Enjoying sex in the cold sand on the beach

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My name is Deepak, I am a resident of Bengaluru, I am 29 years old. This was a while ago when I went to Goa to go, my friends were also with me. When we went to Goa, everybody was very happy because we had planned for a long time but for quite a long time, it was not getting fulfilled, sometimes somebody got some work, or we could not get a holiday. But when our plan was completed we went to Goa. When we went to Goa, everyone was very happy, as soon as we arrived in Goa, we took the room in the hotel and all were having fun. We took liquor from the wine shop that day, and as soon as we went, we drank too much alcohol, on the first day, we were drunk and none of us sensed that day.

When the next day we got up, I was feeling very hungry, I called in the reception and said that something can be made for meals, they said that we send you a menu card, you order it from Will give When a boy came in the room, he gave me a new card, I told him to bring bread omelet to me. After a while he came to bring bread omelet to me, all my friends got up and started saying, 'Have you got up so early, I told them that yes, my eyes were opened quickly and I was feeling very hungry I took out the bread omelette. He started saying that you also get some snacks for us, they also ordered breakfast for themselves and after that all of us got fresh and started to have breakfast, after breakfast we all went to the reception. The girl sitting on the reception started asking if Sir you want to rent a scooter, I asked my friends, she started saying, okay we take the scooter. We were four friends, so we took two scooters and we went out to take the scooter.

On that day we could not roam much, we people very much on that day and in the evening when we were sitting on the beach, I was taking photos from my mobile. When I was taking photos I saw that my college friend was Kaveri in front of me but I was not able to identify him well because he was very far away, when I went to him, I told him that Kaveri what are you here Kaveri too was shocked to see me and she started asking me what you are doing here, I told him that I have come to visit. Kaveri started telling me that I will introduce you to my husband, she took me to meet her husband, her husband had a restaurant in front of her.

When we went there, I called my friends and called them also, they also introduced them to Kaveri's husband and we sat there for a long time. I was sitting with Kaveri, I started asking Kaveri if your marriage has happened in Goa, she started saying yes, my marriage has happened in Goa right here. I said to Kaveri: You have never seen me after college, Kaveri also said that I was married soon afterwards and since then I am in Goa, she started saying that let's at least ask for this excuse. So the meeting happened We started to remember the old days of our college and Kaveri was asking me about more college friends, I told him that I do not talk to more people now but some people are in contact with me, I am talking about them. Goes.

I was feeling good to sit down with Kaveri and Kaveri was also very happy with me, she was feeling very good with herself and said that I feel very good talking to you, I am very I am happy because I did not expect at all that I would meet you. I also told Kaveri that I too did not expect that I would ever meet you. There was not so much talk in our college, but Cauvery was a very good girl, she was very good at reading and everyone appreciated her very much.

I told Kaveri that we go now, I will see you tomorrow, he started saying, okay you come to the restaurant tomorrow, I will meet you there because tomorrow my husband is going out somewhere, due to this I only stay in the restaurant tomorrow. And maybe I will work here for a few days. I told Kaveri. Okay, I will come to meet you tomorrow evening, after that we went to our hotel. My friends started asking me that when you knew Kaveri, I told them that we used to study in college together and Kaveri was a very good girl, everybody in the college also praised her but since her marriage After that, he only got me today Now we have come to the hotel and we are resting in the hotel itself. My friends began to say that we are trying to drink alcohol, I said okay, we bring alcohol from the wine shop.

When we went to the wine shop, then we took bottle of liquor from there, and after that we started drinking alcohol in the room. We had ordered to eat some of the food by calling the reception, because late was too much and hunger was too much, that is why we ordered people to eat that day. After drinking alcohol, we ate food, everyone had slept after eating food, but I was not sleeping, I stayed like this for a long time, I thought why not I call my family members. I phoned my father and started asking my papa when you are returning from Goa, I told him that after some days I will return, he started saying, okay, you enjoin and take care of yourself, even after that Slept. When we got up the next day, we went out to roam, all our friends were very happy.

I told my friends that I meet Cauvery and you come in the hotel. I went to meet him When I met Kaveri, Kaveri began to say, I was just waiting for you. I thought maybe you will not come. But you have come. Kaveri started saying today we will do both dinner together and he and I have dinner together. I asked him if you drink, he started saying yes, I drink. We both drink alcohol together on that day. Me and Kaveri were sitting together

Seeing that day I did not know what happened and I thought that I should have sex with Kaveri. When I talked to Kaveri about this, he too had changed completely. He had become very open thoughts, so he did not even object, and we both went to the beach. When we went to the beach, we went there and there was darkness. Kaveri opened my pants and started sucking my cock in my mouth. She was sucking my cock in a great way and I was enjoying the way she did it. I said that you are sucking my cock in a big way, I feel very good. He did this for a long time after that when I lowered his jeans, his big ass was in front of my eyes. I also started licking the vagina of Kaveri and because of which the water started to flow from its pussy, I started taking it in my mouth.

As soon as I put my cocks inside her vagina, she started shouting. I liked the way I was putting my cocks in his pussy. He was shouting very loud and I was enjoying the way the Kaveri was getting his bits on my side. She would come in the whole mood and say you hit me even faster. I got her big bang fast but when my goods dropped, she started sucking my cock in her mouth. She was sucking my cock and my cock was standing. As soon as I made Kaveri a mare and inserted my cocks inside her vagina, she started shouting and both of our bodies became very hot. He started to tell me that you lie down I come from you As soon as he took my cocks inside my vagina, I felt great. She was shaking her buttocks. I was lying in the sand and I was also shocked at him. The sand was very cold, but Kaveri and I were enjoying both. I would love to have her big butt banged me. I kept on pushing her big breasts also in her mouth, but as soon as my semen went into Kaveri's vagina, she immediately got up from me and my merchandise was falling from her vagina. Kaveri began to say I enjoyed having sex with you. The number of days I was in Goa was the same as that of Kaveri to Chawda.

Sister-in-law's good healing of itch

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My name is Manoj, I am Alwar, my age is 28 years and I do my own shoes. My shop is in the market, it's running very well. I started this work 3 years ago, I got a very good response and now my work is going well. My brother's marriage has been two years too. My father also lives at home, he sees the work of the house. Earlier he used to work in a private company, but now he has left that job because now he is old, so now he can not work. My brother also works in a company and he is also very good job. His company's head office is in Delhi and he has done a lot of time in doing that work.

My sister-in-law lives only at home but my sister-in-law does not talk to me at all. When my brother was married, then we went to see my sister-in-law. I loved my sister-in-law very much, so I told my brother that you say yes to the wedding. My brother treats me very much and he gave it yes for this relationship, after which both of them got married. Even before marriage, we met many times, I went with my brother and my sister-in-law also came with her sister. My sister-in-law wanted me to have a relationship with her sister, but I did not like her because her behavior was not good at all and my relationship is running with another girl, because of this I do not even want my relationship The matter went forward but the sister-in-law wanted her to marry her sister. When I refused this relationship, since then, he does not talk to me at all and sometimes he used to have some necessary work, he used to talk to me, I used to talk to him at the same time. The nature of my brother is very good and he is a very simple and ordinary person.

He told my sister-in-law that you are not talking to Manoj, my sister-in-law said that I used to talk to her but my sister-in-law always used to postpone this thing. I also used to go out often in connection with my work. That's why I have to go out because I bring my luggage out of the house. I have kept two boys in the shop which handle my work and they are handling my job very well, so I have no problem. Whenever I go out, they handle the shop very well. Once upon a time I went out in connection with my work and at that time I had to get a lot of stuff. I put that stuff in the transport but my luggage did not arrive on time and when I asked the transport that I had booked things from you a few days ago but I have not reached that stuff yet, they told me that trucks Due to this, your luggage has not been reached so far, but his truck was not spoiled anywhere, it was caught by the police and in May Possessions was stuck in it. The transporter was no longer ready to take responsibility and I had to suffer a lot. I took money from my relatives to compensate for that loss and I also got some money from my brother. After that I restored my luggage again and gradually I returned all the money. At the same time my girlfriends began to insist on marrying me, but I told her that I have returned all the money just recently, so I can not get married because I do not have any savings. She started saying that if you did not marry me quickly, then my house would see me somewhere else.

I told him to give me some time, after that I will marry you. She started saying, okay I give you 6 months time if you talk about it at my house then I will marry you, otherwise my house will look for me and some other boy. For this reason I kept very worried because I loved my girlfriends very much but I did not know that even during those 6 months I would not be able to do anything and after that my girlfriend's relationship became somewhere else. When he came to meet me, then I explained to him why you are doing this relationship, if you had given me some time and then I would come to your house and talk to your father. He started to tell me that I gave you so much time, even then, you did not do anything for me. He told me that after today you do not even call me, nor do I want to talk to you. I tried to explain him a lot but he did not understand at all. Since that day, I have never called my girlfriend or her phone came to me.

I was very upset and I could not tell anyone about this, but I did not know where my sister-in-law was able to know, and one day she started telling me that I had told you earlier that you were my sister Yes, for the relationship, if you had done yes, then both of you would have even married and you too had seen your girlfriends how much you gave them. When they said this to me, I felt very bad. I told my sister-in-law that it would be nice if you did not tell me at this time at all. He started to say to me that if you are still ready to get married to my sister, then I will talk to my house. I told them to give me some time if I feel like this, then I will definitely tell you about this. After that my sister-in-law went to her room and she started cleaning. I was also sitting in my room. That day I did not go to work and I had called the boy who worked in my shop and said that I will not come today, you handle the shop. Those people started saying, okay, we will handle the shop. Now I was sitting in the house thinking that what I should do because I started feeling very lonely myself and I was also very upset. My sister-in-law came in my room after me and started asking me if you are feeling a little more disturbed, I did not talk to her and she started cleaning herself in the room. A lot of stuff was scattered in my room because I could not find time at all, so I did not fix my room. Shalu's sister-in-law was cleaning my room and she started to tell me that you should take care of your clothes at least, I told them that you know that I do not get any time at all and that's why I also wear my clothes I can not handle. She started fixing all my stuff and on that day I also helped her. When I was doing cleaning work with my sister-in-law, I was seeing her big ass and my mood was too bad that day. If I put my big ass behind from the back then they also started enjoying it. After a while, he sat down with me and I realized that he needed my cocks now. I started to relax his thighs and for a long time he kept his thighs underwent.

When I took his lips in his lips, he started enjoying it and he started giving me support. As soon as I was naked, I was enjoying my big breasts and I immediately took their breasts in my mouth and started sucking. When I saw his vagina, he had no hair on it and I started sucking his vagina while widening his legs. I sucked her pussy for a long time, her pussy started coming out of her pussy and she took it in her mouth. I also put my cocks in their mouth and she started sucking on my cocks very well. I was having a lot of fun when he was taking my cock in my mouth. He did this for a long time, after that I made him a mare and as soon as he made a mare, as soon as he got into my vagina, he started shouting and I started shouting him fast. I began to enjoy a lot when I was going to Chodas. She started saying, 'You are very good at fucking', but as soon as I was stuck, she was very happy but my mind was not filled. I shook my cocks again and put it inside the ass of the Shalu Bhabhi and as soon as my cock went into her ass, she started to get very painful and she started shouting. He was screaming too much, if his voice came to my ears, then I was being shocked at such a big speed. His ass started to bleed but I was having a lot of fun when I was jerked him. I gave them such shocks for a long time and now the fire started to get out of their ass, and I did not tolerate it at all. As soon as my semen went into my sister-in-law's ass, she breathed in peace and started saying, 'You have torn my ass away but she liked it and after that I delete her pussy's itching.'