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My name is Sudhanshu I am a resident of Ghaziabad, my age is 30 years. I work as a property, I have been working for property for 5 years but my work is not so big, I did not take office, but now gradually my work started, so I thought I would have to take an office. In connection with this, I started thinking of taking an office. I thought I took an office now because I needed office. Earlier, my job was small because of this I did not need office. One of my acquaintances had a place for office, I talked to them and said that I have to open an office here. He started saying, okay, you open the office here because he is very familiar to me and I had given him a property some time ago, so he did not refuse me for the office. I opened the office again.

When I opened the office, I had to do some work there because he had been locked for a long time, so I had to clean it there, after working for some days there after the work of the office was completed, now I I started to see work from my office but I could not sit in office for a long time. If I came to get information about a property, I used to go with him, so I thought I needed a person who could sit in the office. I told my acquaintances that if you want someone to work in your information, then please tell me. I started thinking that I also open the work of railway tickets and flight tickets in my office, so I used to give you the same and also told my acquaintances that if there is any person in their eyes, then I Tell me Many people came to me but I did not feel like anyone who could handle my work, I wanted a person who could work with me and also see the work of the office. I found a girl during that and she was looking for a job. I told him about myself that I work as a property and I am also looking for a person who can work with me.

When I asked the name of that girl, her name is Tapti. I asked him how many studies you have done, he started saying that my college has been completed some time ago and after that I am looking for a job. I told him all the information about his work and he too got ready to work. Now she was ready to work then I told her that you come to office from tomorrow. She started coming to the office from the next day and started handling the office work well. I used to go out in connection with my work so I did not have any problem. My work was also going well and Tapti used to handle all the work in my office. If ever I was out of the house, then she has a good setting with all the customers who come in the shop. I give him salaries on time because of this he is also happy. Tapti is a very good girl and she works with her mind full of work. Tapti was learning to work with me till now and I too started looking for a little bit about it because it was a long time both of us worked together, so that we both became well acquainted with each other. When I came to know that Tapti's father was not there, I felt very bad that he told me one day that my father's body was long ago and my mother taught us only in college. Tapti always praises her mother and says that my mother has given us a very good education. That is why we could read people, otherwise we would leave our studies halfway because we had a lot of financial crisis Had come but my mother kept her courage and she worked very well.

There are two sisters of Tapti, a sister is married and a sister is younger than Tapti. Tapti always used to work well so I never told him anything. One day she started telling me that you should go to my house, she also wanted me to meet her family because we were going from her house and she said that when you are going towards my house Meet my mother at my house too. I told him that I would meet your mother on some other day but he started telling me that when you are coming, then meet with my mother. I went to Tapti's house that day and when I went to her house, I met her mother. Her mother's behavior was very good and she was telling me that Tapti too has struggled in her life, Tapti was already good at reading and because of this, she was able to complete her graduation studies too. I told Tapti's mother that Tapti praises you very much and reacts very much to you. I stayed at Tapti's house for a long time and after that I went to my work. I had left Tapti in his house on that day and had said that there is not much work in the office today, so you stopped at home and that same day he stopped at home.

I went out of my work, after finishing my work, I went to my house. When I came home that day, I was thinking a lot about Tapti, when I met her mother, I came to know that Tapti has struggled too much in her life, she also got a part time job at her college time. And he used to pay his college fees himself, so I started feeling attached to Tapti and I now considered Tapti very good, his respect increased even more in my eyes. When I went to office the next day, Tapti office had come that day and she was sitting in the office. We were both talking together and I started telling him that I liked it very much by meeting your mother yesterday and they also told me about you, you have fought a lot in your life. She started telling me that I had to do all this because I felt very bad when my mother used to work. My mother used to work day and night, because of this I too thought that I should do something, so that I also had a part time job and I used to pay my college fees myself. I told Tapti that you have really fought a lot, I started to say that I have seen a lot of trouble in the beginning, after that I have opened this office. We both were sitting together that day. When it was time for lunch, Tapti said to me, Sir, take lunch with me because she always used Tiffin from home. I had lunch with that day and both of us were sitting together and talking after lunch. I was looking at a file on my computer but I did not understand that it said that the man has saved. I called Tapti to myself and he came to me and said what you are seeing.

I told him that I was seeing some old file in it but I do not understand where I saved it. When he came to me, he was standing and telling me he was standing on my shoulder. She was slightly leaned, then her breast was visible outside her suit. I grabbed it tightly and took it in my arms. When she sat in my lap, my cock was rubbed with her ass. I started getting her now. She was already shy, but when she came to enjoy it, she also started giving me a full complement. After I did her lips very well, I laid her naked. I licked his body very well and after that I put his cocks in his vagina, he started shouting. There was a very strong bleeding from her vagina. I was holding her both legs tightly and I would have pushed her fast. Now the water from her vagina started coming towards the side and her vagina was completely wet. He was enjoying it and he was giving me support when I jerked him, he was taking his pillows with his mouth and he was getting hot sauces from his mouth. I started sucking her breasts so she was very good. He started to say that you hit me like this, but after some time he fell, he grabbed me with his legs. I did not jerk it for a long time and when I went to the vagina of Tapti, I pulled out my cock. When she stood up, my semen was coming out of her vagina and she wore her clothes while cleaning her vagina. I also wear my clothes since that time I clothed her always and she feels very good when I have sex with her.

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My name is aspiration I am a resident of Bengaluru, I am 27 years old and I work in a multinational company. It has been a long time for me to work in that company but I do not get in touch with anyone in my office. I go to my office, after my work is finished, I go home on time. I do not mean much to any person in my office, I only talk about work and after that I go to my house. I talk to a lot of people because I do not like to talk more, nor do I feel able to feel comfortable with them. It all happened with the atrocities committed with my mother. My dad had left my mother a long time ago. I and my mother live together only When my dad separated my mother and I was 18 years old.

I had enrolled in college after completing my school, but my father's behavior was always bad for my mother and she used to abuse me forever. Sometimes he used to raise his hands in anger. I used to think that was very bad because I always used to oppose them and I always used to stay on my mother's side because my mother is a very straight and simple woman. He neither talks to anybody nor does he speak with a loud voice, that is why I always admire him but my father who did injustice to my mother, sat in my heart and mind. Already happened. When there were quarrels between the two then I used to see it all but I could not speak anything between them because at that time my age was not so much that I could talk to them more. My mother used to cry very much in front of me and I felt very sad about that thing but in spite of that my mother did not give up, she has taught me on her own strength, and she now works in a company, my studies He also worked for.

My father had stopped paying us the home, at that time we were in very bad condition and we were battling poverty, he has sat in my mind and so I do not talk to anyone more than that. I feel that if I talk to someone more, then maybe I will not be so bad with me so I do not get in touch with anyone. Since my parents separated, our relatives have also stopped coming to our house. We both talk about each other and no one comes to our house to meet us. My grandfather has also died and sometimes my maternal uncle comes to meet us and asks for our tragedy. We are living at a rented house but I am thinking that now take home soon so that we can live there in our own way. That is why I want to take my home and in connection with this I am talking to a builder. Those people are building a house on a new location, whose price is also fine and I can also take home in that budget. If I apply for loan, my loan will be passed quickly, my salari is also good now. That's why I want to take home there. I talked to my mother about this too, so my mother began to tell me that you like the way you like it, and if you need some money then you also take it from me because we both do the job And my mother also earns good money, both of us do quite a lot of shavings. I told my mother that once you go to that place with me and see the house then you also give me some of my opinion and after that I will give them the booking amount so that we will go to stay at home. On the day of my holiday, I took my mother to show me a flat with him.

For a while, we sat in the builder's office because the boy who worked at him did not come that day. The builder began to say that you wait for some time, till then he will come, so that we were sitting together. By then those builders ordered the coffee for us and coffee came after some time, then both of us used to drink coffee, in the meantime the boy came and said that I would show you the flat. We have finished our coffee and after that we went to see the flat with that boy. He showed us that flat, then he liked my mother too. My mother started saying okay we people take this flat and after that we got to sit down beside the builder. We asked the booking account from them and we said that we give you check after a few days and you book our flat. He started saying, 'Okay, sit down, I leave you the booking number.'

He told us the booking amount and after that we left the place. When we were coming back, then my mother's health worsened on the way, her body was completely cold. I was very scared, there was a lot of crowds but no one helped us and I was getting very frustrated because I have not seen such a situation till date. At that time a young man came there and took my mother and took him to the hospital with his car. I was also sitting in the car. The boy started telling me, do not you panic, we take them to the hospital. After that, it will be fine, he gave me a lot of courage, after that I was caught holding my mother. When we took my mother to the hospital, the doctors said that their health was OK, they had become BP. Because of which he fell. The doctor started saying, there is nothing to worry about, you can take him home after some time. I was very nervous at that time, so I could not talk much to that boy, but after that I asked for his name, his name is Suraj. I told the sun that you helped me a lot, otherwise at that time I was very nervous and no one came forward to help us. The sun started to say no matter it was my duty. If I did not help you, then maybe someone else would come forward to help you. I started to ask the sun what do you do, he started saying that I used to work in a company and today was my holiday, so I was going somewhere to roam. I told him that because of me your holiday also got spoiled today, he started saying that there is no such thing and now my mother had also been cured. The sun started to tell me that I drop you to the house. He left us to the house. Then I took my mother in the room and she lay down on the bed and she began to relax. I was sitting with the sun and talking to him. I told him that I have not been able to talk with anyone till today, I have not talked to you as much as I am talking to you. I told him about his mother and father that since the two have separated since then, I do not talk to anyone much later. When we were sitting together, I did not know when my hand was on the sun's hand.

When my hand was on his hand, he also pressed my thigh tightly and how did he start to make my lips. I did not know how to do it very well, I did it very well. Now both of us went to bed, she lay me down on the bed and she opened my entire clothes. I was naked in front of anyone for the first time in life. He licked my entire body so well that a very strong water started coming out from my vagina. When the sun put my cocks in my mouth then for the first time in life I had taken someone's cocks in my mouth, I was smelling at first, but now I started having fun. I took her cocks in my mouth for a long time and she sucked my vagina well after a while. As soon as she inserted my cocks inside my vagina, I started feeling great, I was suffering, but when she was taking her cocks inside, I felt very good. I was feeling like something out of my vagina was going outwards. I asked the sun that something out of my pussy was going out, she started saying that your pussy is bleeding. She became very happy and she started hurting me both fast and catching me fast. He shook me so fast that my whole body started getting warm. I was not getting the heat of his cocks at all. I started thinking I have never sex with anyone till date I was having a lot of fun when she was pushing me. He could not endure the heat of my tight pussy for a long time, and as soon as his material went into my vagina, I felt very warm and very enjoyable. After that the sun went to his house and whenever I had a mind, I would call him and he fulfilled my wish.