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My name is Raveena. I am from Ahmedabad, I am 26 years old and my father is a businessman. My mother also works as a household worker. My brother extends his hand with my dad in his work and he has been working with my father for a long time. My dad loves me very much and he taught me even in a good college. After my studies, after that he started looking at me for a boy but I told him that I do not want to get married anymore, I have to do some big work, so he removed my marriage from my mind. My friend lives in our neighborhood, his name is Line. There is a very good friendship between me and the line, because of this I have always been on my house. The line also comes very much in our house; her father also does business and they are also from a good house.

When I went to the line's house, the brother's brother would see me often. Rekha's brother's name is Amit and he loved heart only, but he never talked to me about my heart, Linea told me this story one day but I refused him. Then Amit talked to me and I thought Amit was a good boy, I did not have such a conversation with Amit that he was staying in our neighborhood only and I did not know much about him but I also started spending time with Amit. And we both spoke on the phone too. Gradually the proximity of both of us grew, the line told me that you tell Amit and your relation in your house. The people of the line also did not have objection and I liked them very well because I used to visit them frequently in the house, so they knew my behavior very well. The time I spent with Amit I felt good but I could not speak at my house. I always told Amit that after talking to you at my house, Amit told his mother the next day. Her mother and father came to demand my relation at our house.

When those people came to our house they talked about my relationship to my father. My dad talked to me about this, so I told him that yes I like Amit and we both want to get married. My father had no objection to Amit's family and our family was very happy. Now I got engaged with Amit, when Amit and I got engaged, both of us used to talk a lot on the phone and I used to spend as much time as I used to spend with Amit. We used to go around and I used to spend time with Amit but Amit put a lot more pressure on me. He used to tell me for everything that you did this work like this but I did not like the habit, so I explained it to him many times but in spite of this he used to talk to me in this way. Gradually, there were occasional disputes between us, but in spite of this, both of us used to persuade each other. It was a long time for me to have a relationship with Amit, but despite this, I sometimes feel like I am not happy with the relationship with Amit. I could not understand anything because I and Amit were also together in a relationship and both of us had been engaged, if I had spoken in my house about this, that I would not want to marry now, then my house Those who got angry with me became so angry that I could not understand anything. I talked about this line, then the line began to tell me that you should talk to each other, after that you should take a decision. When I said this line to the line, it hurt me very much, and since then he talks very little to me. I used to talk less than the line.

There is a boy in our colony, his name is Rohit, we both did not talk so much but now the talk of both of us was going on, and this thing did not like the line at all. Whenever the line looked at me with Rohit, he used to tell Amit and Amit was very angry at me. I did not understand at all what objection to talking to me and Rohit. Rohit does a job in a company and he is hired. When I talked to Rohit about this, he started to say that if those people have objection to talking to you and me then you do not talk to me but there was nothing like between me and Rohit and Amit was unnecessarily at me. Was doubting. I explained it to him many times but in spite of that he used to be able to reach me. Whenever we were together, Amit used to see my phone. Whenever I used to talk to Rohit I used to like it to talk to Rohit, but Amit and Amit had a relation, so I used to live in my limits. One day Rohit called me and said that today is my leave if you can walk around with me then I would love it. I told Rohit that give me some time, I call you after sometime.

I called him half an hour later and said that okay I walk to roam with you and I got ready to roam with Rohit. When I went with Rohit, both of us were going by his car and I saw him going by line and he told Amit too. When Amit called me, he was very angry and he told me very bad. I felt very bad and I started crying, I started asking Rohit, what happened, I told him the whole thing and said that Amit doubted me but now I am not happy with him at all. Rohit started to say to me that if Amit has any problem with me, then I talk to him. I told him that you do not need to talk to Amit. Rohit took me to the water park and we stayed there for a long time, we used to enjoy a lot and Amit was calling me repeatedly but I did not take his call. After that he also sent me several messages but I did not reply to his message. When we were sitting in the water park, Rohit was telling me that you should call Amit, otherwise he would think something wrong about us. I told him that now I do not care anything at all and I do not want to talk to him at all. I too got very angry that day, so I did not talk to Amit at all. I and Rohit were sitting together. We were both talking and Rohit grabbed my hand and started saying that you talk to Amit. I refused him clearly and said that I do not have to talk to Amit. When Rohit caught my hand, a different type of heat came out from within me and I had made my whole heart that I would die from Rohit because my mood was very bad. I told Rohit that we go to a secluded place and we talk about it. Rohit took me to a friend's house, while we both were sitting confrontational. How did I do Rohit's lips and sucked his lips for a long time? I did this for a long time.

After that, I opened the pants of Rohit and took his cocks inside his mouth and started sucking on the big well. I was taking her cocks to the throat. Rohit was also enjoying too, he also stripped all my clothes and started sucking my breasts. He was very good for my breasts. She started licking my vagina while she was licking my soft and soft pussy so the excitement inside me started to grow. He licked my pussy for a long time after that when he put his hot and big cock on my vagina, I started feeling great. He slowly put his cocks inside my pussy as soon as his cock went up inside my vagina, then I began to scream and I felt great. I started to bleed my legs and I started bleeding from my vagina, but she was shaking me fast, so that I was having great pleasure and I was giving her full support. When my goods dropped inside his pussy, I felt so much when he pulled his cock out of my vagina, so I cleaned my pussy. After that I sat holding him and after a while, Rohit made me a mare. She put my cocks inside my vagina. I felt pain when her cocks went in my vagina. He was caught tightly by my buttocks and he was shaking me very fast. I was also enjoying the way he was shaking me, but both of us could not bear the heat of each other for a long time. As soon as Rohit's semen went into my vagina, I felt great.

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My name is Akash, I am 26 years old and I am a resident of Jharkhand. I am doing my life by doing small work but due to this my condition of the house was not getting well. After the death of my father we are very upset. My father used to drink too much alcohol and that's why he died. They took a lot of money from the people, which I have to pay. The amount of money I make is only in the debt of the people, so I became very upset. Then I thought I should do something else because with so many money I can not run my house for a long time, so I talked to my uncle so that he started saying that you do one thing, learn to drive and after that come to Delhi with me . I told them okay I learn to drive and if you make a good place for me then I will be able to run my house well. That's why I told my uncle that I learned to drive and I started learning to drive.

It took me a long time to learn the train and now I was able to drive well. I called my uncle and said that I have learned to drive, now I will come to you in a few days. They told me okay, I talk to you about a good place, after that you come to me only. In a few days my uncle's phone came, he started saying that you come to Delhi, I've talked to you in a company. I told them okay I will come to Delhi in a few days. I took my salaried place from where I used to work and after that I gave some money to my house and then I went to Delhi. When I went to Delhi, I stayed with my uncle. My uncle used to live in a small room, my aunt and his children also lived in the same room. My uncle is also a driver and he talked to me in the company He took me to the company the next day and said that you will work here right now.

They introduced me to the manager there and the manager started asking me that before you used to work somewhere, I told them not before, I did not work anywhere before then it started to say to me. I started working from the next day, when I went to work the next day, then I got the dress from the company and I dressed that dress. I used to be as senior as I used to leave them at home and leave them, I could come back to my office again or if there was a large guest of the company, then I used to go to the airport to pick it up. Now my work was going on like this, I was also getting paid salaries too, I stayed with my uncle. I told my uncle that I am having trouble staying here, so I take up more room. Uncle started saying, there is no problem with it, you stay with us but I told them not to see me somewhere else for myself. I took a small room with them and I stayed in it. I gave some money to my aunt and told him to stuff the ration of the house. I gave them money and after that I went to my work. My aunt kept all the good stuff in my house. I used to go to my uncle's house to eat food, sometimes I used to cook meals at my house. I said to my aunt many times that you are suffering because of me, but he started saying that I do not have any problem because we also make food for myself and there is no problem in making a meal for a person. is. My uncle started asking me whether you talk at home too, I told them that yes, I always talk to my mother. I had even sent money to them. My uncle began to say, it is very good that you give money at home at the time. When my salary came at the time, I used to send some of them money home too. Now I was working well and the company also started to recognize my good life.

My behavior was very good at all, because of that all the people who were on the senior posts of the company started recognizing me. Whenever a big man came to our company, I used to get him to the receipt. I was also happy with my work because I was getting a good salary and I used to send the money home now but I did not take any time for myself at all. On the day I was discharged I used to go to my uncle's house. There were more drivers in the company with me. They were all very good, my relationship with them was very good and everyone was from a different state. Our company is very big and our senior bosses speak very little. Whenever he comes to the office many times I only go to leave him home. When I go to leave him, he talks to me on the way, because I have a lot of time in the company now, so our boss too started recognizing me now. One day I was leaving them from their house and he started telling me that you will stay with me tomorrow. I told them okay sir From next day I went to their house and received them from the office and received direct office.

After that, whenever he had to go out somewhere I used to go with him, so that was a lot of talk from my head and he was a very good person. Whenever he talked to me, I used to talk to him in a big way. He used to give me tips too many times. My job was going on like this and I returned home early from my work. Whenever I got time, I used to go to my uncle's house and that was my routine. One day I went to my uncle's house, uncle was not at home on that day. My aunt said that she has gone out of work somewhere. Man asked aunt how long she would return, aunt said she would return after sometime. I had called my uncle, uncle said that after three to four hours I will be back. I told them that I am waiting for you in the house. I was sitting with my aunt, talking to them. I was asking aunt that you guys are good, no, she started saying yes we are very good. Aunt and I were sitting together. When I saw aunt's big ass, I lost my mind all day. I have never made such a thought about my aunt before today, but she was wearing a very thin gown by her aunt, her panties were clearly visible inside her and her body was clearly visible to me. His panties were visible inside his ass. I started feeling as good as I pressed her ass. She had understood my gesture and she got ready to fuck me. When I pulled my cocks out, they started sucking my cock in my mouth and for a long time he was sucking my cock in my mouth. I was enjoying a lot when he was taking my cock in my mouth. She was saying that I feel great with taking your cock in my mouth.

I even put my dicks in my throat. After that I made them completely naked. He told me that you put your cocks inside my vagina and as soon as I put my cocks inside their pussy, then they began to spit. I put both of his feet on his shoulders and started pushing me fast. I also felt great when I was pushing them and she was also very happy. For a long time I made them like a chodi after that I made them mare. As soon as I put my cocks inside my vagina, I loved it. I was shaking them with great speed and he was also getting me big big bangs from me. She was saying very happy that the way you are fucking me, I'm really enjoying it. I told my aunt that your ass is a great man, I want to kill you. She started saying that you put your cocks in my ass. I put mustard oil on my cocks and put it in my big ass of aunt. As soon as my cocks went to his ass, he started shouting and he started having fun. I too caught them tightly and started clotting them at very high speed. He was mixing my ass with me and I was also shaking very fast but I could not tolerate the heat of his assume for a long time, and as soon as my semen fell inside his ass, I felt great.