Sister you are amazing

antarvasna, kamukta One day my aunt's phone came to me and she started to tell me that son, come to meet me, come to me, I told aunt, okay, aunt, I will come to meet you. I told my mother-in-law that I am going to meet aunt and may return in the evening, my mother-in-law said, okay, son, you go, come back by the evening. I used to take a car to get out of my aunt's house but the weather was too bad and the car got worn on the road. The car was not getting started. I was nervous. I called aunt and said that the car has got spoiled, she started saying Do one thing you come home from auto here. I send lotus to fix your card and his friend will also come with lotus, I told aunt, okay.

I used to weave for auto but I did not get any auto for a long time, when an auto got me, I told him an address. He left me to my aunt's house, the lotus from Kamal and his friend told me three four The year is small Kamal has introduced me to my friend Neeraj, I asked Neeraj where you are living, Neeraj told me that I am a resident of Benaras, I asked Neeraj but you Neeraj told me how to meet the lotus, Neeraj told me that I met at Kamal once in Banaras and since then Kamal and I have had a good friendship, I had come to Agra for a few days, then thought from Kamal Let's meet but Kamal invited me at home. Kamal started to tell me what happened in your car, so I told him why the car did not stop in the way. I told the lotus that you do one thing. Let me tell you the address where the car is standing on where you are Going to work tax, I gave a key to the lotus Lotus and Neeraj left the house I sat with aunty aunt and I started talking. My aunt started to say to me, son you have left to come home I live close enough to your home even if you do not come to meet me, when I would talk to your mother that you let the phone so I thought today I was quite not even talk time.

My father is living in Lucknow and my marriage has been done in Agra, so my mother is very worried because my aunty also lives in Agra. Because of this, she often calls my aunt but because of the household chores I I am busy, I can not find the time to go anywhere, when Aunt tells me I can understand how much work is done in the house and how is your husband? I told aunt, my husband is fine, how are you listening to warts? My aunt said, 'Where do they come from the house, they are busy only in their jobs. My warts also work in the railway and the house is rare because their posting is in Moradabad and whenever they come home then they come to meet me, I was talking to aunt and if Kamal calls me And said that sister, I am showing your car mechanic, she started saying that it will cost a lot, I told her that you check the car and I give you the money, lotus placed the phone and After a few hours, I came back home. I asked Kamal, the car got cured, the lotus began to say, so the carriage was fine, I told Lotus how much money to give, lotus began to say I have given the money. I told the lotus that you do something Also, and where do you come from so many money? I asked him, how much money did you tell me, Kamal told me that 5000, I gave money to lotus and after that all of us ate food together because I had reached Aunt's house early in the morning so I did in the morning I did not have breakfast even during the day, all of us had lunch together, my aunt started to say, I am very sleepy. If you have to sleep then you too sleep, I did not tell aunt, I have not Do not sleep at the time, you relax, my aunt went to sleep in the room. I started relaxing in the second room, lotus and neeraj were lying in another room. I thought let's call my husband, I have my husband And told him that I came to Aunt's house today.

At that time, he had lunch too, so he too was able to talk to me. When I started to ask you why did you go there, then I told him that I had come to Aunt in the morning and I will return home from the evening, I told him that If the car had worn on the road then Lotus had cured the car, he started saying, okay okay, you will also come back home in the evening and it will be late for me to come, I told them why you are late in coming today. It would be that he started saying that there is more work in the office today so it will take some time for me to come but you go home on time because today even the weather is not good, I told them okay I will go home on time. I kept the phone and I thought I should play games in the mobile for a while. When I started playing games in mobile, Kamal and Neeraj came to me and both of them started talking to me, Kamal started asking what was playing in the mobile If I told him, he started saying, 'Do you like to play Ludo, I said yes, sometimes we play Ludo at home.'

We played the three boys, for a while we played Ludo and after that Kamal and Neeraj also went to the second room, I also talked with my old friend for a long time and at least I talked that day with him. After a long time, I called him so I loved talking to him and I did not know that his husband has been promoted too, he started telling me that you do not come to our house, I Tell him where you live at home, even you go to teach at school and you do not even have time, he started saying but this week I will come to meet you, I told him okay you are this week On my home coming to meet me, on that day my husband will also stay at home and you also bring your husband to our house. When I talked for a long time, I kept the phone after that. I was going to the bathroom and I saw Neeraj and Kamal watching porn movie. The sound of both of them was sounding very loud. As soon as I opened the door, both of them were frightened and began to say what are you doing here. I told both of them what the two of you were sitting in the room were both afraid. When both of them were watching porn movies, my excitement also started to grow, I thought that both of them have lost their sexual appetite today. Anyway Kamal and Neeraj are young, I sat in between them and sat down and started explaining them. Both of them were nervous. Lotus began to tell me not to tell you this thing to mom. I said to Lotus on one condition, I will not tell this to your mum if you will please me. Both of them understood my point, both of them closed the door, both of them turned on the porn movie and started taking off my clothes. I sucked the cock of both of them in my mouth.

First, Kamal took a lump in my pussy, then I started feeling great, he had sex with me for a long time and I enjoyed it with him. When Neeraj put his thick dicks in my pussy then his cocks went deep into my pussy and I felt very painful and there was a different fun in it too. She had sex with me for a long time, when I was completely satisfied, I started having a lot of fun. When Annal was getting sex in porn movie then lotus and neeraj also got to kill my ass. Lotus massaged oil on his cocks and rammed into my ass as soon as his thick cocks entered my ass then I started enjoying it. He continued to do this for me for a long time. When Kamal's semen fell, Neeraj put his cocks in my ass, he also got the joy of my ass for 5 minutes. I also enjoyed a lot when both of them enjoyed me completely, then they started saying, 'Do not tell this thing to anyone. I told them both, I will not tell anyone about this, but both of you gave me a lot of fun today. I said to Lotus and Neeraj you come with me today. They started saying, 'What will we do with you, I brought them both to your house?' When she brought both of her home to me, I enjoyed it with both of them and both of them also enjoyed the big pleasure of my pussy. Kamal said, you are so amazing.