The calm of the inner calm

Hindi sex kahani, kamukta The meeting between me and the gentleman was done during my brother's wedding; Actually gentle is my sister-in-law's relative. When I met her, she liked me and she got me after sometime. At that time I was with my brother-in-law, Komal had taken my number from my sister-in-law, my sister-in-law also gave her my number, after that sister-in-law told me that your number was taken by meal Komal. I asked sister-in-law, after all, why did she take my number? Sister-in-law started saying, 'You know only about this, or I have said softly to sister-in-law, but she has taken my number for the reasons. Sister-in-law did not respond, and after some time I received a soft call. I was in my office at that time. I did not call the soft phone and when I call back then a tune of voice came from the front and she started telling me I am speaking softly.

I told gentle, so be gentle, what was the work, he started saying, you are asking me the job, can not I call you? I said to soft, why can not you call me, I said something a bit, gentle started to tell me. I had called you to ask for such a similar situation and when the gentle asked me this thing then I told her responded to. I told him that sister-in-law had told me that you took my number, you started saying soft, so did you sister told everything. I told soft. Yes, sister-in-law had told me everything that you were telling her to take my number and they gave you my number. Let's say soft, no matter they have told you, then now you will have to know why I have called you. I said softly. Yes, I know all about why you called me but I could not talk to him for a long time, so I did not talk more than soft. I told him that I call you at home in the evening and when I reached home in the evening, I called soft. Komal picked up the phone and started saying that you are busy in the office. I did not say softly, it is not such a thing. Actually my work was in the office, so I was busy.

After that, soft and started to talk about me, both of us used to talk everyday, gentle used to talk to me on the phone. I wanted to meet the gentle but the problem between the two was that the gentleman lived in Chandigarh and I lived in Delhi due to this, it was not possible for us to meet between the two. We met both of them after a long time. We met both of them after about two months. I had gone to Chandigarh at that time and when I went to Chandigarh, I met Komal. I liked it very well that I used to talk to him frequently on the phone, because he used to talk too much to me on the phone. After some time, Comilla came to Delhi and she started working in Delhi, now she had started working in Delhi, whenever she was free from the office, my meeting would have been soft. We both used to meet often, but on the day I did not get soft, he used to become angry at me. I did not understand why our relation was going on, because I did not want to be gentle enough to put pressure on me that I would consider everything to her. If there was a meeting in my office then he would ask me where you were. I could not understand why the gentle started doubting me so much. Because of this, gentle and my fights were beginning to happen. The relationship between both of us had taken a lot of time but I sometimes think that gentle does not understand me. For this reason, I used to get a lot of debate but after some time I tried to make a distance from the soft and I stopped talking to him.

Gentle is my sister-in-law's relative, so she came home and when she came home, she started to tell me why you are not talking to me. I told him, you know that I am not talking to you because of me but gentle but probably was not prepared to understand that I am not talking to him for what reason. He still did not feel that it was his fault. He was not ready to accept his mistake. I told him that if you do not accept your mistake then I will not talk to you. He said me sorry and never said I will not make such a mistake anymore from the front and I would never doubt you but he was going to change his habit to change. After a few days, he began to quarrel with me again, and the relationship between both of us started to create sourness and, at times, I felt that I might not be able to move forward my relationship with gentle. I had clearly explained to him that if this continued, I would not be able to extend this relationship further, at the same time, my close association with a girl from my office started to grow. I did not talk softly and I tried to stay away from him but gentle was not ready to leave my chase. Whenever he had the mind he used to come home to meet me and told me that I have come to Chandigarh from Delhi because of you and you did a lot wrong with me.

I explain to him and always say what I have done wrong in this. If you behave well with me, will not I talk to you well, but the gentle would have not come out of his habit and he always fought with me. Used to do My close association with the girl working in my office was growing and I spent most of the time with him. I used to get very soft but gentle was very upset that I did not talk to him. I had even thought that till he changed his habits, I would not keep any relations with him, and the relationship between us was completely finished. The gentle now understood that I did not want him to be in the relationship because he had prepared himself for this matter. Komal used to get very little from me but he was still working in Delhi. I met him a month later and when I got soft, Sammal did not talk much to me, I thought that soft has changed now. I told soft that both of us went on lunch, we both went on lunch, soft then talked a lot less than me, I was happy that now the behavior of at least soft has changed. On that day we lunched together; I did not know that the gentle has really changed and he has realized his mistake. I said soft I said I am happy that you have changed, soft started telling me, you have never given me the best time.

I said soft, it is not such a thing but gentle started to say that I love you even today. He embraced me. I was looking around and everyone saw me and I felt very strange. I said soft to go somewhere else I walked out of the soft and when I took the gentle to the guest house with me, then why did I start to do his lips there? When I lowered her clothes, seeing her bare body I could not stop myself at all, I felt like feeling great when she started sucking her soft breasts in her mouth, she was with me I sucked her breasts in my mouth with a good hand. When I started licking his vagina, the fluid started moving out of the vagina, and it started to grow. He was very excited when I entered his cocks inside his vagina, he screamed and started to tell me that I am suffering a lot but I was being pushed in a big speed so that his whole body was shaken .

He told me to push you even faster than I started shaking him at a very fast pace. He told me that I am very happy even though before this, there has been a sexual relationship between us. I killed a gentle man well that day he started to tell me I am so crazy behind you that I can not tell and without you I can not stay at all. Gentle told me that you can live without me, I did not give him any answer but he thinks too much for me and he loves me very much. I have a feeling that he wants me so much that I said softly that you are mine now and you will always be mine, though I did not want to have any relationship with gentle but the fun of killing his ass is a I remember always in the wonderful field.