exactly my way, so I always tell him that you absolutely love to live in my way. He started to say that I do not like any kind of crap in my life and I like to live my life in my own way, my house has never stopped me for anything, and that's why I am very much Respecting, they have always respected my open thoughts. I told Kaveri that yes, I am exactly like you, since childhood I do not want any kind of restriction in my life. Kaveri and I met a lot of times, whenever I returned from my office, I would often call Kaveri and he also talked to me a lot. He also liked talking to me, we both used to talk to each other. He always kept asking for collections of old songs, and I always gave him a collection of old songs. I was not able to understand that why I am feeling good to spend time with Kaveri, there was no relief for her in my heart, but despite this I liked to talk to her too. He used to always give me the answer to my words.

Whenever I called him, he always picked up my phone and I feel like he is eagerly waiting for my call but in spite of that I have never spoken to him about his heart because I can not understand Was that what is going on in my heart for him. I was afraid that if my wife would come to know about me then she would start thinking about me wrong, but she is very much liked by the nature of Kaveri, she always draws herself on her side. One day I was at home and Kaveri came to the house that day, he started asking me how you are, I told him that I am very good but for a long time you are not visible, nor will you call me It's been a matter of fact. She started saying that yes, I had gone out of office work for some time, so I could not talk to you on the phone. He also asked about me and said, how are all people in your house, I told him that everybody is good and I am also very good, I go to my work in the morning and would not have returned home this evening. is.

I asked Kaveri how are all people at your house, he started saying that everyone is skilled at our house. My wife also came in so many and she started asking for his movement with Kaveri. On that day my parents and my two children had gone to some of our relatives. My wife and Kaveri were talking among themselves and I went to my room. The old songs in my room slowly played in the voice, Kaveri began to say that as you have heard of my heart like this, I was going to say to you that you should sing old songs. She was very happy and my wife started saying that I make tea for you. My wife came and brought tea for Kaveri, I told my wife that I would not drink tea because I had tea only a while back. Kaveri was taking tea sip and enjoying the song, she looked very good. In the talk I asked Kaveri if you got rid of the habit of drinking. He did not say that my habit of drinking was not lost yet I have become very disturbed and thinking about how I would quit my drinking habit. We were talking to each other and my wife started saying that I am going out of some work in a short time. I said okay you come, we are sitting together and talking. Kaveri was talking to me very well in things he started to adore me more than anything and I started to feel that perhaps Kaveri needs something. I told him that you are sticking to me more than that. She started saying yes I have to take your dicks in your vagina. I again said that this is not a good thing because my age is too much for you and I am also older than you. She is not saying anything but I have been loved by you. When Kaveri caught hold of my hand, a sense of sensation started to create from within me and I too caught him tightly. She sat in my lap and my cock was bumped with her ass, she started enjoying the way I was hit my cock with her ass.

I took the lips of her rose petals in my lips and very well I did her lips for a long time. So that the blood started coming out from his lips. I took him in his lap and took me to his bedroom. I started opening her clothes and when I opened her clothes, seeing my big breasts, my cock stood and she too had come in the mood. As I touched my tongue on her breasts, she felt very good. I started taking her breasts up inside my mouth. When I opened her jeans, she had no hair on her vagina and her vagina was pink color. When I put my cocks on his vagina, he got excited and the water started coming out of the way. She started saying she was not going to be at all with me. Put my thick and hard cock inside my vagina. As soon as I put my cocks in Kaveri's vagina, she started shouting and saying that your cock is not tolerating me at all. I grabbed both of his legs tightly and started shivering. He was picking up the sound of his mouth and I was feeling very good as he was taking violin with his mouth. I stooped it for a long time but for more time I did not even have her juvenile juice. When he was about to fall, he grabbed me with his two feet and I too swiftly sharpened him so that my semen collapse also got inside the Kaveri vagina. We quickly dressed our clothes and after some time my wife also came home.

Lover in the eyes of a friend's wife

antarvasna My name is Nikhil, I am a resident of Bengaluru. I work in a multinational company and my age is 30 years. My friends always say that you are very cheerful and very good. My behavior is such that since childhood, the one with whom I live also feels comfortable with me and feels good too. When all my relatives also come to our house, I talk to them with a great deal, I sit with them for a long time. I always ask for all the tricks, so everyone remembers me from time to time. I have a friend in my office, his name is Rajiv, Rajeev is a very serious person, he does not talk much to anyone in the office. I tried to convince him many times, that you remain friendly with everyone but in spite of that, his nature is similar, he has not changed at all. I know him for the last few years but there is no change in Rajiv's behavior.

I tried to explain it to him many times and said that if you do not change then you will have many problems so you have to change. He started to say that because of my nature, my wife Shikha has always been fighting with me, I also want to make some changes in my behavior, but I can not do it at all because nature has been like this since my childhood. He started saying that I used to sit with the crew at home many times but I do not wish to talk so much to him, even though our marriage has been a long time, even then I still do not understand the teaching. She always keeps telling me and says that you do not understand me, I told her to teach that there is no such thing if I do not understand you and you probably never get married to you. Rajiv is not happy with his married life at all and he always talks to me about this in office.

I have never gone to Rajiv's house because I do not have enough time to go to Rajiv's house, Saku. His house is very far from the office, so I did not go to his house till today. I have called Rajiv twice in my house, so my family knows Rajiv. One day Rajiv and I were sitting together, Rajiv asked me what should I do to please the crest, I told him to spend as much time as possible with him and make him feel comfortable with me, if he He will not talk to you openly, so both of you will not be able to get a relation. Rajiv started to say that I can not spend time with crest for a long time because my nature is not of that type at all. I am not romantic at all nor do I talk to more crest, so that is why she is very sad to me. Whenever I am at home, he talks with his friend on the phone and tells me that there is no use of talking with you because whenever you stay at home, you will be lost in your own self, You only mean by yourself but I am not at all like that. I told Rajiv that you have to become a little romantic so that creed does not talk to you at all. Rajiv started to tell me that I feel like this, perhaps for this reason he does not talk to me because he always keeps telling me that my husband's husbands are very good, they take him on a trip from time to time Are there. Rajeev started to say that whenever I plan to go somewhere, at some point there is some problem, so that we could not even go around for a long time. I told Rajiv that this is a very good thing. If you have not gone to roam for so long then you should go nowhere with the teachings, you take a leave from the office for a few days and come to some good place.

Rajeev started to say I have been thinking for a long time but whenever I leave, at the same time some work gets done so that we can not go anywhere. I booked hotels in Goa for Rajiv, I told him that you are going to Goa for a few days and you will teach him along with you too. He started saying that I did not make any such plans. I sent the hotel booming email to Rajiv and told him that I booked the room for you in the hotel, now you are ready to go from here. Spend some time with the crest for some days, then only you come to your work, otherwise your relation will not work well. Rajiv also applied for leave in the office and in some days his leave was approved. When he took his wife to Goa, he was calling me from Goa and he was very happy. Shiva was also very happy, Rajiv did what he told me to do with Shika, then the crew began to tell me that at least because of you, my husband took me somewhere to move. The crest was praising me very much and he told me that I have to meet you once because you have once again killed me in our married life, otherwise I was very upset with them.

Shicha called Rajiv and Rajiv started to tell me that if you did not give me this suggestion, I would have thanked you so much that I had a lot of distance between me and Shiva, because of this our relationship Do not fall into danger I told Rajiv that you guys admire I am in the office now and I talk to you on the phone in the evening. I started working in my office and in the evening when I went home I noticed that I had to call Rajiv, so that's why I called Rajiv. When I called Rajiv he was very happy and he started saying that we are just enjoying. He also sent me a photo of my trip. When he was about to come back he called me and said that I am coming back tomorrow so you have to come to my house, Shicha is also asking you to meet you, so you have to come to my house. I told him okay tomorrow is the office holiday so I will come to your house. The next day I went to Rajiv's house, I was having a lot of trouble finding his house, then I called him so he came to take me. When I went to Rajiv's house, Rajiv was very happy to meet me and he embraced me. He introduced my introduction to crest when the two of us got acquainted, the crew began to commend me very much and said that because of you, there has been a change in them. I am very happy but I was looking at the eyes of the crest and I had understood that it wants to fuck me. Rajiv and I were drinking alcohol that day and both of us drank too much alcohol. Rajeeve lay down in his room and after that the crest came down to me and sat down in my lap. She started saying that I was waiting for you for a long time.

His ass was hit by my cock, I told him to take my cock in my mouth. He covered my cock in the inside of my throat and started sucking well. He sucked my cock for a long time and kept my water out. I even lowered his salwar, told him to give me mustard oil. He gave me mustard oil and I applied it to my cocks well. I screamed as soon as I put my cock inside the crest's ass. I told him that I am very happy when I am putting my cocks inside your ass. She started telling me I'm feeling a lot of pain. I told her, do not worry. In a while this will all change in fun. I caught the big trunk of the crest, and with great speed I started jerking her. She started saying that blood started coming out of her ass, she is not being tolerated at all. I was being jerked and my goods fell out of the heat, my goods fell. I felt very good if I pulled the cock out of her ass. I was sitting like this and my merchandise was coming out from the crest of the ass, but seeing my ass, my sensation started waking up again. I grabbed him again by making him a mare, as soon as I put my dicks in the crest of the ass, Shicha was also very happy. He started mixing his ass with a lot of time, for a long time, he mixed his clit with me. I started having a lot of fun and my licks had been badly chipped because of my semen collapse very quickly. When my semen collapsed, I kept holding the crest for a long time. Shika also cleared my wares with my ass. After that he sat next to me but his ass is really very fun. I have never seen anyone like Shikhara till now.