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My name is dignity, my age is 30 years, I have been married for 3 years, and now I handle all the work at home. My husband also goes to his job and he returns home only in the evening. My father-in-law lives with me and both of them have retired from their jobs, both of whom were government jobs and since then they are living at home. My sister-in-law's marriage has also been a year and sometimes she comes to meet us at home, whenever she comes home, we are very happy because she is very good and with her It sounds great to talk about how well it behaves, it is very good. There are good relationships between me and my husband, they obey my every thing and they never forbade me for anything. I did not go to my mother for a long time, so I started thinking that I would go to my house.

I talked to my dad about this, so he started saying, 'OK, if you are coming home then it is very good. He started saying, 'I am retiring after some time when he said this, then at that time I thought that I would meet him as I wanted to meet my father too.' I went to my parents, when I went to my parents, the people were very happy to meet me and said that you have come home after a long time, so they took care of me very much. My elder brother also used to work abroad, he was also home. He is an engineer abroad and he was coming during my father's retirement, so I met him also. He and I do not have much talk because he is bigger than us and with his whole family he is settled abroad. He used to do very few things from me already. My dad started saying, 'I am thinking that if I give my retirement party then all the people will meet in it and everybody will get this excuse.'

He also talked to my brother about this, then he started saying that you give your party for retirement, you will feel better when you give a party of retirement because you will get it from all the people at that time. While in service, he was unable to meet his people for many years. My father called all of our relatives and started saying that I have kept a small party at my house, if you come to our house then it will be good. Now my dad had envied everyone and we were engaged in preparing for him. I also called my husband and he too came early because we had to make all the preparations in the house. Everybody in my dad's party had come, everyone was very happy to meet each other. I had met many of my relatives after a long time, so I found it very good to meet them. When my maternal uncle met me, I was very happy to meet him because he used to study with me in college and after getting married he got me for the first time. We were both sitting and talking a lot and he was sitting with me. He started asking me that you are still dancing in Kathak, I refused him, I said that now I have left all this because I used to dance in Kathak during my college time but after marriage, all the excuses Was there. She started saying that you started kathak dance again because you used to dance very well, I told her that now even my practice is gone and a lot of time has happened but when she said this to me, It seemed that I should start the dance again. After that he started to say that I will go home now because I will be late to go home, he has gone home now.

All of our relatives had also gone and Dad was also very happy. Dad began to say that after so many time all the people have met together, so I am very happy and my father was very happy. My husband started saying, "If you want to stay at home for a few days then you stop but my job is to go. Now he went away and I was in my house for a few days. I spent some time with my parents for a few days and it seemed good to spend time with them because after marriage, I did not stay at my house for so long. When I stayed at my house I was feeling very good. I was able to talk with my brother at this time, otherwise he too calls me a lot and my meeting with him also happened many years later. Only after my marriage did my brother meet me? I stayed at my house for a few days Now my brother also went away and I also came back to my in-laws 'house when I came back to my in-laws' house, then I thought I should start kathak again. I saw many dance teachers for him but I could not find any good dance teacher, my husband knew very well that I used to dance kathak in my college time. When I said this to him, he began to say that in my introduction there are a person who teaches Kathak, I told them that if you take me to them, then I want to learn Kathak from them again, they took me to them.

My husband also introduced him to a friend of his own. When we go to them, they come to a lot of children, their name is Mukesh. When I met him, I felt that he was the right person and could teach me good kithak. When he started asking me whether you had never done kathak before or not, I told him that I used to do kathak in college but since then my practice has been missed so I want to start again. She started saying, okay you start coming after some days since I have a lot of children at the moment so I will not be able to give you time. I told them that I also have to see the work of the house if you can take some time for me then it will be good for me. He started to say to me that if you can come early in the morning, then if you can come early in the morning then I told them okay I will come early in the morning, at that time no one came to them. I had taken their phone number and now we have returned home. I was very happy that day and my husband was also very happy. When I called them after a long time, he started saying that you come from tomorrow. Now I started going to learn Kathak near Mukesh ji, I used to go in the morning, so I used to go to him from my own school. He was teaching me Kathak very well and I was very happy. When my husband asked me how your kathak class is going on, I told them that it is going very well. I always used to go to Kathak class and Mukesh ji taught me Kathak very well, one day I went to bed early. My husband had a very good night at night so that my semen had fallen on my clothes and I took the kathak class by wearing the same clothes. When I was wearing that clothes, I did not realize at all that my husband's semen was on my clothes.

When I was standing near Mukesh Ji, he put his hands on my feet and started telling me that there is semen on your clothes. He grabbed me tightly and my ass was knocking on my cocks and I was feeling very good. I also took out their cocks in my mouth and started sucking them well. I took his cock so well that he came in the entire mood and said that today you have made my morning very colorful. As soon as he opened my clothes, he put his tongue on my vagina and started licking so that my water leaked and they licked my vagina for a long time. After that they lay me on the ground and put my cocks inside my vagina. He had kept both legs on my shoulders and I was screaming loudly. He was sucking my breasts in my mouth too. I was feeling very good when he was putting his cocks in my vagina. When his cock was out in the inside, I would feel very good and I was also giving him his full support. They widened both of my legs and were pushing me very well. He jerked me so fast that I felt very happy and started having a lot of fun. When he pressed my breasts, now I was about to collapse and as soon as I got caught then he started shaking me with a loud speed. After that his cargo also fell inside my vagina and I felt very good. After that both of us practiced kathak and I went home. When I go back in the morning, he always kicks me first, only after that he practices kathak.

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My name is Akash, I am a resident of Jaipur, my college studies have just been done a while ago, I am 25 years old and I am extending my business with my father. My father's work is very big, so I started working with him in his business. My father has a large wholesale retail shop and many people come to our shop, so my dad said that you only take this task forward now, now I want to rest in the house for some time now. I am only big in the house, so I have all the responsibilities. My sister-in-law is also studying in the school, so the responsibility is on my shoulders and I want to move my father's work so that's why I am working with my father very carefully, I pay full attention to his work.

I was also meeting a lot of people because I am also working with them, so also I started recognizing many people too. All of our belongings came from big dealers, my father had given me and now I deal with them. My dad is very happy and he started saying that you have started working well and I am very happy that you are working like this. I started to say to my dad that you too have taught me in a very good college, I also know that my father's business is very big. All the small shopkeepers take away the goods from our shop. We rate them very well so that people come to us. When I asked my dad one day that how many years have you been working here, he started saying that I have been working 30 years ago, before I used to work in a small shop and only after that I started my work, to start my work, I had taken money from one of my relatives. At the beginning I had a lot of problems in running the job because at that time there was no crowd at all, now Programmed here has become a full market but when I started working at the time was the handful of store here, then gradually becoming market here and our shop today is going well.

I never got a chance to ask my dad about this because when I used to study in college, I used to sit very little with him and I did not mean much to him from his work but now I am working with him because I had to tell him about this. The person who used to come to our shop once again brought the goods to us, because whatever our dealers are, they give us lots of goods at very affordable prices and we also keep small marginers with small margins and give them the goods. . Now when I started to handle the work well, my father used to stay in the house and he came to the shop very little. I used to tell them that now you should stay at home because my dad has worked for so many years so I want him to rest now. He was also relaxed now because I had started to handle the shop properly and due to this he used to come down at the shop. A lot of people work at our shop and they have been working at our shop for a long time. In our shop, Rakesh is uncle who has been with my father since long, since my father has opened the shop, he is working with them since then. Whenever I am sitting in the shop, he keeps telling me about my father always and says that your father has done a lot of hard work, I have been working with him from the beginning and he has never given me any Has not given upset

There was a time when there was no such earning from the shop but in spite of that, he used to give me money on time and used to say that you also have to run your family, I always like your father's talk, Afterwards decided that I will now work in this shop. My father too relies heavily on Rakesh uncle, because he is very honest and whenever my father could not come to the shop, Rakesh Uncle managed to do all the work of the shop but now I am looking at work at the shop, hence Rakesh Uncle Sara Look at the work of book. There is a great friendship between my father and him. He also keeps visiting our house frequently and his family also come to our house. My father also praises him and says that Rakesh is a very honest person. Once a boy used to work in our shop, he often used to steal money from the shop, but I did not know at all about this. One day Rakesh caught him and after that I removed him from the shop, Rakesh always wanted good for me. My uncle came to our house one day and said that Payal is going to get married, we all got very scared, we started talking to uncle that he is still studying.

He began to say that he is studying, but in the college he studies, he has liked a boy and he is very insisting that I have to marry him because of this I married him Fixed it. My father started to say to my uncle that you did not even mention us about this once. Uncle started saying that it all happened very quickly so I could not talk to you at all. My uncle also lives in Jaipur and he has his own work, he works as a hardware. My dad began to say that when he was married, he started saying, 'After a few days I decided to marry him, I am just talking to all my relatives in the early stages. My father began to say that if you need money, then you tell me or if you have any service to us, then you must tell us. My uncle began to say okay if I need your help then I will definitely tell you. He went on saying this, and after some time Payal's wedding day came nearer. The boys' family also came in Jaipur and they wanted to get married in Jaipur. We also went to my uncle's house early and saw the shop Uncle. When I met Payal, I told him that you decided to get married very soon, he started saying that all this happened very quickly. Payal and I am humble because I am very much from him but since he has gone to Calcutta. Since then, I could not talk much to him. She is very happy with the marriage and I asked her when your future husband will be coming, she started saying that her family would come here after two days. We were preparing for the marriage till then. Now I also started helping with Payal, I was feeling great when I was helping him with it. I was helping Payal, he started telling me that you do not do so much work.

I told him that if you are married then I will work if someone will not come out if I do not work. After both of us were very tired, we went to rest in the room. When we were sitting in the room, Payal's eyes started and he slept. I was also lying beside him but he had put a finger in his pussy. When I went to him, when I lowered his salwar, water was coming out of his vagina. As soon as I put my tongue on her vagina, she was very happy and I liked it too. I took out my cocks and widened both legs and put my cocks inside her vagina. As soon as my cocks went into her vagina, her pussy came out of blood and she started shouting very loudly. I was feeling great when I was jerking her and she would also give me a full support. She was leaving her mouth Saskiya. He started saying that you have already celebrated the honeymoon with me. She seemed to be very good, so she was accompanying me. He made his legs so wide that I also felt very good that his vagina was too tight. My cock went into the depths of her vagina, I was enjoying it, she was very happy. He even made his legs wider, I even shook him as fast as he wiggles his legs. I was not able to tolerate the heat of her pussy at all. He started jerking me with his feet and I even shook him at a high speed and he fell into my vagina in the middle of the shaking. After that, both of us dressed and took work. After some time she got married, whenever she comes to her house, I always fuck her.