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My name is Sanjana, I am a married woman, my marriage has been for 3 years. In these 3 years my husband Avinash has changed very much and I am not happy with him at all. He does not talk to me at all and now I do not even think about talking to him. His change is not known because of this, but when I talked to him about this, he started saying that both of us should give some time and if we do not change then we will be separated. I told them that ok, we both stay together for some time if I do not show any changes in you, then I will be detached from you after that. He used to come home from time to time and was giving me time, but gradually his habit started, he started coming late in the office, whenever he came home, he used to drink and drink. He used to fall asleep

I told them that now I will not be able to move this relation at all, after that I went to my house. When I went to my house, Avinash called me many times but I told him clearly that now I will not be able to carry forward this relation, so if both of us remain separate then it will be more appropriate. I made this thing clear to Avinash, he started telling me that it is okay if you want to stay away from me, then you can stay separate. Avinash and I did not talk at all after that, I was at my house. I also gave information to my parents about my relation and said that both of us are now living separately. I told this to my parents a lot of time later, he began to explain to me and said that you should talk to Avinash because now in this situation no one will marry you if Avinash and your Divorce happen then no one will give you Will adopt I told my parents that I myself will handle myself, I do not need anyone. You people had married me, Avinash has not treated me well and he has changed completely.

That's why I do not want to stay with them anymore. I applied for a job in a company, the company I applied for job told me that after a few days you know if you have a selection then you can join in a few days. I phoned a few days later, then they put me there on the job. After that I started working, in the morning I would go to my office and return home in the evening. I had to stand on my feet so I took a house, I used to stay there alone. My parents started telling me why you are living separately, you can live with us too, I said that I want to live by my own accord. In the meantime, Avinash also sent me a notice for the Divorce, I too took my own lawyer. Now both of us have had paper signatures from Divorce. After that I sat with Avinash for a long time, he had come to my house. He started to tell me that you are very good but I could not understand you but now you have decided, so both of us are separated, I said to Avinash that you did not give me any time, so I decided to take this decision If you understood on time, perhaps I would never take this decision, I did not want to take such a decision at all but you have forced me to remain separate And because of this I had to finish you and my relation, otherwise I did not want to be separated from you anymore. Avinash embraced me and said that if you ever need any of my help then you feel free to phone me, saying that he has left my house.

I felt a bit bad on that day because I had spent 3 years with Avinash, those 3 years of memories which came before me, I felt very bad but I had to fight myself for my next fight, so I started working on my work. I used to go out at work in the morning and in the evening I returned home, this cycle continued for a long time, nothing new was happening in my life. At the same time a boy came in my life, his name is Rohan. He is younger than me, but Rohan and I also met a coincidence. I had asked for some online goods, in which, Rohan's stuff accidentally came to me, when I saw the phone number on that stuff, then I had called that number that your luggage has come to me. When he came to pick up his luggage, he talked to me that day and both of us got a good conversation. I had no expectation at all that this would be a good conversation with my Rohan through phone and we both would spend so much time together. Rohan also shares my every thing with me and whenever I miss Avinash, I call Rohan and I talk with him.

I had told him everything about his divorces but I used to fear that if the relationship of both of us grew above friendship, then Avinash could not understand me wrong because my dev Shortly after that Rohan and I had met, that is why I said this to Rohan, he started saying that I have great respect for you in my heart because of the way you Are struggling in Ivn It's motivation for me because there are very few people like you who so everyone also struggling very good in your life happen in your life. After that you stand on your own feet and take decisions of your life and take it yourself, so I respect you very much. I feel great when I spend time with you. I also told Rohan that I like to spend time with you too, but sometimes I feel that Avinash will know if Avinash is aware of this, then Avinash will think about me wrong, so I wanted to talk to you about this. Rohan is not such a thing, I always respect you, as you like, you can make such decisions. Rohan and I used to talk to each other now and Rohan's continued to go to my house. Rohan started to say I want to meet you. Can I come to your house? I told him so you come to my house. When he came to my house, both of us were sitting together, talking to each other. I like to talk to Rohan, Rohan was looking at my cheeks with great care. He started saying that you are looking very beautiful. I started shaking my hands on my hair. I was feeling very good when he started moving his hands on my hair. He slowly joined me in my arms and grabbed me tightly in my arms. My breasts were bumped with his chest, and the heat of both of us started getting out of the body.

He laid me down and when he opened my clothes, I was not even with him and I also started taking his cocks inside his mouth. I was taking Rohan's cock up inside my mouth and I started feeling great. He was putting his cocks inside my mouth for quite a while after he made me a mare, as soon as he put his cocks inside my vagina, I felt very pains but I started having a lot of fun. When he was shaking me, more water than my vagina started coming out towards me and I started feeling that Rohan was choking me with a great deal. He was feeling very good at pushing me at a high speed. I also felt very good that he has been like me for a long time like this. So that my body started to get hurt and my chest became completely red. She shot me like this for 15 minutes when her semen collapsed, she took my cocks out of my vagina. I cleaned my vagina and both of us got into 69 pose. She was licking my vagina. I started taking her cocks up inside my mouth. For a long time, both of us did the same thing and as soon as their goods went to my mouth, I took it in my mouth, after which we both stayed for such a long time. She started telling me that I feel very good as I have made your vagina juice. I also told him that I liked it too, I took your goods inside your mouth. I was very happy when I met Rohan me and Chopra and the way in which he fulfilled my wish I was very happy. Whenever I wish I call Rohan to meet him and he comes to meet me and kills my pussy.

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My name is illumination. I am 28 years old, I am a very straight and simple girl. I do not trust anyone quickly and I do not talk to anyone more so that my house is always very afraid of me and says that you are absolutely straightforward and you always make your decisions go wrong but in spite of this I am working in a good company. There is a boy in my office, his name is Gagan, we have a very good friendship between the two of us. Gagan and my friendship have taken a lot of time, so both of us have now started understanding each other very well. I also like to talk to Gagan, so both of us spend some time together after being free from office. I have enjoyed the time I have spent with Gagan and that is why I thought why we should not give up our friendship as a result of a relation.

One day I told Gagan my heart and told him that when I talk to you, I love it and I am always happy to talk to you. Gagan is also aware of my nature and he knows this too well that I do not talk much to anyone. I only mean the meaning of my own work, but in spite of this I speak the best in the office. I always used to call Gagan before sleeping in my room at night, Gagan and my relation had gone ahead. Gagan also had no problem with our relation because he is very happy with me. On the day that I had a holiday, Gagan and I used to go somewhere to roam. I did not tell this to my family because I did not want to tell this to my family members now. I wanted some time and that's why I thought it right that after some time I will talk about it at my house.

Now between Gagan and me, there was so much bonding that we could not live without each other at all, I was always very happy to talk to Gagan. When I talked to Gagan on the day my mood spoiled, my mood was good. The relation of both of us was going on very well but in the meantime a new girl came in our office and she started spending more time with Gagan. I talked to Gagan many times about this, Gagan said that I love you and I do not ever think about that girl. I told Gagan that if you cheated me then I will do something wrong with myself. Gagan too was very scared of this, so he would always tell me everything from the truth, but in the heart of Gagan, I had no love for myself as before. She was attracted to that girl and started talking to her only. I also felt that perhaps Gagan and my relationship would not last for a long time, so one day I called Gagan to his office canteen and talked to him. I told him that you are not happy with me in the relationship, he started saying that there is no such thing. I am very happy with you and want to spend my life with you. I told Gagan that I love you so much and without you I can not stay at all because I thought that I should talk to you about this. Gagan started saying that you did it very well that you talked about our relation. I told Gagan that if you have any objection to me then you can open it to me but I can not live without you all at all. Gagan said to me on that day that I do not think that I might be able to move forward your relationship with you because in my heart there is no love for you in the past, so I probably can not run the relationship with you anymore.

I used to think that Gagan was very bad on that day, I did not keep any shortcomings in my relation. Despite this, even though Gagan is not talking to me at all, I was so upset that I got up from the canteen and in my office Has gone. When I went to the office my mood got worse on that day and I went straight to my house from the office. When I went to my house, I was sitting in my room. My mood was very bad, I locked my door from inside and thought that I trusted so much on Gagan, but despite this, he hurt my trust very badly. Gagan was calling me at that time when I saw my phone, he called me at least 10 times. I stopped my phone after that and I was lying on my bed. I was very hurt by this matter of Gagan. That is why I cut my hand on that day and started bleeding too much from my hand, due to which I became very serious. After long I took me to my family hospital, when I sensed, then I saw that my parents were standing in front of me and they did not ask me anything at that time. But when my health became slightly restored then they told me about it Asked.

I told him that if you do not ask me about this, then he will be better then he has not asked me about this now. One day Gagan got me, I had left my office too, so I used to stay at home. Gagan came to meet me at my house. He began to apologize to me and said that because of me you have so much trouble. I told him that I trusted so much on you and after that you did not do good to me, if you tell me the truth that you are in relationship with another girl, then I probably do not feel so bad. Gagan started to say to me that I am feeling my fault and I want to apologize to you, he said sorry to me and said that after today I would never talk like this with you. He embraced me and said that I want to marry you now and I want to be in relationship with you. I knew this very well that Gagan was afraid of this, that's why he has agreed to marry me, otherwise he does not marry me because he loves another girl but in spite of this I Was very happy because I do not want that Gagan is different from me. I want him to stay with me. I do not want to share it with anyone else. Gagan embraced me when I got hugged by the sky, his cocks were looking at me and I caught his cock in his hands and I started to do his lips. I was feeling very good when I was doing his lips and he was also enjoying it, he began to say that the way you are taking my lips in my lips I feel very good. She was very happy when I pulled her cocks out of her pants, then I immediately got her inside her mouth and started sucking well. I sucked Gagan's cocks with a big long, for a long time, I had gone out of his water while sucking his cock.

He laid me on the bed. He pressed my breasts for a long time and sucked my lips too. After that, when he was naked, I was not at all, and as soon as he made both of my legs wide and put his tongue on my vagina, I started feeling great. He put his tongue inside my vagina and I felt very good when my vagina became wet, as soon as he put his thick cocks inside my pussy then my seal broke, I felt very good when he was pushing me Was there. He started saying that you will not do this at all after today and if you did this after today, then I would never talk to you. He jerked sharply and he took my cheeks in his mouth and started sucking well. He struck me like this for fifteen minutes. In the midst of those shocks, Mamma got lost, as soon as the cargo was loaded, he started to tell me The goods have fallen. After a while, I made a mare and when she put my cocks inside my ass, I felt very painful and started bleeding from my ass. I started to say that you have put your cocks in my ass. I told him that I was suffering a lot, but his cocks had gone inside my ass. He began to push his cocks inside, and I started to get too much pain. After some time his semen fell inside my ass. After that I sat with him but my ass was getting very much pain. I told him that my ass is getting very much pain and you also removed blood from my ass. He started to tell me that you put the blood out of my ass without killing my ass and I started trembling with fear.